Before the Creative Process

The everyday beginning

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I Love Paris in the Spring

It’s almost time for me to head to Paris, to which–

I am heading out with an open heart.

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One line following upon another…without a plan!

30 days in Paris
What would you do?

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One Thing at a Time

We don’t need to figure everything out at once.
Our heart already knows the one thing that we need to be doing in this one singular sensational day.
Listening to that and taking action IS the master plan 😉

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Feed Your Life

Your life feeds your art, 
your creativity, 
all that you are, 
all that you are yet to be.

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The Art of Love

Our truest colors emerge when we remember…it all comes down to love.

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Just Another Day

Every day is precious.
It is never–just another day.
Unique treasures, glimpses of the divine, are held fast within these measure of 24.

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Extra Moments

Love the interplay of fall leaves and blooming flowers. The poetry of life is dancing all around us.
Don’t rush by one single moment
Give everything the divine attention it deserves
In doing so you will unlock the gift held within  
For this is life
We thrive
in the grace of these moments

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Crossing T’s and Dotting I’s

Inspiration will not wait while you cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ of your life
you’re gonna need to let some stuff go
 in order to be in service to the BIG IDEA.

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Thank-You’s and Winners and A Giveaway!

Thank-you’s, Winners and A Giveaway…gotta love it!

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Simple is Good

One of my recent listening to my heart moments led me to this little vintage case. No justification. I loved the color. It reminded me perhaps of simpler times. I could see my watercolors and journals living quietly inside it, waiting for me to come play.
In a few words it simply….made my heart happy.
And that is more than enough.
Today, let your mind wander and filter through all the busy. See what comes to you and notice does your heart leap a bit like it did when you were a kid? Surely a sign that you are in tune with your real life–choosing to go with it instead of overriding it. Wonder how you will feel with that letting go?
It really can be…that simple.