Wanderlust – postcards from the road.

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“Cartolina #1”

“Gelato Time” Cartolina #1 It seemed an obvious selection for my first watercolor postcard:)) I felt in order to do my best work, total immersion in my subject was necessary. Cioccolato (chocolate) gelato = immersion With ten days to go, we are just getting rolling:))  The winner’s name is at the end of this post, but…

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I am so excited to have you along on the trip with me! Lord knows I need help navigating the road signs from Florence to Panzano!! You have a whole 4 seconds to pull the correct one out of the hat…think, THINK man– I’m getting some hand signs from the drivers behind me that well…….like…

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“Postcards from France- No.6 and No.7”

“Courtyard Corner, France” Carte Postale No. 6 “Cabrerets, France” Carte Postale # 7 What an amazing week this has been. Your letters, comments and pure joy in the beauty that is France has been part of the inspiring journey:))) I am blessed to have you in my life!! No sorrow today on leaving the Le…

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“Postcards from France No. 4 and No.5”

“Le French Window” Carte Postale #4 “Courtyard at Le Vieux Couvent” Carte Postale #5 Twice the fun!! Winner of the #4 Original Watercolor Post Card is Roseanne Campagna!! Winner of the #5 Original Watercolor Post Card is Vicki Morgan!! Congrats all around!!  Please email me your snail mail address ASAP so I can post your…

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“Carte Postale #3”

“Window View, France” Carte Postale #3 A little bit of paint, a postcard size piece of watercolor paper and what do you know….a girl can have even more fun while in France:)!! Tomorrow, I am giving away two original watercolor postcards to be mailed from France:)) Two winners:))))–all you gotta do is leave a comment…

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“Carte Postale #2”

“Window at Le Vieux Couvent, France” Carte Postale #2 I am having so much fun doing the post cards–today’s trip into a nearby town yielded an art supply store with a few new cubes of watercolor to add to my travel box:)) My intentions are to mail out a week’s worth of postcards, with a…

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“Carte Postale #1”

“Cafe 1883, Rocamadour, France” Carte Postale #1 And the winner is….. It has added an extra layer of glow to know that I can spread the joy that is France by mailing a few of my original watercolor postcards (carte postale in French)!! I will be selecting a winner each day while I am here…

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“Postcards from France”

Even the rust is beautiful in France:)) And evening meals become a work of art:)) So many things to be inspired by….yesterday I did a watercolor sketch that I liked pretty well. Cocoa, however, said he found it to be a real snoozer. Cocoa seems to find a lot of things to snooze about, so…

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“You Had Me At Hello! Day 1 in France “

The door one enters when arriving at your destination in Le Vieux Couvent, Freyssinet. Set way out in the countryside, there is a peacefulness and quietness that envelopes you as soon as you enter the gate.  A slice of fresh lemon cake, ice water laced with lemons, and hot tea are waiting in the courtyard. And…