11 Aug

During the Creative Process

Growing into the Dream

What does it look like, growing into your dream?
Is it glamorous and what one would expect?
Based on what I’ve seen growing involves awkward, unfinished states of being.

Example: I present for your consideration my daughter Desirée, at age 6.

Daughter Desirée with Cat Blackie

Six years old can be a toothless time in life.  Going from a perfect little smile to…NO FRONT TEETH!
Thankfully, new ones eventually show up, but they are ALWAYS way too big for the tiny face they inhabit.
(Personal note:  My older brother referred to my new front teeth as “refrigerator door teeth”.  Brothers can be so kind). Years pass before smiles and head size match.

Desirée and Ramzy

Your dreams, our dreams, seem to have a similar growth pattern.  Too big and looking way out of place for the space they are currently inhabiting.  Leaving gaping holes of ‘how in the heck is this going to work’ sorts of questions.

‘You want to do what?  With this?  And go where? And be all that???’

We feel foolish and may find others looking away from our ‘awkward’ stage.
Take note and heart!
This is indeed how it (dreams) work.
They can lurch forward in spurts and look half baked at times!

Transitions and growth can feel really not fun but dreams realized are so worth all those in between stages.

I think you should know:

Your dreams are not too big.  They are placed in your heart for you to grow into.
They appear, fully formed, with promise…awaiting your spirit’s growth.

Say what you desire.
Say it out loud.
The words we speak have spirit and life.
View your life from 10,000 feet.
Allow yourself to dream.
Grow into your dreams.
When one is fulfilled, there are more to follow.
What are those dreams that you are almost afraid to say out loud?  Name them, write them in your journal.  Get ready to grow!

Additional thoughts:  It has been a year of growth for me.  Some things will be readily visible, soon, in the form of a new website for my blog (which shall then be referred to as my journal since I have always thought the word ‘blog’ such an unattractive sounding word, word nerd that I am! )

There will be lots of new additions open to everyone, including one called Resources, being built expressly for you (can’t wait for you to partake of that!), and easy ways to find the inspiration and encouragement you need, and…well, you’ll just have to wait and see!

And just so you know, my online French adventure painting course, Once Upon a Time in Provence , will be opening once again in September for those who’d love to join our merry band of Dreamettes–and I will be giving away a spot to some fun seeking adventurer 😉

Colorful Inspiration! Paint with Dreama online...Learn more > https://dreamatolleperry.com

“French Bounty” Kickin’ back on the back porch of the Dream.Love.Paint cottage 😉

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Pebble

    You have a talent in drawing people into your conversation and paintings. Your writings are thought provoking and inspiring, hence I signed up for one of your online courses, Dream. Love. Paint. and so far even though it seems to be taking me more time to get started, I am hanging on to every post, video, inspiration from other students to find that nudge for me to get started. My dream has always involved art, loved it as a child when I won my first finger painting ribbon in first grade! When it came time to choose my career, I was torn between the medical field and art. I chose nursing as college was close to home and have been a nurse now for 23 years. Still inside, I LOVE art and want to continue to pursue my passion! My dream out loud is to pursue art as passionately as my time allows (in between continuing education in nursing and full time work) to see where the journey takes me. I already feel blessed to have started this painting journey!

  2. Mary

    Thank you for the beautiful and helpful journal entry for today! One dream that is in the forefront at this moment is to learn the basics of watercolor. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels a bit as I am trying to learn on my own. I will try to relax and enjoy the spin!

  3. Jan

    While my dream/prayer has isn’t about painting, it would definitely affect my painting, and it is a return to good health. So, I’m saying it out loud and putting it here in black and white, with hope it will come to be. I’m also looking forward to your new surprise, Dreama.

  4. Jody Ashley

    Dear Dreama,
    What a beautiful name Dreama♡ One meaning is “joyful music” and it seems perfect to describe your paintings. They are so lively that you can almost hear joyful music!
    My given name is JoEllen. I have decided to use that name to sign my future paintings. My dream is to become a happy painter developing my basic knowledge into something inspiring. I am crazy for your upcoming class in September♡
    I have been anticipating your class for months. My husband has built me a “She Shed” just for me to realize my dream to paint. I have sold my wedding dress lately to get the money for the class. I have set up my easel and paints in my new “HAPPY PLACE” near a window that overlooks a marina.
    I am so excited about your class and pray I will be chosen as one of your students. Your paintings and writings move me♡

  5. Lila

    Your thoughts and dreams are very inspiring!
    My dream is to do some lucious paintings today!

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