30 Dec

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Before the Creative Process

Words have power

Dear World, I’m excited to be alive in you, and I’m thankful for another year.
~ Charlotee Eriksson



Words have power.
As we welcome in the new year, be sure and pick some good ones for yourself!


Sharing my wishes for you in this video:

Let us hold each other in love and look for ways to simply just have fun.
We are, after all, just walking each other home.
(Thanks to Ram Dass for such a profound way of putting this remarkable journey of life into so few words!)

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  1. susan Darnell

    Thank you so much for those kind and encouraging words. 💕💕

  2. Nancy Wilds

    Thank you so much for this little video. It filled my heart.

  3. Darlene Blasing

    Sending warm wishes for a very happy 2021!

  4. Linda

    Thank you dear Dreama! Beautiful words to share on a chilly January morn. Tomorrow it will be time to take down our lights, tree and season’s decorations, but my hope for you and all of us, is that Christmas lives in our hearts and enlivens our journey home.

  5. Barbara Brown

    Hello Drema and Ron,
    Just had a chance to watch and listen to your New Year message. I want you guys to know that you have brought me so much joy through this online course. I have wanted to express my appreciation many times, but just could not get the words together. A friend introduced me to a woman in Florida last winter and showed me her Drema paintings and I was smitten. When she mentioned you were offering a monthly online course, I jumped at the chance and am forever grateful for the opportunity be a part of your lives and a wonderful like minded people.. Keep up the great work you are doing and know that you have touched my life in a very profound way. Wishing you both a healthy happy new year.

  6. Jean Morrison-Mariner

    What a beautiful video! Such profound & wonderful words of wisdom. This has made my soul sing & I am grateful for your inspiration.
    Reiki Master/Teacher

  7. thanks you so much. I love the idea that we are just walking each other home. Cant wait to see you there…..

  8. Kathy Proctor

    To Dreama
    Thank you for your lovely messages of encouragement and joy!!!

  9. Hi Dreama and Ron,
    Thank you so much for this beautiful video clip and message. Dreama know that you bring joy and inspiration to so many people. I am so glad I was able to take those classes with you in person in Costa Mesa and then continued with several of your amazing on-line creations. You and your paintings emit love and joy. Wishing you and Ron a Happy New Year. Happy painting, Dreama! Hugs! Kim

  10. Laura Lass

    Thank you, Dreama. You have been such a JOY in my life. I look forward to every Saturday to see your happy face and hear all of your wonderful thoughts. Wishing you, Ron, Eddie, and the team a most fabulous 2021.
    Love … Laura from Longmont, CO

  11. Patricia Frank

    What a GIFT YOU HAVE BEEN TO ME; how I cherish our friendship & love May God bring you & Ron a fabulous 2021 of great Health, JOY & love!!!!

  12. Don Andersen

    Thank you for this wonderful video on the last day of 2020. A refreshing way to begin a day. I enjoy all your messages and paintings all through the year. Don

  13. Rhema Shepardson

    Dreama – such a beautiful, heartfelt greeting of the heart that overflows with Love! Thank You! Wishing you, Ron and your family a wonderful New Year as well, blessed with His Love, His Peace and His Joy!

  14. Jana Milo

    Thank you Dreama, for your warm wishes and inspirational words.
    May love & laughter light your days in 2021, and warm your heart & home.
    Wishing you, Ron & the Dream Team a Happy New year.
    Hugs, Jana Milo

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