28 Jul

During the Creative Process


I can only answer to that which calls me.

Often times we feel we should be doing more, something, anything.
We see what another is immersed in and shame ourselves for not wanting, doing, being more.
Overlooking one vital thing.

We can only answer to that which calls to us.

That thing that calls me.
That thing that calls you.
And we each have a unique calling.
THE thing that calls us by name, that wakes us in the night and shakes us gently in our days.
Appearing again and again in unexpected ways and unforeseen times.
It’s important to realize this.

We, you and I, are not missing out on anything that sits in the ‘should’ category.
It was/is not for us.
It is tagged for someone else and is thus calling their name and they are answering that call with all that is within them.

We, you and I, each have our calling and we can only answer to that which calls for us.
With all that lies within us.

Additional thoughts on this:  I believe this applies to both the big and small things that call to us.  Not just what we might think of as our life’s calling, but also those things that dwell in the smalls of life.  The quiet voice that leads in each moment when we pause to listen for it.  Those small things are what shape the big.  Each life has a calling and it creates peace in the heart to realize we aren’t messing up, missing the boat or any other explanation that might be offered when one life is compared to another, one person’s choice placed alongside another’s.

Something to think on today 🙂

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These things called to me so I added them to my journal. I fell in love with the shape of the bottle paired with the lovely color of the Rosé…so much so that I brought that empty bottle home with me from France 😉


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  1. Mom has come to stay with us. She is fond of telling everyone I told her she couldn’t stay by herself anymore. We are in the throws of making space safe for her and a place to sleep for us in our 1100 sq ft home. My art corner seems to be disappearing and my days are in sheet rock mudding activities when I get a chance. My calling seems to be floating somewhere in a cloud.
    It was so uplifting to read your blog this morning. Always timely. I guess calling changes. I pray God fills me with joy and the opportunity to serve him and be creative during this period of my life. Thanks ever so much.
    Thank you for the quiet contemplation.

  2. Darlene

    Love you post on calling. Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration!

  3. rejane

    BTW – How is ED?

  4. rejane

    Oh, dear Dreama,
    I have so many other “things” calling me! And they are not just “calling”. They are screaming!
    This rat race is taking the best of me… It’s the call of duty, it’s our health that needs attention, all these doctor’s appointments… It’s all the implications from our job, the trips, and I could go on and on.
    My poor page on facebook has been outdated for a few months now. I haven’t painted anything else, and I can’t do water color, … yet. Oh, well. Part of life, even though may times my desire is to say, ‘Stop the world! I want to paint!’
    (And while writing this, the smoke alarm went off — I let the spaghetti burn!)

    • Julie

      I love this! “Stop the World! I want to paint!” Just know that many of us out here are often too busy also to follow our passion but our calling right now might just be that caregiver role or the pot of spaghetti or even that desk job that pays the bills.

  5. jacqueline collin

    Your reflection is appreciated. The empty bottle of wine even more so because it means, I hope, you enjoyed the rosé in a beautiful setting. haha

  6. Cynthia Jennings

    I love this post on answering to our own calling! It is serendipitous that I should open your email and read it this morning. I am reading The Alchemist right now and have been pondering the topic. This book is wonderful way to explore realising your dreams and the meanings and directions of our lives. Thank you for saying that there is no need to feel guilty about not following other people’s callings. That makes so much sense, but I never thought it that way.

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