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36 x 36″ oil on museum quality panel, framed

Eyes. From a place far beyond where I can see, comes an asking.
Do I matter?
It is the only question that really matters. Peeling back layers, I realize that all the doing in life is our way of prying and prodding to hopefully illicit the words we so long to hear.

Yes, you matter.
Your life is important, has meaning, matters. That is it and all of it.

Detail 1 (Joy and Love scripted in amongst the roses!)
Detail 2 (The writing from above written into the painting once again served to remind me what it’s all about.)
                                       In progress in my studio–Eddie napping in office next door…

The papers taped to the glass door in the photo above became my guide–hammered out late one night, I read them many times throughout the time spent in my studio.  You can click here to read what was on them.

Please Note:  This painting is waiting for the right person to connect with it.  You know who you are…:))  As with all of the available works from this collection, “Knowing” comes framed and  shipping is free in the continental US through December 31, 2010.  To those of you who have been wanting to own a larger painting of mine, I want to make it possible–so all of these pieces are also available with flex payment.  You can pay all at once, via the paypal button below, or email me here  to spread it out to 3 pays/3 months. 

Gratitude Mission
#30Thanks Day 30–The Last Day!
I never knew when I started this 30 days ago, how much joy it would bring me.  I have found myself looking forward to the next missive, the sense of adventure of what can I examine closely today that I am thankful for.   Funny too how life has that “boomerang” effect built into every move we make.  I have had so much good coming my way via words of love that my heart has done filled up and spilled over..:)))  Thank you for coming along with me for this gratitude mission and thanks to Marissa Bracke who started it all.  It has made for an extra special, extraordinary month.  Even Eddie is in a more benevolent frame of mind.  He borrowed my credit card to go Christmas shopping for me.  Okay, I am grateful—not crazy—but it was fun to go along with him  ( like I didn’t know he is cruising the Pet, Bath and Beyond store for himself.) 

For you, it’s not about the doing….it’s about the listening.
When you listen, you know what to do.
When you know what to do….the rest comes easy.
You are, without a doubt,  amazing …

I love the words to this song….Big Hugs and Have a Beautiful Day~  Click Here

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  • Marian Fortunati - December 1, 2010 - 12:47 am

    Just wonderful…. It’s the color… the composition… the brushwork… It’ Dreama!ReplyCancel

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