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Welcome to the shop! We have some beautiful things created just for you. Exclusive paintings to custom pins, aprons to handmade Italian journals and more--all thoughtfully selected with you in mind!

Please note at this time we only ship within the continental United States. Thank you!
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Exclusive Paintings

Most of my time throughout the year is spent crafting beautiful online journeys and paintings for my students to learn from--but throughout the year I find myself painting a few special scenes, moments from life, that capture my heart. I make these few paintings available to you for exclusive purchase - they're one of a kind.

To learn more or purchase, click on each painting image below.

And Tuscany Lay Beyond

Morning Walk in France

Shades of Joy


Sold out


Sometimes one original painting seems to resonate with lots of hearts. Since there can only be one original, reproducing a favorite subject allows more than one person to enjoy the image...so if you missed the chance to purchase an original painting of mine that you just really loved, here's a chance to still own that image! Available for purchase on Imagekind.com

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Shop Prints

Sold paintings

I've had the privilege of selling a lot of paintings in my time! To see some from the sold collection--click on any of these.

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Shop Painting Image
Shop Painting Image

Our Pins


Our pins have been custom designed and made just for you, Dreamette! They are produced on high-quality metal with gorgeous colors and will be safely sent to you all wrapped up with a smile.

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Shop our online painting courses

Each year I travel around the world to craft a beautiful course for you. Whether you're a beginner or well advanced into your journey--these courses pack an enormous amount of how-to, joy and vibrant color! Join us in Provence, Tuscany and next up...Paris! All online and self-paced to fit your life~

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