During the Creative Process

During the creative process – your beautiful space.

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Do It Before You’re Ready

Dreams and creativity or plans to exercise and take better care of ourselves are often added to some imaginary ‘first of the year/next month/ when things’ slow down list.
And so we wait.

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Inside My Studio: The Dream.Love.Paint Cottage

I have grown my studio to reflect me and my dreams. 
It is not based on what a proper artist’s studio ‘should’ have. (Who wrote those ‘rules’ anyway??)
It is and will always be reflective of my changing dreams and desires.

Let’s head inside so you can see what I’ve chosen and why.
I hope you are inspired to do the same for yourself. Create a magical space, one that reflects and supports YOU in your creative endeavors!

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Only One Thing to Do

What to do when you have too much on your mind and on your plate—the prescription is here 😉

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Desperately Seeking Inspiration

Paris is here waiting for us to discover ourselves. Truly.

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Odd Magic

“You see this pattern over and over with many creative people: they have this little bit of magic, a spark of something that comes naturally to them, and it’s often messy and weird and a little bit off, and that’s why they catch our attention in the first place. The odd magic is what we love about them.” ~ Austin Kleon

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Music Bath

Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons.
You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Asking the simplest of questions can deliver the easiest of answers.
None of us, not you, not me, are as confused on what we want (or how to get it) as we might sometimes believe we are.

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What’s on Your Slate?

Might we see our life as a slate that can be written, erased, replaced 
to arrive, one line at a time
into the ecstasy that is Life.

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Practice, Practice

What if we were to practice, every day, something that we desired to become really good at doing?
And what if that practice was one of those things that when done, actually multiplied, like an investment of sorts, in our lives?
What if it was free, didn’t take much time and could be done anywhere, anytime of the day?
What if doing it had the power to shape us in powerful, marvelous ways?
What if it was so simple a child could do it?
Wondering what this magical thing might be?
It’s one you know well…

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Unbidden and Capturing Magic Moments

Probably the best gifts
in life
Come to us