22 Oct

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I decided

not to get old before my time
(I’m thinking there are better things to do)

to reel my errant thoughts in, time and again, back to what is true
(a daily/hourly/minute by minute task so it seems)

to go slow and be grateful
(ever learning on the ‘slow’ part)

to assume that I don’t know what another soul is experiencing
(how on earth could I?)

to let go
to let it be
to Be

I decided

to put my faith in the good
to delight in the fountain trickle, the lavender fragrant, the loving embrace

I decided

that life was beautiful after all

that even after pain, loss, fear, and shame
there existed still
beauty enough to overwhelm a thousand lifetimes

I decided

it was good to be just me
that what ‘perfect’ actually looks like in life was very different than I had supposed

I decided

to smile more
that perhaps the secret to a well-lived life might be in loving who I am

I decided

for however long I’m here
to fully embrace
every inch
of this remarkable experience
(which means free-falling into life from someone who has spent a inordinate amount of time gripping the steering wheel)

I decided

to love with all I’ve got

I decided.

Note—Just so we’re clear, I have NOT perfected doing/being the aforementioned things. I am as they say about art—a work in progress—but I HAVE decided!

The Heart Knows - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com/

The Heart Knows, Oil – 12 x 24, oil on canvas

So now I am wondering what have you decided so far? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Mom

    I decided I will do it. I may have to go slower but I will get there

  2. Sheryl garcia

    To live life to the fullest to put God first. To cherish each day. To spend time with and enjoy my family and dear friends. To avoid toxic relationships. And toxic people . I’m in the fourth quarter of my life . If not now ……..when ?!?!!!

  3. Carlene Obrien

    Thank you, Dreama, for your wonderful thoughts. I too, am a work in progress. Being in my 70’s is a little scary. I need to make each day count, and to tell those that are close to me how much they mean to me. I do that in part by sharing my paintings, but I must remember that words are important too. I love your reminder “…to put my faith in the good…”

    May peace and love be yours,


  4. Laine Discepoli

    Thanks Dreama! – Perfect words for a Sunday morning when I was wallowing a bit. A great reminder for what I usually believe in!

    Heading into my studio now….😉

  5. jan

    I simply love this poem….not sure you intended it to be a poem….that’s what it is. Beautifully said, meaningful and powerful. Thanking you for blessing me with these words today…and I thought I was just being blessing by your talented painting gifts when I signed up for Flow Membership. Doubly blessed today. Again Thank you. Jan

  6. Doris Lees

    I have decided.To embrace the moment,cherish the friendships and memories. I have seen more birthdays than my grandma,said goodbye to a child too soon. Watched his face recreated in his beautiful grandchildren. The beautiful circle of life. I will dance,paint, sing and cry. But most of all I will LOVE!

  7. Carol Betker

    I decided to be a hugger too and to embrace truth, ….truth will stand, when all else falls away, so there is great peace in that

  8. Jan Tilker

    I’ve decided that I love your writing as much as your painting dear Dreama💟. “Beauty enough to overwhelm a thousand times”! My husband, Jim passed just two weeks ago and I’m still reeling but this lovely thought gives me pause to “Be still and know” that this is still a most amazing world of beauty and wonder! I am so thankful and blessed to be here and connected to you for years now and hopefully more to come❤️🙏. Thank you❣

  9. Bev S

    Good Morning Dreama,
    What beautiful words, I need to read that 100 times….I always think that I should be doing something (having to do with working around the house) there is always things that need to be done wether it’s cleaning or sorting stuff and I mean stuff to get rid of… I’m in MI. So the winter we’re inside most of the time. SOOOO this winter I’m to remember your words and try to live by them. Thank you so much for giving me permission.. 😘😘😘

  10. Kitty McGee

    I’ve decided to let go of things I can’t change, to pursue things that give me joy. To try to spread as much joy as I can.
    Keep a smile ready to use when ever I am alone or around people.

  11. Amy Ackley

    A few years ago, I was painting the walls in my new home. The paint wasn’t adhering well and was sliding down. I took my roller and just schmooshed it on, and thought, “good enough”. My mom was a perfectionist and would have been appalled! It was then that I declared myself a “good-enoughist”- it’s happier(for me)!

  12. Julie diehl

    You always know how to get to me Dreama! This is such a beautiful blog post. Perhaps in my case I need to use social media less and embrace the moment more w a smile on my face🥰

    Love you lady!

  13. Patricia Nance

    This is great food for thought!
    Thank you for sharing!

  14. LH

    “freefalling into life after a century of gripping the steering wheel” really resonates. It is a happy thought. Thanks.

  15. Terry

    I’ve decided to love this day. Not look behind me or where I’m going. Just right here, right now. I’ve decided to be five years old again and approach the day with all the wonder and adventures it will bring me.

  16. Beverly cyrus

    I feel the same way love what we have and enjoy it live ya bev

  17. Pain, loss, fear and shame. Profound, Dreama. We all live with it, do we let it weigh us down or choose joy? It’s definitely easier sometimes to lean into the weariness but I totally agree we must always try in small and big ways to be happy. That’s why we’re here!

  18. Don Andersen

    Thank you for meaningful thoughts that help make everything brighter and meaningful.

  19. I decided
    First thing this morning
    With coffee
    To read your blog

    I had decided earlier
    to ponder how to live the winter of my life
    I had decided to accept the winter
    But mostly I have not accepted
    nor understood
    what is on the cusp of my life.
    Sadly I am concerned

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      And what if what is on the cusp is something absolutely beautiful? Love you Carol and love thinking about the marvelous times we had in France😘

  20. Wendy

    What a lovely poem/statement .
    I’ll try to decide those things too.

  21. Marcia

    I love your paintings but this- “I Decided” is a wonderful piece of work. You captured the entire essence of what is important not only in regard to making art but to making life. Thank you for this!!!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      So glad you found it meaningful Marcia!😊❤️

  22. Carol

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words!

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