28 Aug

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I was a guest on the ‘Learn to Paint’ podcast and here’s what happened…

I was a guest on a Learn to Paint podcast with Kelly Powers. It just aired this week (you’ll want to get on her mailing list so that you get the alerts for all of her shows!).
We covered some fun subjects… talking points I think you will find helpful/inspiring/downright funny…(you know me, never one to pass on any ridiculous thought I’ve ever had.)

Kelly is so organized—she’s put in the minute mark on the things we covered:

1:00 How I got into art
1:12 How I found oil specifically
2:00 What does oil as a medium allows me to do as an artist
2:44 The frustrations of starting a new medium
4:01 Deciding to make art a priority
5:49 What I paint on and why / Paints
6:01 What characteristics I want in my paint
6:09 My palette
6:54 Solvents and mediums
8:25 Process walk through
10:08 How the paint changes as it dries
11:24 The importance of a repeatable process
12:32 What I need from reference photos
14:56 Being conscious of what I want to paint
18:15 Biggest challenges I see students facing with color
18:47 Getting and avoiding mud
19:30 Palette strategy vs painting strategy
21:19 Fixing mistakes
23:01 Layers of paint
23:41 How to mix vibrant colors
26:07 Setting up my palette
28:00 Looking at a reference photo
29:11 Getting comfortable in a subject
31:01 Being an intuitive painter
34:48 Giving yourself permission to paint
38:24 Looking for proof
39:54 The scariness of having a unique style
42:25 The vulnerability of liking something
44:13 Holding space

We had SO MUCH FUN…there’s even a bonus episode! You can find both at this link, just click to go!
Artist Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

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