Before the Creative Process

The everyday beginning

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Your Best Investment Yet, Part 2

That’s how investments feel to me. I don’t remember each of them, but I know in my bones that they are much of what has brought me to where I am today.

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Your Best Investment Yet

‘I’m going to invest in me.’
Did you feel a bit uncomfortable just reading those words? I know I did in writing it.
Investing in ME.
Doing something with the intention that I will personally grow, benefit, expand from. Invest. The word itself makes one

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Finding Our Why

So how do we arrive at knowing our ‘why’, our purpose?
How do we uncover it?
Well, here’s the cool thing. We thankfully don’t have to go searching outside ourselves for some lofty purpose.

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Why the ‘Why’ Matters

Think of your ‘why’ like the flame to your candle, like the mojo to all your creative undertakings!

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Redefining Hard

Hard doesn’t have to be…well, hard!

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The Starting Point

Recognizing the things we’ve been shelving for months, years, and decades is an eye-opener. We can’t undo the lost time. We can, however, choose differently for today and going forward.

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That thing about creating that Hemingway knew

The thing is to become a master and in your old age to acquire the courage to do what children did when they knew nothing.
~ Ernest Hemingway
And what is it, exactly, that children do?

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Dreama’s Favorite Studio Stuff

Favorite, time-tested, must have favorite art supplies and goodies for the artist’s studio! Get your free PDF download!

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Dreaming Your Life

‘The most crucial stories are the ones we tell ourselves.’…‘Your real glory days are yet to be created.’
~ Sheri Salata

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Your Creative Space

Your Creative Space
I’ve so much to share with you about this all-important topic!

I’m talking about doing something that provides a kind of magic that pulls you creatively forward every day.
It takes into account that you are evolving.
It’s a way for you to begin doing something kind and good for the most important person you will ever know.