15 Oct

Lunch at the Winery - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

Before the Creative Process

We ain’t seen nothin’…YET

There is a three-letter word I love.
Crammed full of possibility, hope, and dreams

Able to reframe a dead-end thought in one fell swoop.
The ‘just add water’ of any recipe.

Capable of taking any self-defeating thought—
I’m not creative
I’m not very good at this
I don’t have enough energy
I don’t have enough resources
I don’t have a true artist’s eye

And turning it into hope and possibility—

I’m not creative…YET.
I’m not very good at this…YET.
I don’t have enough energy…YET.
I don’t have enough resources…YET.
I don’t have a true artist’s eye…YET.
I’m not the artist I want to be…YET.

Yet says we can do it.
Yet says we are capable.
Yet says it’s coming.

Just because something hasn’t happened
And it seems delayed or not in step with how we expected it to arrive
Or it hasn’t transpired the way we’ve seen it happen for someone else
YET changes the view.
One little three-letter word makes anything possible.

We are all works in progress. We aren’t yet what we will be.
yĕt [adverb]
At this time; for the present.
Up to a specified time; thus far.
At a future time; eventually.

One of the most beautiful words I know of.

‘The best is yet to come and won’t that be fine.’
~Frank Sinatra

Lunch at the Winery - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

‘Lunch at the Winery’, Watercolor Journal Entry

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  1. Beautiful, Dreama! A sunbeam breaking through the darkness. Thank you!

  2. Julie

    Thank you ! I really needed to read this today, not only for my art but my health journey.

  3. Peggy

    That was lovely. I’d like to take an online class sometime! Thank you, Peggy

  4. Jan Koss

    Dreams there is another meaningful 3 letter work. JOY That describes what I feel when I read the many Wonderful emails you share. I am doing a different subject now in my painting, but I still enjoy and look forward to emails from Dreams. God bless and thank you so much


    Truth. Always leave room for hope. This YET can be inserted in every aspect of life.

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