4 Aug

During the Creative Process

Wells of Abundance

Come drink from my well. It is full at the moment.

Next year may bring rains, it may be dry—we share the abundance we have as we have it and no one goes without.

My heart is so moved by all that surrounds me.
Can this really be for me?
Beauty everywhere.
The butterfly on my window screen this morning.
In the eyes of Eddie the Cat when I look at him and he peers back—there is a knowing, a higher intelligence that is barely graspable or discernible from this place I stand.
Hills of Tuscany, rolling and covered with silvery olive trees and verdant grape vines nearly bring me to tears.
Sunsets that dazzle.
All here, for me, for the taking?
Painting, such a pleasure, another way to inhabit a moment in time.
Friends and those I barely know…I see their humanity, their hearts exposed and it exposes within me that same sterling beauty that takes the breath away.
Gratitude flows from every part of me. How can this all be?
Such inescapable, unimaginable…beauty.

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I couldn’t resist the pleasure of this special place in Tuscany, a well that has watered many a thirsty soul no doubt. Did a bit of drawing with my Kemper tool that I also use for signing just because 🙂


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  1. Glen

    Your soulful words have blasted me out of my doldrums on this very windy, wet, grey winter’s day in Melbourne. Powerful words, beautiful painting – we need more Dreamas in this world. thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Etta Yeary

    Breathtaking scenery, painting, and words……..Dreama, it’s amazing how you see, do, and say and share all the joy your feeling at the moment to others so they can feel it too!!! Time after time……..it’s a wonderful wonderful gift you have and share!!!!! Thank you…..

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