18 Jun


“Postcards from France”

Saved you a chair today so you could take it all in 🙂

Even the rust is beautiful in France:))
And evening meals become a work of art:))
So many things to be inspired by….yesterday I did a watercolor sketch that I liked pretty well.
Cocoa, however, said he found it to be a real snoozer.
Cocoa seems to find a lot of things to snooze about, so I have decided to disregard his opinion.
This afternoon I did a watercolor of a house I thought you and I might rent for a bit.
It was called the chateau de la something or ‘nother and it seemed to have enough room for us to spread out in;)))
I have no idea how this photo of some French guy making a crepe filled with nutella and bananas turned up in my photos.
No idea at all……

I want to send some watercolor postcards from France to my friends:))  I wish I could do one for each of you, but then I would have no time to eat things like the…er….well, I probably should own up to the crepe thing, but we’ll save that story for another day.

Just leave a comment or email, send a carrier pigeon or contact Eddie to get your name in the proverbial hat.  I will post the winners here on my blog:))  It’s my way of bringing a bit of France to you:))))
Besides, I’ve already eaten all of the chocolate walnuts I intended to share with you.
You know I can’t be trusted with chocolate….:)
Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. NLK

    Brand new to your blog, and am enjoying it immensely! Love your watercolors! Would LOVE to receive one of your postcards! Enjoy the rest of your visit in France!!

  2. I WANT IT!!!!! (can you send some of those delicious little cookies too? 😉

  3. So glad you are enjoying France. Thank you for sharing your travels.

  4. love your water color sketch! Looks like you’re having a great time and I’d keep that crepe thing under my hat until a subpoena arrives. I won’t tell you know who about Cocoa! Pick Me! Pick ME! PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Dreama, you are making me SO JEALOUS! I can see that you’re having a wonderful time! Please enter me in your postcard drawing! I would LOVE to win one of these! Happy painting!

  6. I am fairly new to your blog and just LOVE your interpretation of life! Just gorgeous 🙂 please put my name in your beret!!!

  7. Dreama, I love your work and so happy you are able ti be there. I check everyday for your posts and would love one of your post cards.

  8. Oh, Wow! How can I get picked…maybe by telling you that I was born in Kentucky and dream of France! I am seeing it through your eyes and paintings. I am always amazed by all you accomplish..you are very inspiring!

  9. Wish I were there! but enjoying pretending thru your blog posts. What a beautiful place and I can only imagine the paintings to come out of this trip! Have a blast!!!

  10. Oh, please drop my name into your hat! I love your watercolors, I love your oil paintings, I love your blog and stories about Eddie.

    You are a delight!

  11. Sharon

    I am traveling through your watercolors. What a beautiful way to start my day. I am hoping my name comes out of the hat. I sent a secret message to Eddy for his help. It is hard to bribe a cat, but I tried! Enjoy every minute. As for Cocoa she knows nothing about fine art.

  12. Gail

    You have made my morning and started my day with a smile. But that’s the case whenever I open my mail and see a post from you. I loved seeing your watercolor sketches, they are wonderful inspiration for me today in my watercolor class! Was wondering if Eddy had anything to say about mademoiselle Coco?

  13. NeeNee

    Eddie, please tell your momma to send a postcard to me. I especially love the photo of the flowers and door with the rusty hinge (hint, hint!). Dreama, love the photos and your descriptions of how beautiful everything is.

  14. Thank you for sharing. I would go to France or Italy with you anytime. Let’s start planning that painting trip! Hugs. Enjoy.

  15. Love your trip journal Dreama! THanks for sharing….

  16. Ahh! We were there in December and it is dreamy. Soak it up and enjoy every minute. Beautiful watercolours!

  17. Love,love, love the watercolor journals! Makes me feel like I’m in France

  18. No need to go through the pain of confessing to the crepe thing – we knew :))) (Key lime pie, candy bars, donuts, cookies……. :))))))) And we’re all right there with ya – looks scrumptious!!! Love the watercolors – inspiring!

  19. You make me feel like I’m there! Looking forward to each new post.
    I am so glad you are so good at sharing your joy, Dreama.

  20. Enjoy France! Soak it all in and let yourself be inspired…

  21. All these posts are such a delight!! and honestly making me long for another trip! Where’s those suit-cases?! Until I dig them out- I’m enjoying everyday of YOUR journey!! 😀

  22. June

    Another day in paradise…or something very, very close to being paradise. I’m delighted you’re having such a great time, and truly enjoying all that France and French culture, the French countryside and of course, French cuisine (chocolate, coffee, croissants, baguettes, more chocolates, more croissants, more baguetees et fromage…oh, yes…and the banana and nutella crepes, as well…mmmmmmm…nutella creptes) that is so magnifique!

    Tell little Cocoa he has no discerning taste at all – the watercolour you did is lovely, regardless of his opinion (he is adorable, though) – both of the paintings are, as all of the ones to come will be, as well. All those colours, all that sunshine, all that joy that is France.

    Enjoy the rest of your idyllic dream holiday, Dreama. And have another crepe for me – with lots of Nutella and bananas…oh! and some gorgeous coffee and dark, rich, luscious chocolates to go with that. Mmmmmm…..chocolates….

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