23 Nov

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After the Creative Process

Imagine — In Gratitude for Artists


A world with no music
No notes penned by Chopin ringing out through an ancient church in Paris
No back porch pickin’ of banjo or guitar (things I grew up with)
No ‘Nessun Dorma’ floating out on the breeze in the voice of Pavarotti

A world without paintings
A world without Michelangelo’s ‘David’
A world without dance—both the dancer and the choreographed dance
No designers of rooms, homes, clothing and fabrics
No ceramicists spinning out a hand-thrown mug to sip from
No actors and actresses bringing all their heart to retell our stories to us
No books with that special smell that only books have

A world without.
Imagine that.

We would still have grand beauty no doubt
For there are the canyons deep and turquoise reefs
And the falling of nature painted leaves
And the dance of swallows in a murmur
And the pacing of the jungle lion
The sound of the rain
And the visions of the starry nights and rainbows days

But when we add in the artists—what we get is this beautiful planet and the heavens beyond translated into new ways of seeing and touching and feeling— laced with human emotion

And that my friend, is much bounty, every day
to give thanks for

Being creative can feel lonely and vulnerable
It often doesn’t seem to pay the bills if we choose it as a vocation
It calls into question the ‘why’ when we can’t seem to validate it with a calculated measure of it’s immediate worth

We know when we create it fills our heart in a way that nothing else does
It connects us to the unseen Creator in all
It melts us
It levels us
It becomes a sea of peace that is endless

Most everything we touch, use, see, hear, sit on, ride in, eat from, talk through, read, …was, is and will be made by an artist

An artist soul who allowed creativity to find her voice in them—in this, their one wild and precious life
For YOU, dear artists, I give thanks a thousand times over—and more

Because creations from artists allow us to see what humans are truly capable of and born from
Just as nature expresses beauty by fulling delivering her gifts,
so do we artful beings that traverse the face of this earth bring incredible beauty by manifesting our gifts
For each of you
who toils
who weeps
who laughs
who expresses joy

We are all profoundly grateful for you
You are the gift that is life
And by giving of your gifts

You give life

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A special note: Below is a link to what I was listening to when I penned this post. One cannot listen to this and not give thanks for….life… ‘Gloria the Gift of Life

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  1. Dreama, your posting today touched me, especially the part about how much personal creativity touches us in all we do every day! I forgot how much painting does for
    me personally, even if the result doesn’t find a permanent home.
    I got my art degree more than 50 years ago, and I have never been successful at marketing. Over the years I have amassed several hundred paintings now filling my home. I didn’t look into the future when I was young and make any plans for the many paintings I created. Reading your essay today gave me a new perspective and made me realize why I paint – to be a part of the wonderful act of creating – not to just make another piece of artwork.
    My daughter and I took your class in Florida early in 2016, after the sudden death of my husband in Nov, 2015.
    I have looked forward to your writings since then, but have never been inspired to respond as I was today.
    Thank you!
    Rita Corrigan

  2. Yvonne Snead

    You Dreama, never cease to amaze me.
    Stunning words and work.
    Hugs to you and Ron, Yvonne

  3. Carolyn PaTerson

    Read this morning and made me weep . Such truths touch a deep place in our being .

  4. Charleen DILIDDO

    Beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing that. Good to listen to Beautiful music while painting..

  5. Charleen DILIDDO

    Beautiful. He came to West Palm Beach for a concert and I was blessed to attend. Lovely to listen to him singing while journaling or painting. Thanks for the suggesting.

  6. Yvonne SneAD

    OH, WOW! OH, WOW!
    So beautiful, why am I not surprised? Just another lovely from our beautiful friend!

  7. Martha P Lamkin

    Your paintings are “eye candy” for me and they delight my soul! Your writings are lovely and insightful as well. I am 80 years old and have been painting since I was in elementary school. I am self-taught, having had no formal training. Did have a few classes with various artists as a member of the Kentuckiana Decorative Artists Club here in Louisville, KY, for a few years. My urge to create is ever present and I drink in colors, shapes, and forms everywhere I look. I have boxes and binders full of photos and pictures that I want to paint, but life keeps getting in the way. With a farm, house, garden, daylily garden, three daughters and nine grandchildren, one of whom I have raised for the past sixteen years, I have found only occasional short stretches when I could sit down and paint. I have asked God many times why He gave me the talent for and the driving desire for painting and creating, yet allowed me so little time during my life to do it. I have always tried to do whatever He put in front of me to do, and I am glad I did rather than forging ahead in my own way and painting all the time. Still, I find myself now somewhat frustrated because I have probably 20,000 subjects I want to paint and very limited time in which to do it. When I have only a few minutes here and there, I sit down at my computer and soak in the color and beauty of YOUR paintings, since I find no time to do my own. I am a realist painter by nature and compulsion, but I love your free and loose use of color, and Hope I have time to try that method of painting myself before I die. Meanwhile, know that your painting is bringing me joy and light. Thank you!

  8. Wow, Dreama! Your words and your thoughts are beautiful! As much as your paintings, they share a deep sense of the world. They touch my heart! Thank you.

  9. Ellen mcnerney

    When I saw the word Imagine I immediately went to John Lennon in my thoughts. Then I read an incredible writing about the gratitude for artists and it inspired me. I have been in a funk lately and not feeling creative but after reading this, I find hope in the process. Fall precedes Winter, a resting time, a time to contemplate and prepare for the Spring of new life. I am going to print this as a reminder. Thank you so much and for sharing your creative self.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      I so hear you Ellen and it’s something that happens to me too. It’s okay to simply BE and take in what is around you. I believe that is how creativity works in our life–it is always afoot–even when we think perhaps it has taken leave never to be heard from again 😉

  10. Thank you for this, Dreama…one of the best writings ever! You are so in touch with your Spirit and essence in everything that surrounds you and everything in this world that touches you in a certain way explodes in your soul and has to expand your Soul via words that your Soul sings…and this makes me smile. 🙂 You get it. 🙂

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Nancy! Loved that precious art book of your work that you sent me 🙂 I dearly love the deep thoughts and conversations that swirl around creativity and so glad that you enjoy them too!

  11. Kyla

    Beautifully written. You explain the passion so wonderfully. Thank you for such a beautiful translation of why we art.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Love that expression Kyla–why we art (and why it matters that we art 😉 Love art as a verb!

  12. Thank you, this is so much more than a few painting tips which is what I thought I would see when I signed up for your emails. Wow, that sketch from Pere Lachaise with the touch of gold! I love it!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Ahhh Holly! So glad you found it more than expected. That little sketch was a delight to me–the biggest challenge was finding a spot to sit that was fitting to the place. I could do these for a long time. The gracefulness of the wings on the angel sculptures always capture me 🙂

  13. jean l anderson

    I’m sitting here listening to the beautiful music, thinking of what you wrote.
    It really touched me.
    Thank you so much for what you bring to all of us.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      I am so glad Jean and thankful for people like you in my life–good words are magic and I loved reading yours!

  14. Anne Christeson

    My dear Dreama, thank you so very much for these amazing and inspiring words — so very needed at this moment in my life. Because of circumstances, I have been unable to paint for some weeks now, and I miss it — but now I realize, because of your words, that I am participating in all the artistry in the world, even at this time. I am thankful for you, for your support and love, and for your wonderful view of life. Merci, ma chère!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Always dear Anne! Remember there is always ebb and flow for our creative times too. Nothing is lost. It is good to be inspired by all the artistry that surrounds us 🙂

  15. Betty Henderson

    Thank you, Dreama, for reminding us that we create, because God first created and He made us in His image. We give life to art, because He first gave life to us. Praise Him for loving us! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Glad you enjoyed this writing Betty!

  16. Shea

    Ooooooh Dreama! YOU are such a gift! This writing was divinely beautiful and soul to soul. Thank you! Shea.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      I do love writing Shea and the joy is multiplied when someone like you enjoys it 🙂

  17. Donna Forgacs

    Dreama, This is just beautiful! Thank you for being you and the creative soul that you are and for sharing you to the world.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Thank YOU Donna for such good words and kind thoughts!

  18. Gail Morris

    Dreama…sitting in my chair, by the fire, pouring icy rain outside…your thoughts brought sunshine to my heart…so very beautiful. Enjoying Bocelli is the cherry on top!
    Thank you … I am grateful for YOU!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Ahhh Gail! We all need each other in the most real of ways don’t we–I am grateful for YOU as well 🙂

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