14 Feb

Roses in Corsets at the Palais Royal - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Before the Creative Process

I’m a Daydream Believer

I’ve been spending a bit of time each morning in my journal, dreaming.
Writing down things that come to me.
Entertaining all the fun possibilities and flights of my imagination.
(It’s basically the opposite of worrying. You know, like when we imagine all the things that could go wrong except now we imagine all the things that could go right!)

If one is going to use one’s imagination, I figure why not use it to imagine the good stuff??
Why don’t we spend more time daydreaming happiness and less zero on the other?

Dreaming is magic.
I won’t tell you that I understand how it works, but I will tell you that a fair amount of what I dreamed of ten years ago has come to pass. And a whole slew of good things that I didn’t imagine got on board with those dreams.
Enough reason to be a confirmed daydream believer.

If we were sitting over a favorite drink, talking art and creativity and fear and dreams, what would you have to say? Where’s your mind and heart these days as it relates to your creativity?

Since I do a lot of the talking around here, I’d love to hear from you! Please share in the comments below 🙂

P.S. Conversations with art friends are simply the best!

Roses in Corsets at the Palais Royal - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

12 x 16in oil
Roses in Corsets at the Palais Royal
A scene from my time in France—the roses in terra cotta pots were wearing corsets—only in Paris!


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Dreama Tolle Perry

    So I wish I could answer each comment–so many beautiful hearts have shown up here to share! I did read each and every one of the comments you left. Thank you so much for giving voice to your journey as an artist!

  2. Kristina johnson

    I love that, Daydreaming happiness! That feels great!!
    Some thoughts lately from my journal….
    When can I call myself an artist? Can I be so brave?
    What is confidence?
    How do you find artist friends?
    How do you find some who would buy your art?
    What is my role?
    How much is orchestrated on my behalf?
    Is the daydream allowing the flow of that? is that love?

    Feeling better every step of this magical feeling path.
    thank you for the fun Dreama!

  3. I am at a stand still, physically. My right hand has been in a splint since December 31, 2019. I will be rehabbing for a few months. Still reading and dreaming.

  4. Mary Askenback

    I have a funny bone and I use it all the time to enliven the world around me. I am able to laugh at myself and what I see. I call my world Mary Land. My greatest joy is color, and oil painting. What really gets me up in the morning is not painting , but to love you and the beauty that surrounds us in everything. How great is that! To love again and again.

  5. Sara Long

    Dreama, I’ve been through a rough stretch and I’m frozen and haven’t painted since December when I did the little snowman ornament. In the middle of a four month stressful remodel in my home, my dear precious nephew was hospitalized with kidney-liver failure due to alcohol abuse.Jamey was 56, .like a son to me and had lived with me several times when he was young and again in 2018-2019. PTSD combined with a divorce was more than he could deal with and he died January 17 of this year. I was hoping the Convention In Atlanta might help me get back to painting or the time in Paris, Ky but I think I really need to get out of this funk on my own! So, yucky as it is to hear, that is where I am. I met a Dreamette this week at South Padre Island, and I was really lifted up as we shared about painting! I havent painted since mid December but I want to change that and get past the sadness and funk I’ve been in! I’m really looking forward to the new project in April ! Thanks for the chance to vent! I really want to move on and get back to the joy of painting! I have loved my painting classes with you!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Sara! I just saw in our Facebook group where you were painting again and I am so thrilled for you! Loss of a loved one really does take the wind out of us—was so saddened to hear about your nephew. I have so loved having you in class–you’re sweet energy always adds so much! Love to you dear Sara 🙂

  6. I dreamed of taking my grand-daughter to Paris , where I grew up, to meet her French cousins. After 3 bouts of cancer, I finally was able to do so. The trip was everything. I had hoped for her. So I know the power of dreams! A dream gives you a goal to work towards. You have to have the desire, the will, perseverance, l and a plan to achieve it. Fear is one thing that holds people back from even trying. Well, you might fail, it’s true. , but how wonderful if you achieve it!!!! Your art classes have been a wonderful experience for me…it was something I had hoped to find one day….and “poof” , there you were on facebook! I haven’t had so much fun painting in a long time. Positive thinking goes a long way.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      My oh my Nancy–thanks SO much for sharing! You are living proof and your story here is bound to give hope to others. What a delight to share Paris with your grand-daughter–I really don’t think life gets much better than that!!

  7. Judy Findley

    For a number of years I have entertained the idea of illustrating a children’s book. People have told me the same, but I never pursued it. Now, at age 77 I have been given this opportunity! This is not a simple or an easy task nor do I take it lightly that I have been given the opportunity to make this special story come alive with illustrations.
    In illustrating, you not only imagine the characters as to how they look, what they wear, what is their size compared with their surroundings, etc. but you have to create their environment, their emotions, their personality.
    All of this I am learning. I tell people that it is an organic process. I have sketched the main character many times in the different situations, and she has evolved into a person. It has taken many sketches and with each one, small changes until finally I have her body shape, her hair style and her sense of wonder. The author has conferred with me via Facebook and we agree we have our girl.
    Now I have the confidence to move forward with the rest of the story. I love the deadlines we have set up for this project, as it keeps me on track. While I am missing my painting during this stage, I will be painting these wonderful drawings at a later stage.
    All this to say that while I was overwhelmed at the beginning of the process, I am glad that I said yes to this challenge. I am learning so much and I believe I am being guided and nurtured by my faith in God and His guidance.
    Thank you, Dreama, for the opportunity to share this!💖

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Judy! This is awesome 🙂 So amazing how a project like what you have embarked on truly takes on a life of its own. So exciting—thanks so much for sharing your story here–it’s remarkable!

  8. Donna Orth

    I love hearing from you. You are such an inspiration and you have a positive, joyful vibe. I would love to paint with you but I work full time and I take care of my husband who has Alzheimers. That doesn’t leave me with much time. It would be great if you could come up with a simple “one lesson” offer. This would let us who don’t have much spare time partake of your class and give us a taste. When we have more time or money we would be more tempted to take a full class. Think about it.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Donna, you surely are an angel and I hope that life gives you back a hundredfold what you are contributing now by caring for your husband. I will keep your suggestion in mind–thanks so much for sharing –wishing you beautiful days ahead.

  9. Jackie Russell

    Dear Dreama, I love receiving your emails – they so inspire me. Your paintings take me to another realm of peaceful, calming days. Over my long art career I have loosened my style but long to do more so. Currently, I express myself through art quilts and quilting in general. Your color palettes inspired me to recently try a pastel quilt – something that is not generally in my mind. It came out beautiful, and everyone was surprised at my colors. So thank you for that inspiration. I will indeed start to paint again this summer after we move and settle in . I have so many things I wish to put down on a canvas. Thank you for your emails !

  10. I have just given myself permisssion to make a bad painting and post it. It has not gone up on my website yet, but it will soon, as soon as I get a photo. It is a street scene in Portugal and for the first time I put figures in it. The whole thing is funky looking, but I had a great time painting it and I learned so much. That is how I measure a successful painting, even though there is much that is not correct.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Love this Kathy! It is how to measure our success. Did we have a good time? Yes!!

  11. jacqui

    I love your positive effect shining through your art..If we sat over a favorite drink chatting, I would talk about the thrill of being able to take classes and share art on line in my home, at my choice of time, I do take some classes with local artist at times, but the internet has made it possible to learn and do art other than 9-5..I find it thrilling that most techniques, styles, and mediums are just clicks away. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn in my time and space.

  12. Darlene

    I agree with you. What so ever a man thinketh so is he. And what you think about you bring about. I understand that there is a choice as to what I’m thinking about. It is so hard to be creative when thinking negative unhappy thoughts. You are always encouraging and I love that about you. Keep up the beautiful thoughts and work. Your work is joyful because you are joyful.

  13. Dear Dreama, the kindness of you and Ron have kept my love of splashing color on a surface alive. A nasty fall has put a dent in my ability, but I have always believed that where there is a will there is a way. .I found I can work, although rather shakily with pastels. It’s a bit disconcerting when tremors cause a jerk so the cats eye I’m working on could land anywhere but where it should. Thought for the day, thank you.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Glad you have found a way to keep making ar, Mary–while your body is healing you’re making something beautiful–what a way to heal!

  14. Michele mcconnell

    Today is my birthday! It is also my 4 legged BFF’s Birthday. She is 10 today and I am, well just one year older. This year, The Lord Jesus willing, I dream of a new place to create, a studio in my back yard. Also want to do some plein aire painting. My husband bought me a new travel easel (the one you reccommend) excited to get it! Dreaming of a trip to Costa Rica with my hubby. I’m happiest when I’m working on creating something! Love what I’m learning from your workshops! Never stop learning! 🤎🥰

  15. I wish I had read your affirmations about 20 years ago when I was younger and beginning to paint seriously. Now life makes it harder to do all the daydreaming….strangely, that was the criticism of my performance in grade school….I did too much daydreaming. I am comfortable in myself, but I am getting too close to 80 and know that my clock is winding down…and I am a full time caretaker and I teach beginner watercolor/watermedia. My 90 yo husband is also a painter and he is very good. On the bright side, we have both been asked by the local Arts Commission (in Grand Junction Colorado) to show our work at the local Convention Center for 6 months – June 2020 – January 2021.
    I love reading your affirmations, they are a delightful happy boost to the morning.
    Thank you.

    • Darlene Laursen

      Congratulations on your upcoming show. You are keeping the dream alive. So exited for you both!!!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Diane–how motivating and inspiring to read your story! Thanks so much for sharing it–you and your husband are going to inspire many more generations of artists to come–how amazing is that??

  16. Marita

    Thank you Dreama for always sharing the kindest, most encouraging words. You have a truly gracious spirit and it shows in your beautiful art work. The subjects that you choose and the colors that you play next to one another allows for a scene that sparkles with energy. Just viewing your work brings me happiness.

    Today you said something that resonated with me. Dream about all the things that can go right-the opposite of worry!! Shift one’s perspective to positivity and invite all that goodness into our lives.
    I will set aside the stress of expecting a great painting from myself and allow the process to bring me more joy.

    Most Sincerely,
    Marita Cheney

  17. Angel Nahon

    First of all, your art and your writing is part of my creative world! I look forward to your sharing each week! As an elementary art teacher, I am blessed daily with the children’s creativity that surrounds me (it’s like Christmas everyday) and the creativity that I use in my teaching. Also, I am busy dreaming of the summer when I plan to return to my studio and spend some luxurious time tinkering around and making “stuff!” Thank you again- you are truly a blessing to us all! And if you want to see what the kids are up to- check us out of Facebook- it’s “Mrs Nahon’s Art Room” 😉

  18. Betsy adams

    Funny you should ask. I’ve been going through a dry spell, looking for inspiration, doubting myself. It was good to hear what you had to say. A kindred soul is always helpful. I shall just spend some time “imagining “ this morning, knowing that my Creator can provide even more than I can ever imagine. Thank you.

  19. Sue Lorenz

    I dream of painting my way around the world, combining my two lifelong passions–painting and travel. It’s happening now beginning in Spain next month…after 50 years of dreaming about it. Finally I have the opportunity to do it.

  20. I dream of completing a move to Arizona with the perfect set up for my horses and an art studio. I dream of overcoming the hurdles in moving with ease. I dream this will all occur before my husband and I become too much older.

  21. Louise

    I love everything about this post. It is wonderful advice. Use your creativity in the most positive way.

  22. Cheryl

    I love reading your thoughts and seeing your paintings. Creativity is a passion of mine that unfortunately I am unable to really devote much time to. Work , caring for elderly family and the day to day demands takes a lot from a creative soul. So, I turn to you and live vicariously thru what you are creating. It fills that void for me, until that time when I will be able to create what is in my heart and on my mind.

  23. Joni

    I’d like to be able to put out some wonderful paintings from my own developed skill and imagination on my own, enjoyably and fearlessly!

  24. Anne Hallcom

    This morning one of my aha moments was this conundrum: Many times I avoid painting because “I can’t think of anything I want to paint” so I search for a topic in my head or gravitate to a photo of something. Then I get overly focused on painting a perfect replica of what I see in the photo. Any suggestions for cultivating imagination and avoiding the perfection trap?

    • Diane Highmore

      Dear Anne,
      A simple, but effective tool I use is squinting. When you squint at the picture, say at arms length, it helps to eliminate the “busyness” around the main focal point.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Work small and set a timer. And do 4 paintings of the same subject. And tell yourself you’re not going to keep any of them. It helps one to detach from the outcome. Enjoying the actual process of painting is where the joy resides. When you have a good time you want to do it again, regardless of ‘how it turns out’. And in the ‘doing it again’ part is –the beautiful paintings arrive!

  25. Ellen Williams

    A few days a go I had the unfortunate thought that I wasn’t very good at art or playing the piano, so why keep trying? Yesterday I realized that thought process had made me sad. Then last night I dreamt I was painting something new. Today, instead of visiting a friend who is recovering from foot surgery, I’m going to paint. A difficult decision, but it’s important to pay attention. My desire in painting is to explore the abstract: Color and composition. But I’m still learning the basics of each so I’m not at the level of skill and knowledge to create what I want yet. There’s only one way to get those skills: step back on the path. It’s in the doing. So my friend will have to wait. My spirit is calling.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      So GLAD that you are listening Ellen–things always seem to work out when we take time to get quiet and listen 🙂 Glad you didn’t listen to those negative thoughts and did listen to your dream. Keep painting, keep playing!

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