21 Oct

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What If Today: Maple, Magnificence and You

What if today
I spent the day
with the Maple Tree out back.

In her fullest blaze of color at this very moment.
Yellows and peaches
Tinges of orange
and lemon
and lime.

Stretching herself tall between the pine and other trees (still wearing their usual shade of green).
While I
in my usual hurried, preoccupied state
find myself caught off guard when I look up and see her stunning beauty.

I, here these 16 years, her much longer to reach her glorious height—WHAT IF I were to take THIS DAY to admire her?
To read about the whys and hows of the turning of her leaves?
To use my colors to capture some of her magic in my journal?
Instead of stopping in my tracks for a moment to remark how amazing she looks before quickly moving on.
What if I chose differently?

I wrote many years ago while visiting Susie’s lavender field in Lherm, France: A day spent in the lavender fields is a day well spent.
Surely the same must be said for this.
A day spent with my Maple sister would indeed be a day well spent.

So, I will do just that.
Find her colors with my paints and put them in my journal.
Gather some of her leaves to press, outline and examine close-up.
Bring a few of her small branches indoors.
Read up a bit on her maple family (thank you, google).
Ponder the critters that live in and under her leafy presence.
Perhaps have a light snack beneath her goldness.
Take my shoes off and connect with her rooted goodness.
Thank her for sharing herself for so many years in such a wondrous fashion.
Practice gratitude for this beautiful Earth we are so privileged to call our home.

So many other ways I could spend this day, but the question is—are they any better than being in the presence of such magnificence?

Likely not, dear one, likely not.

With golden hugs from me and the maple!

Maple Magic in My Journal - Dreama Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

P.S. I hope you feel inspired to make some magic with mother nature—whatever is on show in your world—it’s there for you and just waiting for you to spend some moments soaking up the beauty! Please share this with a friend (and if you’re the friend and want to subscribe to my emails you can do so here!)

P.P.S. The tree in the video is in my backyard. The music on the video is one used in the Postcards from Paris course where we visit Monet’s home place. It always carries me back when I hear it! Alas, it’s not commercially available or I would share.
I did find a Vintage Autumn playlist on Spotify though 🙂  Click here to enjoy!

P.P.P.S. And last but not least, a few more autumn photos just because!

Maple Magic 3 - Dream Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Maple Magic 2 - Dream Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Maple Magic - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

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  1. Margaret

    God has given you an incredible eye for beauty and talent to display it in such creative ways. Thank you for sharing these gifts with us.

  2. Debbie Megginson

    Ahh, so lovely. Thank you for the moment and the music.

  3. Carol Balabanow

    Reading this was a perfect way to end my day! Thank you!

  4. Dreama. Your artistic poetic sayings made my day. Life is always good with you inspiring me in new ways

  5. Sabine scanLon

    How lovely to stop any really marvel at your tree.
    Sometimes, when I am outside ( often driving) and the day is perfect. I take a deep breath and try to capture it in my mind/ heart for forever. I don’t remember the details, but I do remember the wonder.

  6. Judith Madsen

    Thank you Dreama. That was beautifully presented. I felt I was there. Hugs. Judith

  7. maranne doyle-laszlo

    Thankyou. That was magically beautiful- 💕

  8. Anne Godwin

    Your posts are always so lovely. One day, I will take one of your classes.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  9. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful tree and your photographs and sketches. Our tall maple tree has yet to change colors, despite the crispness in the air, but already leaves are falling.

  10. Carol Hopper

    So peaceful yet fully alive with the joy of nature’s abundance. This is one of your best emails. Thank you.

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