9 Oct

Domaine Faverot of Provence - Dreama Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Before the Creative Process

Do One Thing (that you really want to do!)

Today, make sure to do one thing (at least one) that is something that you are really wanting to do.

Maybe make a painting (even a wee one in watercolor!)
Or make an apple pie from scratch (yes, I made this. No, it’s not exactly perfectly shaped but it was good enough to eat, which if you bake something AND eat it then that counts for doing TWO things that you really want to do….!)

Add something to this day that brings pleasure, joy, and smiles.
You are so worthy of heaping loads of love and self-care on!
Do at least one thing that you really want to do.
I dare you 😉

It’s easy to forget that we have the power to do this.
We get busy with real-life stuff and forget to do the simple things that help lift our spirits in all the right places.

So what’s it gonna be? Here’s mine so far…

🍁  An old movie (Don Juan de Marco—I’ve been wanting to rewatch this one…hello Johnny Depp ;-)!)

🍁  A beautiful glass to sip an excellent wine from my favorite restaurant in Tuscany? (Hello La Osteria and Max! Who knew you could have a case of wine shipped from Certaldo, Italy to Paris, Kentucky!!)

🍁  Ten minutes in the sun, shoes off, feet in grass, examining the beauty of a singular fallen leaf. (See what comes up in your heart when you do this—I was amazed for myself when I did this!)

I can hear your wheels turning!
Tell me more dear friend.
What things bring you joy?
Make sure in all your doing today, do something you really want to do.

See just how good it will make you feel!


Need a little fall inspiration to paint?

PAINT: Here’s a slice of fall in Kentucky, all gridded up, ready for your brush!

Glendale Fall - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Need a little something to get your creative juices flowing?

WATCH: My Single Best Piece of Advice for Artists
A candid conversation on some intriguing art questions with myself and Dream Team member, Desireé (This is an archived piece I did some time ago with too much good info to let it lay so I decided it was the perfect time to share it! Click Here to go!)

SEE: One of my latest pieces (below) Domaine Faverot of Provence
This is October’s oil painting that we’re doing in my Flow Monthly Membership, and yes, I really wanted to paint this place!
A winery in the south of France that I embraced every inch of while sipping vino and having a slice of Brigette Bardot cake with a merry band of creatives!!

Domaine Faverot of Provence - Dreama Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Domaine Faverot of Provence
9 x 12 oil on museum quality panel


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  1. Lisa Nelson


    We’ve spoken before via text, and you’re SUCH a delight! I missed signing up for this past painting group that just closed (finances have been incredibly tight this past year since my husband’s long illness and death) BUT! … In the month of November, I will start receiving widows benefits, and on my wish-list is to take a course from you. I am blessed with some natural artistic talent, but sadly, never took it anywhere after high school. I DID however become a degreed winemaker, so your husband opening that case right straight from Chianti definitely caught my eye!

    With that being said, you ARE the first artist to really spark my creative passion and joy in many years! I SO love your *bravura* style, and your emails and posts have been SUCH a blessing to me, especially during the dark days of my husband’s illness, giving me something to look forward to; it’s been so long since I’ve picked up a brush and gotten lost in a painting (I’m an oil and watercolor enthusiast too!) … It is my hope that one of these days you’ll lead a group to Italy or France and hold some workshops, and that I can attend!

    Keep up the beautiful word posts, accompanied by your beautiful artwork, and know that you have touched and blessed me immeasurably!

    Many blessings ~
    Lisa Nelson

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