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Bringing the enchantment of Paris to you with the freshness of watercolor journaling!

I’m so glad you’re interested in joining me in Paris!

Find your creative ease—watercolors require little space, virtually no set up/clean up time and are delightfully portable!

In this course, you’ll find beautiful magic unfolding as you watercolor in your journal. Catch yourself smiling as you stroll the streets of Paris by way of videos.

You’ll also find oodles of delightful teaching, practical tips and guidance for watercoloring in your journal — ‘Postcards from Paris’ is a paintable feast!

Paris and watercolor journaling are such wonderful gifts— I can’t wait for you to discover it all! Think of it as me sharing my créme brûlée with you. Yeah, it’s that awesome.

(This is an exclusively watercolor journaling course—perfect for every level, including beginners!)

Quotation Marks
I’m loving the whole journey! 💜 The Tours, watching you come up with beautiful paintings, the bonus photos and trying glitter paint for the first time! I’m seeing the value of a travel journal.
Diane O.
I’m really enjoying this course. Watercolor has been a struggle for me up until now. I’m just loving the ease of it!
Trish R.
Paris scenes of sweet little sidewalk cafes, juicy flower colors, tasty street treats, words of wisdom and encouragement, a new medium, fellow artists cheering each other on, pretty little paints in pretty little boxes and the sheer joy of Dreama. Blessed!
Marion M.
Postcards from Paris has brought a beautiful new focus to my everyday life. What did I ever do before Dreama's workshops?
Adele B.
I am loving being immersed in the feeling of being in Paris with you... loving all things French as I do!!! I’m starting to feel comfortable in the watercolours, though I suspect with more practice my confidence will grow... Thank you for the love and the joy!!!
Ellen T.
I am so loving the Postcards to Paris “vacation”...with each sketch and then watercoloring I learn something new. Your philosophy on Life, your joy, are contagious, and I thank you for adding that to my life! ❤️
Gail M.
I am so excited about this course. It has already given me confidence to move forward with my sketching and watercolors. In fact, I find that I enjoy it and look forward to painting everyday now. Thank you, Dreama!
Maribeth J.
Love Postcards from Paris... the detail of your teaching, the beauty of Paris and the newness of Watercolors are a wonderful combination!
Kim F.
I am loving this watercolor course! Dreama and her team brought her absolute best experience yet with Postcards in Paris. Immersive learning through vicarious international travel is a wonderful way to learn new or develop our artistic repertoire and skills. All of the tips, supply lists, and color palette in Postcards From Paris create such joy and excitement for us to enjoy! Dreamettes never want the fun and camaraderie to end! Thank you!
Beverly M.
Merci beaucoup, Dreama for this truly fabulous watercolor journaling class. I have immersed myself in the magical videos and your words from the heart. ❤️ Absolutely life changing in how I view my painting.... much looser and more joy. Vivre Paris!
Susan T.