20 Nov

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Before the Creative Process

Does 2020 feel like the longest year in recorded history??

Is it just me or does 2020 feel like the longest year in recorded history??

I’m laughing at myself because I just looked at something I did way back in SEPTEMBER.
I scarcely remember doing it.
(It feels like September was about 3 years ago—can I get an amen?!)

When I watched it I realized that we need what it contains now more now than we did then.

It’s helpful conversation about your creativity, why it’s matters more than ever, and how it can help you navigate these stressful times.

Creativity to the Rescue is a 3 part series I did live on Facebook (way back in September, hehe!) that you can now view here on my website.

Obviously it’s free and shareable with anyone you think could use some positive vibes right now!

If you only have time to watch one, then let it be Part 3 of the series. (just below)
It’s filled with passive and active ways to help you and your creativity right now.

Lifelines of hope and positivity are more valuable than ever. Take good care of yourself dear one!!

Click here to access all the videos in the series.

Is your creativity in need of a nudge?
Dream.Love.Paint is waiting with arms wide open!
HOLIDAY SPECIAL: $200 off the regular price!

Dream.Love.Paint Holiday Sale – Dreama Perry

This decidedly delightful experience is designed for ALL levels—beginner OR a seasoned artist—answering the questions most often asked:

How can I paint in a looser, more impressionistic style?
How can I get (and keep!) vibrant color in my paintings?

I teach you these things and so much more in Dream.Love.Paint, my online painting course!!
HOLIDAY SPECIAL: $200 off the regular price!!


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