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A metaphor for life. Balance is the key. As excited as I am about making art, it is the balance of that with the rest of my life that makes it complete. I find that when I get too intense, too serious, toooooo focused, my art suffers. I second guess myself, I am hard on myself. When I let other things in—time for friends, watching a silly “keyboard cat” on youtube, reading great books, suddenly my art comes into focus and makes perfect sense. I relax into it, enjoy the process and become peaceful about the journey. Life, like art, is rarely if ever “perfect” in the sense that we define it—yet it is perfect with all of its twists and turns—the very reason we prefer real roses to silk ones, even though the real may not be as big, may have a brown spot on the leaf, may have a torn petal—it is real, it has scent, it is velvety soft, it has thorns that can make you bleed—and that is how you know you are alive! So this weekend, I had two dozen roses that seemed to be fading too quickly, but I also have a beautiful daughter that lives 2500 miles away (but only minutes by phone!) and a loving mother that I was honored to spend the day with. So I balanced my time by painting one of the roses and spending time with two other “roses”.
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  • Anonymous - May 29, 2009 - 5:12 pm

    Oh Dreama,
    You keep making the choices more difficult! I want them all.

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