16 Jun


“You Had Me At Hello! Day 1 in France “

The romance in France has begun–and you can see why!

The door one enters when arriving at your destination in Le Vieux Couvent, Freyssinet.

Set way out in the countryside, there is a peacefulness and quietness that envelopes you as soon as you enter the gate.  A slice of fresh lemon cake, ice water laced with lemons, and hot tea are waiting in the courtyard.
And the smell!!! So many scents in the air from a myriad of blooming things that it’s difficult to know where it’s coming from.


Meet Cocoa…the French Cat:)))


And the view from my room…

Just wanted to give you a glimpse into this magical place.  It is way late here and tomorrow awaits!  I haven’t slept in a bed since Friday night, but it doesn’t feel that way.  So much beauty has a way of breathing life into the most weary traveler:)))))

P.S.  If it weren’t so doggone late I would tell you what we had for supper and where we walked to afterwards, however I must get to bed…..suffice it to say that the dessert was a ripe peach stuffed with homemade peach ice cream……good thing I took a walk;)))

I so wish you were here to share in this with me.  Now that would make it perfect.


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  1. Just a word for praticing your french language…Toutes ces photos sont merveilleuses …J`ai hâte de voir les résultats de tant d`inspiration…Bon voyage dans le pays de mes origines…Andrée Casaubon “ton sosie” (youth photogragh with your sister) Enjoy every moment of it! Bisous to Cocoa also!

  2. This is so very wonderful – when you go to start your list of those wanting to attend your workshop over there next year – put me on the list! I can be packed in no time!

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