16 Jul

Trattoria in Tuscany Journal Entry - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Before the Creative Process

Excited — Not Excited

There is something so intrinsically satisfying when one does the thing that one wants to do. The conundrum is being self-conscious enough to notice what that might be.

Take this morning for instance. I was thinking I was going to paint today, specifically in watercolors. But I couldn’t land on any one thing that I felt excited to paint.

I paused and considered that I was struggling to find anything exciting enough to paint.

And I thought if I’m not excited about anything enough to paint it, what AM I excited about?

And you know what popped in my head?


Writing. Just the mere thought thrilled me.

My mind kind of exploded a bit with all the possibilities and un-nailed-down thoughts running loose in my head.

So the watercolor painting shared here is from a different day. One when I thought I would write, but things just weren’t coming together. Instead, I found myself excited to select one thing to paint out of ALL the possibilities.

The moral of my story that might ring a proverbial bell with you is this. When you feel uninspired and plain ole ‘flat lining’ on the excitement scale, do this:

Stop the struggle.

Ask yourself where your excitement is embodied today, where your thrill is residing.

Listen to what comes up for you.

Proceed to the joy of following your flow.

Let me know how it goes!


 Trattoria in Tuscany Journal Entry - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Trattoria in Tuscany Journal Entry

P.S. The little piece shown here is from my personal watercolor journal. I swear, I think I could live out a life in Tuscany just painting these little treasures. So sublime, so simple…I can picture us having a Spritz at this Trattoria, planning what to do on the morrow.
Remember….dreaming is good and doesn’t cost a dime 😉 !!

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  1. Roseanne

    The message in this post is so welcomed. Should lower my frustration levels moving forward. Thanks for the tip.

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