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Sisters of the Sun…and Today is Free


“Sisters of the Sun”
12 x 16in oil on museum quality panel


Today is free.
(Not one thin dime spent for your gorgeous eyes opening to the wonders of a new day 🙂 )

Bird Song?
(Some birds sing more than 20,000 songs…. a day 🙂 )
All for free.

Heart doing its thing?
(Your beautiful heart beats about 100,000 times in one day)
No charge…all free.

Take a deep breath.
Fill your lungs as full as you can—think bull frog swell here 🙂
(You’ll  take 20,000 sweet breaths just today)
It’s all
On The House.

Come as you are.
Wiggle your toes.

Laugh out loud 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hear that song?
A love song in the trees

of how much you are loved.

Deep down
in all the spaces and cracks of who YOU are.

Loved in ways impossible to measure.

In the most wonderful of fashions

You are free
to Love.

Beginnings and bird songs
beats and breaths
all the spaces and cracks of who you are

Free to BE
Free to LOVE


I am heading out today for a free ride on my bicycle.  And yes, if you must know, its the old-fashioned one with foot brakes 🙂  I will be feeling the breeze in my hair AND on my face for free.
Also noted will be a return to my 8 year old self attended by a silly smile on my face, also free.

Feel free to take in some freebies today 🙂

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Today would be a good day to simply notice what is free 🙂

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