4 Dec

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Doubling Down

As often is the case in challenging times in our lives—we are growing roots and strength in the dark passages. We just can’t see it.

The other night as I lay, trying to let my mind unwind from a loss in my life, I shifted gears to focus on something that made me happy, something that was filled with gratitude.
I held the new thought fast and caressed it with my mind, much like one would do holding a fine piece of silk.

This thought did not negate the loss I had experienced. It did, however, make my heart feel better. The one-note song of sorrow remained but it was now encircled with the rich chorus of life, many beautiful notes, many blessings, many good things.

This practice is something I know to do, something that I know of certainty works.

You and I know this. Shifting our thoughts to beauty, to nature, to love, to the incredible gift it is to simply be alive—this shifting of thoughts works tiny miracles.
And it is well within our reach.

So, let’s make a pact to double down on gratitude. To double down on the things that make us smile.

For now, here’s a field of lavender to settle yourself in and a little video of this special place and the folks who brought it to life (Susie and Ian Dick). The painting that accompanies this post arose from this special place!


P.S. I am ever so grateful for you and the presence of joy that you are bringing to the planet! Keep going, dear one ❤️


Lavender of Lherm - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Lavender of Lherm, oil on Arches paper with iridescent gold gesso, 9 x 12


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  1. Wonderful video! I am just wondering what the artist’s name is who is singing? She’s great 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Jan

    Thank you for sharing beautiful thoughts dreama ❤️. Finding peace in spite of turmoil and chaos can be possible because of breathing in joy and living in faith.🎨🙏. Amazing beauty and love is there for us to just reach out and gather into our hearts.
    You bring joy and inspiration to all of us❣Thank you🎄
    The video didn’t work but I’m sure it is lovely😍

  3. Margareth Wlodarski

    So very sorry for your loss

  4. Janet

    Beautiful video & encouraging words! Thank you…

  5. Mary Reilly

    Oh Dreama, you are such a gem.
    I love you. We all love you.

  6. Donna morgan

    Thanks so much for the joy and beauty you share.

  7. Shelley

    Thank you for this lavender experience! It made my day here in my Covid bubble…💖

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