22 Nov

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Before the Creative Process

Finding Our Why

There have been many things written and spoken about the ‘why‘.
The why behind what we are doing or wishing to do.
That thing that we can’t see but we know is the engine that drives our dreams and visions.

The ‘why’ IS the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires us.

With each new project, opportunity, or fork in the road, ‘whys’ tend to arise in our lives.
They are good to ask and good to get clear on (see Why the Why Matters.)

Joy comes when our work is in alignment with our ‘why’.

So how do we arrive at knowing our ‘why’?
How do we uncover it?
Well, here’s the cool thing. We thankfully don’t have to go searching outside ourselves for some lofty purpose.
Our ‘why’ is already with us. It’s been wooing us all along, every day of our lives. We maybe haven’t noticed, been aware, or paid that much attention to it—but it’s been there.

Our ‘why’ appears like a thread—weaving events, places, times, and relationships together.
It has common themes of passion and joy cropping up, over and over, in things that often appear unrelated.

We can uncover our ‘why’ by asking ourselves some soul searching questions.

Things like:

What brings us joy?
When we’re so excited that we lose track of time, what activities are we indulging in?
What kind of work would we do for free because we love it so much?
What does a perfect day in our world look like?

Let us look for moments in life when feelings of contentment, fulfillment, and joy are present. Then ask why.
Why did we feel joy at that moment, with those people, doing that particular thing?
With every answer given, ask why again. Dig deep into the layers for the answers that feel true to the heart. Our answered questions start bringing our ‘why’ into view.

When we look at the things we love doing, both past and present, and ask why–we’ll begin to see a common answer.
The telling clues to our purpose are hiding in plain view—in the things we love to do.

And once we’ve realized our ‘why’ it becomes a guiding force for our good.
With each new idea and project—we can check to see if it’s in alignment with our ‘why’, our purpose.

Because we know…

The ‘why’ is where ‘can do’ lives.
It’s where ‘stamina’ hangs out.
It’s where ‘determination’ eats.
It’s where ‘I will keep going until I figure out a way’ plays.
It’s where joy dances.
It’s where passion thrives.
It’s where love lives.

Our ‘why’ is our own powerful north star.
Hiding in plain view, just waiting for us to uncover it’s power!

Gratitude Giveaway:

It’s one of my favorite things to do. Give away goodies in appreciation of each and every one of you!
First, a big congratulations to the 3 Winners of 3 of my favorite art books—Ruth B., Gloria C., and Graceann)!

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To get your name in the hat leave a comment on this post about something you’re so grateful for and then enter in the box below!

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A favorite spot in the south of France-DreamaPerry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

A favorite spot in the south of France

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Yvonne

    I always love after Christmas visits with Dreama.
    This time of the year is my “filling the well time!”
    I love you and Ron and hope to see you in class soon!!
    Have a great New Year!
    Yvonne Snead

  2. I am thankful for time and space to paint, friends to paint with, and the beauty all around.

  3. Judith foster

    Why ones why matters-
    It is the reason behind why one enjoys painting- the satisfaction of learning, achievement and the joy one feels from creating.

  4. Marsha

    I’m grateful for my stubbornness, willingness, and determination not to give up, especially on the things that matter the most. Reading your posts helps remind me and provides me support. Thanks Dreama!

  5. I will be eternally grateful for the month I just spent in France and the two week Artist in Residency where I followed my WHY and painted every day, took walks in the countryside and ate the most delicious food. Oh and it was in a Chateau!!! Pinch me🥰

  6. Lauri Thomasson

    I am still discovering my why. Being creative whether baking, painting or sewing makes me lose track of time.

  7. julie Teclaw

    I’m so grateful for my God given artistic talent.

  8. margi fisher

    I am thankful for the support of my family and friends in my artistic pursuits!

  9. Robin Stiles

    I like to wear old school wrist sweat bands when I do plein air watercolor fast easy way to blot brushes!

  10. Barbara Somerville

    My husband who has encourage me to pick up a paint brush and create!

  11. Trinka Taylor

    I am so grateful to have turned 70!
    I am the first female on both sides of my family to have made it out of my 60’s. I asked the Lord to please let me break out of my 60’s and give my daughter and granddaughter hope that if they walk by Faith their hopes and dreams came come true too!!!
    BTW…I love your work and such encouraging inspiration.
    I am a new beginner of one year with painting. It was on my bucket list and I am Loving 🥰 the joy of my journey.

  12. Joy London

    Me, well I’m grateful for finding you DREAMA in the first place, then becoming a Dreamette and in my heart staying a Dreamette as well as continue being a Dreamette!!
    And to cap it all, today, my INTERNATIONAL ARTIST Magazine arrived and as I opened it it opened at the very page that DREAMA Tolle Perry was showing her Vibrant Expressions over 4 pages!! How lucky am i and grateful too! Yeah!!
    Oh, and I’m grateful that I’m winging it back to Postcards From Paris real soon too … I’ve missed being there but I’ve moved home!

  13. Ingrid m.

    I am so grateful for all the beauty in the world – be it wonderful art to look at, nature – or the people in my life who give me joy. My kids and grandkids, my wonderful husband of 40 years, friends who are so giving of themselves,

  14. The why for what we do is a great topic! Definitely something to ponder.
    I am grateful for the opportunity to explore art and paint full time! Every day is an adventure. 😀

  15. I’m grateful for my wonderful family and friends who stick by me through the seasons of life, and for the gift of creativity. Also grateful for Dreama and her beautiful art and words of encouragement that always seem to show up right when I need them. Thanks, Dreama!

  16. Antionette

    I am grateful that we have four different seasons, for in every season there is beauty. And even more for the seasons in our life…. for being in the autumn and loving it. Now I have time for indulging in the creativity that I have been craving all my life…. and for a wonderful husband who motivates me daily!

  17. Sharon Beaver

    I’m thankful for “seeing” all the wonders around me, i.e. the veins in a leaf, the color of a September sky, the pattern in a pinecone. I’m so blessed to know how to “see”.

  18. Ginny Good

    I’m so grateful that my daughter is coming home from China for Thanksgiving and my family will all be together for Christmas 🎄

  19. Danah Moore

    I am so thankful that I belong to Jesus who empowers me , even at age 79, to continue to be interested, involved, and active in living a full life! I am thankful that He gave me an ongoing interest to pursue my “creative urges” and evolve in artistic learning experiences.

  20. I am so very grateful for Dreama’s emails which give lovely insight into the “art of living”.

  21. Cindy

    I’m so grateful that I’m on the road to better health (and finally more painting!!!!)

  22. I’m grateful for all your beautiful words, Dreama! Thank you for using your talents to bless the world! You are an inspiration!

  23. Thank you Dreama for the art give away of books. I never win anything so you could have knocked me down with a feather to find out I won! I’m so grateful for you’re having such an inspiring BLOG and helping to keep our artist minds healthy when we slip into self doubt!

  24. My thread starts with horses. I loved them as a little girl and still love them. Another thread is color- visiting begonia gardens with my mother as a child. Purples, reds, oranges, violets….. sound familiar?

  25. I’m so grateful for the opportunity in my life learn again, to get engaged, to create and thrive. There are so many, who are struggling to just survive, to just feed themselves and their children, to live with debilitating pain or abuse, who have no hope of fulfilling their dreams. I guess it sounds incredibly sad, but it’s also important to acknowledge it exists in our world and if we can find a way to help, we should. Thank you for bringing joy to so many Dreama!

  26. Debra

    I’m grateful for so many things but, lately, I’m most grateful for the relationships that I have with my grandchildren. They are all a blessing!

  27. I am grateful for every morning I get to spend in my little red chair in front of my fireplace with Noel, my kitty, curled up in her bed.

  28. Ann

    I’m grateful for your inspirational posts and gorgeous paintings ~ 🙂

  29. Barbara nelson

    Dreama, you’ve opened up a whole new world to me. Thank you

  30. Kristin Colvin

    Love the joy and freedom of painting!
    Feeling so thankful and inspired by the France oil course! 🙂

  31. Lynn

    I am grateful for my new little art studio in the works. Its a big piece of my WHY materializing now.

  32. Jane Armstrong

    I am grateful for you, Dreama, because you showed me how to embrace my love of vibrant color. Since I have been using your techniques in my pet portraits, so many people have said they recognize my style. I always wondered how one finds a style, and now I know for me, it is painting what I love with deep, rich, vibrant color! Thank you Dreama!!

  33. Thank you Dreama for all your tips and beautiful colors. I am so thankful to have time to paint, meet new people and share my art with others.

  34. Kris

    I’m thankful I took your Once Upon a Time in Provence course. While I didn’t end up looser or with a Dreama style (sigh), I did find my own story and means of expression.

  35. Shirley

    Caring people!

  36. Ann Sherley

    I’m grateful for people who have come into my life whose words touch my heart and my soul, not just my ears.

  37. Cathy H.

    I’m thankful for family, who encourages whatever creative endeavor I take on. ❤

  38. Maribeth Jagger

    I always love reading your emails. They are so thought provoking. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Have a wonderful week.

  39. lura Gee

    I’m forever thankful for you, Dreama, and all I’ve learned from you! Also incredibly thankful for all the Dreamettes I’ve connected with and gotten to know!

  40. Brenda

    I am so thankful for having resources to purchase art supplies that I need or want.

  41. It just keeps coming back to gratefulness doesn’t it? I’m grateful for all of the paint manufacturers that create all of our beautiful colors that are so easily accessed. I’m so grateful that it isn’t necessary for me to grind the pigments and make my own paint as was necessary for the old masters and their apprentices. I just pick up a tube and I’m on my way!

  42. I am so grateful that I have my space to go to where I am surrounded by the things and art that give me joy. My safe space.
    My grateful list is long!

  43. Lisa Z.

    I am grateful for all the colors in nature and for my eyes to see them. I don’t ever want to take that for granted!

  44. Janet Lushbaugh

    I have taken every online course that you’ve offered, Dreama, and each one has taught me so much!, I’ve had to retire early to be a caregiver for my husband who has Alzheimer’s disease. It’s tough, but I get to escape into a wonderland when I paint . He gets pleasure also from my paintings. Often I reference places he remembers or has photographed. A lot of my “why” is sharing the creating with him.

  45. I am so thankful for my health, friends and activities.
    Also, I am so thankful for people like you. You are a joy and breath of fresh air 😊
    You are a very sharing and caring person. I love to read your messages.

  46. Angela Finney

    I am grateful great friends with whom I can share my innermost thoughts and feelings and cimevaway feeling fully accepted.

  47. Meg Barry

    My “why” for walking, reading, and painting is that I stretch my mind and seem to meditate while doing so. I grateful that in all these activities I become calm and quiet — and aware.

  48. Shannon Shreeve

    I’m grateful that I had a successful back surgery four weeks ago that is already giving me back my mobility – which allows me to move and enjoy doing the things that bring me joy. Pain is an enemy that zaps joy from so many and I’m so very grateful that I’ve been blessed with a surgeon who believes I giving his patients the opportunity to live a life pursuing and enjoying their “ why”. My “ why” and passion is expressing myself through photography and painting – and I know have a new opportunity to do both without the limitations of the back pain that had me only taking care of basic needs. I’m also grateful for your courses as they are the stepping stones to determining who I am and the decisions I’ll make about my life going forward. Happy Thanksgiving Dreama.

  49. Gayle

    Grateful to be able to see through an artist’s eyes. The world changed when I was able to do that.

  50. I could so totally relate to everything you expressed so beautifully! I cannot remember a time I wasn’t drawing & my first art related memory was as a toddler drawing into my grandmothers green velvet sofa for hours. Above that couch was leaded glass windows that acted as prisms on the Light streaming in, making rainbow colours. I remember knowing that God was there surrounding me in Light and colour!
    On a good day I still feel the “Presence” of Spirit as I loss myself in Art once again !💖💕

  51. I am so grateful that my adult children are doing conscious parenting. My grandchildren are blessed by their parents’ example and loving guidance. Kindness begins at home.

  52. Mary Karr

    This morning I am thankful for the starry sky and that God loves us so.

  53. I am thankful that I have to opportunity to learn and grow in my desire to create and paint through the inspiration of artists such as Dreama and through my faith, that I finally found my retirement path.

  54. Gail morris

    I am exceedingly grateful for Time, Encouragement, Support from hubby, in order to find my Bliss….creating art. ❤️

  55. I’m grateful everyday for the unconditional love of my two dogs, who greet me every morning at the foot of the stairs, reminding me that my presence is all that matters to them!

  56. I am going to use your method to plan my days going forward as I recognize that when I don’t question things but are sure of my decision, that is a clue I am following my ‘why.’

  57. marti

    I am so grateful for the opportunities to explore the beauties and wonders of nature with all its idiosyncrasies and surprises, and then to interpret these discoveries in ways that will hopefully bring joy to others.

  58. Barbara S

    I feel so grateful that my little grandson no longer has to have infusions. I feel grateful for loving family and incredible friends. I am grateful for the God-given breath in my lungs- for life!

  59. Betty crenshaw

    I’m grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ! I have experienced uncountable blessings because of it.

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