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Hey you! Got a love for color and words and joy? Sweeet! You are in the right place. Here you will find... Reminders of who you are tinged with possibility of what you are yet to be. Ideas that will spill over into your journal, your paintings, your life. Words to rattle any bars you've built around just what is possible for you, as a creative person, at this stage in life. Canvases with colors that captivate and illuminate. A vibrant 'family' of artists that share away on my journal posts. And a thousand aha moments that are unique to you—always the best and most meaningful of any experience!

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To be creative is to be in love with life

I'm Dreama (yes, that's my real name ;-) I'm a thinker and a writer and a painter.I'm here to offer you some quietness in a pretty hectic world. It's how I survive. It's where the creative juices start to bubble up--the ones you almost forgot you had. I love reading, contemplating and then distilling it all down to something that feeds that hungry, creative soul. I sort of think that's one of the reasons I'm here.I've painted for 30 years. I've taught thousands of people how to get loose in their paintings, how to create with beautiful color and maybe best of all--how to totally fall in love with the doing of it all.


Come join me on my next online painting journey

In my courses you’ll find answers to questions like – How can I paint looser? How can getting my values right free up my color choices? How can I avoid muddy colors in my paintings? How can I get vibrant color in my work? Join in and watch over my shoulder to see how joyful paintings happen, start to finish. Learn how to create luscious color and brush work in your paintings while uncovering your own beautiful style. It's all waiting inside!

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Brush Srrokes Pretend you are dancing or singing a picture. A worker or painter should enjoy his work. ~Robert Henri

Our painters are a talented bunch

Check out their amazing work and what they think of painting with Dreama.
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This course has been an inspiration on so many levels! Dreama explains her technique in clear concrete ways but that is just the beginning – she goes deep into the root of why we create and how to find one's own inner voice ...and follow it! I stumbled onto this course by luck and have found it to be just what I needed at the moment I needed it. So joyful to be part of it. Hillary F.