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"Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This"

          ” Nurse Ed”

I have been a bit under the weather this past week.  Hence the lack of paintings.  Not that I haven’t been painting, but I have not been finishing anything.  Sinus and completion of paintings do not make for a good match I have concluded:))  I think I would have been better much sooner except I got stuck with you know who as my nurse.  Fearing a set back and further “nursing” I have opted to behave myself by resting and drinking lots of liquids:))

Besides–it has given me time to relish and plan my upcoming workshop in Lexington, KY which starts this Thursday:)

And now to the important part and the real reason for posting tonight—the Help Japan Challenge on Daily Paintworks is well underway:

“It has been a little over a week since we saw, in disbelief, shocking images of the devastation of the March 11 earthquake and its subsequent tsunamis in Japan. Now the unprecedented nuclear crisis compounding the misery of the survivors there, many of us are asking, what can we do to help?”  Read More…

Everyone is coming together to help–so far, over $4,000 has been raised in just a couple of days.  Thanks to David Marine and Keiko Tanabe of DailyPaintWorks for putting this together.

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  • Cissy - March 23, 2011 - 6:43 pm

    Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Nurse Ed Right Over!!!!!!

    I got your cold. Yuck!ReplyCancel

  • Dreama - March 21, 2011 - 10:01 pm

    Thanks for everyone’s well wishes–it helps:))!!
    Ida–so happy you are having fun visiting my blog. We try to have fun around here:))
    DG–ulterior is Eddie’s middle name. He’s up to something no doubt, I’ll just have to deal with it later…
    And Randy–so glad you read it too. That was my main reason for posting, to help get the word out. It feels so much better to be able to do something!
    Well–I am off. Eddie says he is brewing something up for me. Hopefully not tuna tea again.

  • Blasquez Fine Art - March 21, 2011 - 8:56 pm

    I am so glad I read your blog this morning. I posted a donation to the site and it has already been bid on. It feels so good to make this donation through my art.
    Also, so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather…..I know that is not fun for a person like you who is so full of excitement and enthusiasm. I feel better knowing that you are in the good little paws of Eddie.
    Blessings for your workshop coming up……RandyReplyCancel

  • dgcasey - March 21, 2011 - 5:47 pm

    Well, with a nurse like that you can’t help but get better. Of course, his ulterior motives might be for you to get better so you can tend to his needs.ReplyCancel

  • Ida M. Glazier - March 21, 2011 - 5:16 pm

    I just love your blog—I have been here about 3 times I guess, and today I am really really liking it!!! I love /Eddie!! and all the ways you have painted him- – and also the villiage-type paintings!! So bright and full of life and color!! Just wonderful. Hope you get over your cold, your nurse will help!ReplyCancel

  • Marian Fortunati - March 21, 2011 - 1:09 pm

    Hope you feel better really soon, Dreama!ReplyCancel

  • SUSAN RODEN - March 21, 2011 - 12:06 am

    Ohhh. . . Dreama get better.ReplyCancel

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