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"France, Color, You ‘n’ Me" SOLD

“France, Color, Me ‘n’ You”
6 x 6in oil on museum quality panel
  Colors need each other like we need each other. 
Blue looks bluer with a little bit of orange by its side. 
 Purple sings a little more true with yellow holding its hand. 
As much as I love blue,
 it would be a boring world if everything were blue. 
Blue needs orange to sing its bluesy song. 
My yin to your yang.  My tomato to your tomato.
Thanks for being the red to my green. 
We help each other to shine. 
And that’s a thing of beauty:)
Meet me at the green stripe cafe to celebrate–
You ‘n’ Me!

Note:  I’m holding a big mirror up for you to see how truly beautiful you are, inside and out, perfect just as  you are, exactly as you are meant to be. 
Your true colors are shining through:)))

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