Wanderlust – postcards from the road.

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Fresh cool breezes from the Mediterranean…

Feel the cool blue breeze like a breath of fresh air coming in from the Mediterranean, all for you in this letter

A place where sea and sky and soul meet for refreshment.
 Bring your drink, a favorite book and maybe your journal. 
Let yourself breathe into this space.

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A story about you in Paris…

‘A snapshot of you in Paris. Musings and watercolor stories coming to life in the journal you hold. Maybe a bit nostalgic, thinking of a young Hemingway writing away in the cafe you now sit, munching on your pastry and café. You sweep the hair back off your brow and begin tracing the lines of…

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What’s Belief Got to Do With It?

Perhaps the biggest thing that has stood in my way is my own belief that I was less…

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Those 3 magic words…

The book was called ‘How Art Can Make You Happy’. It had three little words stamped in gold on it’s bright yellow back…

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One True Thing

Paint one true thing.  The truest thing you know. And it will go on from there 🙂

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Paris…moments and thoughts from my most recent 30 days there. A must read!

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A Day in Paris

Just one day in Paris floods the mind and your senses with…with…well, as Hemingway said, each one finds their own Paris–and perhaps that is the magic!

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One line following upon another…without a plan!

30 days in Paris
What would you do?

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The Fragrance of France

France is the kind of place that envelopes you and surrounds you in a luscious manner—just like a favorite scent….a place of timeless romance that touches chords in us that we didn’t even know existed—-until we breathed into it!

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California Dreama on a Mission and a Giveaway

Heading out in search of a piece of peace 🙂 and a GIVEAWAY for you!!