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Feb Fun 15! From my heart to yours~

Feb Fun 15! It’s from my heart to yours, after a long month of hard losses

There was a day, a moment, a turning point that she decided to choose fun as the ‘boss’ in her life. Fun got to make the choices of how the day would be spent.

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Words have power

et us hold each other in love and look for ways to simply just have fun.
We are, after all, just walking each other home.

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Doubling Down

As often is the case in challenging times in our lives—we are growing roots and strength in the dark passages. We just can’t see it. The other night as I lay, trying to let my mind unwind from a loss in my life, I shifted gears to focus on something that made me happy, something…

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I was a guest on the ‘Learn to Paint’ podcast and here’s what happened…

I did a Learn to Paint podcast that has some talking points I thought you might find helpful/inspiring/downright funny…

In the interview, I talk about: How I got into art, What I need from reference photos, Being conscious of what I want to paint, Biggest challenges I see students facing with color, Getting and avoiding mud, Palette strategy vs painting strategy and more!!

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Never Just Another Day

It is never ’just another day’. If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years how would men believe and adore and preserve for many generations the remembrance…

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In gratitude for the creators

How lucky we are to see these moments. Big magic, indeed.

The ‘Super Pink Moon’ of April 2020 was the biggest one for the year. I caught it heading into dusk, so large I could do nothing but let it fill up my soul.

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Dreama’s Survival Recipes (includes photos to paint and dancing…!)

Honestly—I didn’t know what to write today. But I knew I wanted to be with you, check-in, see how you are getting along.

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When in doubt make pasta…and watch this video

When in doubt make pasta and watch this video

Will this choice that I’m making now bring happiness to me and those around me? If the answer is yes then go ahead and make that choice.
~ Deepak Chopra

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My Single Best Piece of Advice for Artists and More

It’s always fun to shake things up so—which is what we’ve done this week.
Deep questions along with my single best piece of advice for artists.
All on video.

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Make Your Joy a Priority

Funny how bogged down we can get, losing the plot. A lost ball in tall weeds. This simple mantra can answer a plethora of ‘should I?, which one should I pick? why nows?’ Make your joy a priority. Roses, bold and red, standing straight by the French flower shop sink. Eddie, eyes so green, my…