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"Coming Home in Italy" SOLD

“Coming Home in Italy”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

With only four days between the end of one fun thing (my 5 day workshop in Lexington, KY) and another beginning (I leave for France on Friday:)) things have been a little busy ’round here:))

I will, no doubt, have time to reflect on it though during my 5 hour layover in Detroit before flying  on to France:))  That’s enough time to get some painting done.  Heck, I may as well just go ahead and  hold a workshop at the airport.:))

And speaking of workshops—-here’s some highlights of the Lexington get together.

Fast Horses….Loose Artists.

Just Sayin’:))

If video does not appear, click here to view:))

In Other News:
It’s time for one of the things I love to do best—draw for my monthly giveaway!  The deed has been done and the letter sent so you best be checking your mail to see if you’re the winner:)))!  Remember, all you need to do to have your name perpetually in the monthly drawing is be a subscriber, which you can do simply by clicking here:))

And speaking of giveaways–I am planning a doozy to celebrate the new website when it’s completed…just ponder on that;))))

And JuNk DrAWer FrIDay is coming up…Friday:)

 If you like what you see, then share it with a friend:)))  We (Eddie, Phyllis, Pierre and I) would LOVE that!!

Now I must go pack or else I will be really traveling light in France;)

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