Before the Creative Process

The everyday beginning

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Words have power

et us hold each other in love and look for ways to simply just have fun.
We are, after all, just walking each other home.

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Does 2020 feel like the longest year in recorded history??

I’m laughing at myself because I just looked at something I did way back in SEPTEMBER.
I scarcely remember doing it. 
(It feels like September was about 3 years ago—can I get an amen?!)

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Do One Thing (that you really want to do!)

Make sure in all of your doing today, to do something delightful for you. It’s easy to forget that we have the power to do this. Busy with real life stuff we forget to do the simple things that help lift our spirits in all the right places.

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Beauty in the Dance

There is beauty in your creating

Not in how it’s presented
Not in the place it’s shown
Not in the praise or lack thereof bestowed

But simply in the creating

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I’m a Daydream Believer

If we were sitting over a favorite drink, talking art and creativity and fear and dreams, what would you have to say? Where’s your mind and heart these days as it relates to your creativity?

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Your Best Investment Yet, Part 2

That’s how investments feel to me. I don’t remember each of them, but I know in my bones that they are much of what has brought me to where I am today.

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Your Best Investment Yet

‘I’m going to invest in me.’
Did you feel a bit uncomfortable just reading those words? I know I did in writing it.
Investing in ME.
Doing something with the intention that I will personally grow, benefit, expand from. Invest. The word itself makes one

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Finding Our Why

So how do we arrive at knowing our ‘why’, our purpose?
How do we uncover it?
Well, here’s the cool thing. We thankfully don’t have to go searching outside ourselves for some lofty purpose.

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Why the ‘Why’ Matters

Think of your ‘why’ like the flame to your candle, like the mojo to all your creative undertakings!

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Redefining Hard

Hard doesn’t have to be…well, hard!