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"The Great Escape" SOLD

“The Great Escape”
6 x 6in oil on museum quality panel
On Hold
While others were out running the roads and  working like dogs, I spent the day at the beach.  You don’t have to hate me– Eddie was there (which makes us even, no matter what you did today).  He spent a fair portion of the morning complaining about the fact that there are  dog beaches but no cat beaches and that the whole place looked like a litter box anyway. Pointing out the fact that when you’re a cat, every beach looks like a litter box seemed pointless.  Besides, I had bigger things to worry about–Eddie wore Speedos.  With a large gold chain ’round his neck.  Like I said, no matter how you spent your day—I think we’re even.
Gratitude Mission, Day 19: Thank a trailblazer
#30Thanks Day 19
I don’t think trailblazer’s think of themselves as that.  I think they see the world differently and it never occurs to them to do anything other than what they do and how they do it.  They do things that seem illogical, unsafe, and most of all–oft times untested.  And it seems as normal to them to lead their life this way as it is for others to take the well worn, time tested, safe path.  The beauty of the trailblazer is they do leave a path for others to follow–or if not to follow at least be inspired by! 
I personally would like to take a moment and  thank those trailblazers who took a chance, a few years back, on the world being round.  Without them, my life would be a lot different.  And crowded, I suspect. 
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