20 Jun


“Carte Postale #2”

“Window at Le Vieux Couvent, France”
Carte Postale #2
I am having so much fun doing the post cards–today’s trip into a nearby town yielded an art supply store with a few new cubes of watercolor to add to my travel box:))
My intentions are to mail out a week’s worth of postcards, with a drawing each day from comments that day.  If I have time to squeeze in a few more then I will do so…but no promises–I have a lot to eat er I mean do before I leave:))
Today I found some beautiful lavender envelopes  to tuck the postcards inside for mailing.  I am announcing the winners each day here on my blog—so if you see your name, email me ASAP with your snail mail address so I can get your postcard out to you!

The winner for Carte Postale #2 is……

Bruce Bingham!  Big smiles for you Bruce:)!!  And thanks to each of you for hanging out with me in France:))
I have another postcard to love ready to post on the morrow:))))  Just leave a comment, send an email, have your people call Eddie’s people, etc to get your name in the beret:))))!
Small priorities

Sometimes the smallest thing becomes the biggest priority.

Today I noticed my petite bedside bouquet was faded and decided that the most important thing to do at the moment was to go in search of new flowers.  The “big” pink flowers are JASMINE!  The other flowers are smaller than my pinkie nail… funny how the smallest things can often times give the greatest pleasure:)!
Today was market day.
What’s not to love about an open air market…in France!  (I saw you over there, hiding and snorkeling down all those fresh olives stuffed with garlic;))
Fresh flowers!!

Look how cute— all the herbs lined up in their own little baskets with hand written signs:))

Just when you think your heart is going to burst from so much sunshine, flowers and good stuff–you look up and see roses going to the heavens!
These hand made roses were suspended in a courtyard outside just outside the art store (the same one where I  purchased the lavender envelopes:)))
Aren’t they beautiful!!!!
Just so you don’t get too confused….here are the REAL ROSES:)))
And it wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t tried out one new food today.  Check out the fruit flavored macaroons (meringue cookies)  Just enough for me ‘n’ you:))
I won’t tell if you won’t.
What happens in France stays in France.
If you are having some fun on the trip–you can bring along a friend….I am not saying I will share the macaroons with them, but they can get their name in the drawing for the postcard and look at the pictures;))
Just forward this post along to your very best friend today:))
Big Hugs from France!!

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. What a great ideas and I am very happy with your ideas. Hope you are having a spectacular time, waiting for details. Love this wonderful job with your beautiful elements. What you have said in this article has deeply impressed me and wish you can write more about this subject.

  2. Dreama, I’m so jealous! Thank you for taking us along with you on this journey to France! One question I have to ask, do you speak french? Otherwise, is it difficult to communicate and get along with the locals with English?

  3. I am SO enjoying this trip to France with you!
    Would love a postcard as a remembrance. AND a lavender envelope–how perfect!

  4. Sweet Dreama! So lovely to see your pictures of France. I am planning on teaching there in 2014 at Durfort. It will be my first time and your blog is making me very excited. Would love to be the winner of one of your exquisite watercolours! xx

  5. These posts are so much fun to read. Thank you again for sharing this amazing visit to France.

  6. Thanks for sharing, wonderful photos, delightful postcards.

  7. Becky Hicks

    They are so beautiful, Dreama! Thanks for sharing!

  8. oh how I’m DREAMING of receiving a watercolor postcard from you! They are juicy! Hope you are having a spectacular time………..waiting for details for a French workshop with Dreama!
    Kathy Bunn (from your Cary workshop)

  9. Packing tip; just have Bill go to the PO & get a mailing box for you. You can mail all your dirty clothes back home to yourself plus that book you didn’t have time to read & that extra pair of shoes you didn’t need. Then you will have more room for all those treasures you picked up on Frsnce.

  10. Love your posts…postcards….pictures…
    hope you are having a wonderful time!

  11. Anonymous

    Hey, Eddie…… Can you put my name in the hat? I’d really LOVE to get a postcard 🙂
    Wendy Slone

  12. Love your posts…postcards….pictures…
    wish i was there too!

  13. Your painting of the gates at Le Vieux Couvent is lovely! Happy memories.

  14. I’m pretty sure that calories in France simply don’t count, but beautiful paintings definitely do!

  15. Okay, the postcards just keep getting better! I love them!

  16. Riana

    Seems like you have so much fun Dreama!! Thanks for sharing your experience – love it!! Happy Painting and a big hug from South Africa xxxx

  17. I love the inspiring colors of the macaroons!
    I live in Paris, Texas. I’m glad to meet another Parisian, even if we don’t live in the same state. 😉

  18. Gail

    YUMMMM….macaroons! I wish I was there to have some with you in one of those wonderful patios! I have all my fingers and toes crossed that you’ll pick me for your next lovely post card!

  19. Each of your photos isone or two potential paintings…. Wonderful trip for all of us. thanks for the macaroons!…. or did you give me just one???????

  20. Loved that post card today! And Yummy macaroons. You are having a ball…wish I were there!!Egretta

  21. I can’t begin to tell you how much I am enjoying the photo tour of France with you! Thank you so much for sharing this. And I LOVE the blues of France! Those shutters… so lovely.

  22. Dreama, you have kept all of us by your side with the lovely photos of a beautiful spot on earth. Your prose has made us feel so welcome and as if we are sharing the market, the garden, the FOOD along with you. I look forward each day to checking my email to see what I’m doing or have already done today. If only! Thank you!

  23. Jan

    Dreama, I don’t think I’ve ever read a blog that was filled with so much JOY!!! And color too. Love those hanging roses.

  24. Hi Dreama: Next time you go, I am DEFINITELY coming with you, so sign me up!!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us, I know how much time it takes each day to put these wonderful blog posts together.
    Have fun!!

  25. Sharon

    Eddy must have his mind somewhere else. “wake up Eddy, I so want to win a beautiful postcard!” Dreama thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I just love all the colors, especially the French blue.

  26. Le Sigh, the posts just keep getting better! I am loving seeing your trip like this. It definitely makes me want to be there too!

  27. Valerie McMullen

    What a lovely trip and the photos are fabulous! Wish I was there but the pictures will do! Enjoy your time!

  28. So thrilled for you to be in the most dreamy place for a painter! I LOVE the window painting! You will have SO much material to paint! Glad you are having a wonderful time… 🙂

  29. So glad I clicked on your photo on Dailypaintworks! What fun! I love your watercolor postcards, such a great idea!

  30. Sue

    Rose petals falling from the skies, doors painted in blue hues, sunshine kissing every corner….and lavender envelopes to transport such beautiful watercolors!!!!Sounds like paradise!!!!

  31. I’m enjoying our France trip. The food is delicious.

  32. FCP

    MERCI for sharing the beauty of your trip with us, Dreama! Those suspended roses are the BEST. Leave it to the French to come up with something that beautiful and clever – must be all those carbs in the crepes, croissants and macaroons. Or is it simply le vin?
    KY hugs to you!

  33. I am sooooo jealous! Someday, maybe I will get to walk in your footsteps! Gabriel wants to tell Eddie Bill that he has been posing and hopes he is too!

  34. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. Thanks

  35. I really love following along with you on your trip Dreama. 🙂 I’ve never been to Paris before, never even been to Europe actually so this is especially fun. I feel like I’m right there with you. I would love a chance to win one of your post cards. Please put my name in the beret!

  36. Thank you for posting your paintings and pictures of your trip to France! Just love reading about all the sites! Please put my name in the beret!!!! Have another wonderful day! Thanks so much!!!Carol Miller

  37. Katherine

    Thank you for sharing each day of your fabulous trip with us! It is so much fun reading your blog! Please put my name in the “beret”! Have a glorious day!

  38. I love reading your emails/posts–they’re so full of life and fun. Thank you for sharing part of your trip with us. Oh, and I love your work!!

  39. Dreama, We recently returned from a trip to the south of France and we ate those macaroons too! I’m reliving our trip through your blog–didn’t you LOVE market day? Enjoy, enjoy, your time in France–it’s so beautiful. Your talent in writing is well matched with your talent in painting–I look forward to the words as much as the painting. THANKS!

  40. Dreama, what great photos and commentary of your trip! It’s fun reading about what you are doing and seeing.

  41. Myrtle

    Congratulations Bruce!
    Oh Dreama, what a wonderfully divine eye you have!
    Thank you again for sharing your lovely photos and inspirations!

  42. Oh, I am loving France and Loving your trip! It is so fun to see through your eyes! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  43. Love all your finds, Dreama, but those little handlettered signs are the best…and my garden needs a little Frenchifying, so I’m going to translate all the veggie names into French and then get busy with a nice skinny brush…in my spare time {{insert laugh track here}}

  44. What a great trip!!! It’s fun to get in on it vicariously and see it all through your eyes. Please add my name to the beret… I want to do the happy dance, too! 🙂 Safe travels.

  45. OMG!!!! I won, I won, I won!!!!!!! not to rub it in or anything but I WON!!!!! I’m soooo excited- because I WON!!! happy dance, happy dance, happy dance! hahahahaha lucky me
    yippie yippie!!!

  46. Hanging Roses! Only in a place that worships beauty! I can’t believe how colorful everything is there.

  47. Your photos of France are magical Dreama, they make me feel like I’m there with you! Wonderful feelings to go along with the photos, I love it all!

  48. Dreama, I’m in today. Drop that little name into your cute beret!

    Having a lovely time visiting your blog 🙂

  49. OOH OOH OOH watercolor postcards!!! I’m so tickled to see these! I am so blown away by the colors in your oil paintings, so I’ve wondered so many times how you would approach watercolors now…how your love of color would translate! I’ve seen some of your older watercolors on your web site, but these current postcards are the answer to what I’ve been wondering! Would love to see one in person! Am enjoying the visit to France and imagining myself there, too. Keep the photos coming! Merci! RoseAnn

  50. Those hanging handmade roses look like a true Dreama concept! So glad all this is bathe in sunshine for you!

  51. It is so fun revisiting France through my favorite artist’s eyes and paintings! Thank you.

  52. It’s been raining so hard the last few weeks here in Wa. State your posts have been my hi point:). thanks for sharing, I love it!

  53. Lyn

    I just love the little herb baskets! I can’t wait to see some of the paintings that come from these photos!

  54. What a great idea…everyone wants your postcards! You probably should make a set of notecards of your images so we can buy them!

  55. Oh I have my fingers crossed that I get picked! I am saving every penny from my painting money and purses that I make to go to the Dordogne area next May. it’s such a dream of mine. Planning on a week in Sarlat and a week in Beynac and a LOT of walking ALL over!!! I hope it happens! I even did illustrations for a children’s book of Rocamadour, which unfortunately fell through, but I still have the drawings! Loving reading your blog.

  56. Anonymous

    I hope you will paint the roses with blue shutters. I know you will immortalize them beautifully! Thanks for taking us along.

  57. Enjoying the journey through your eyes! Love the flying roses!

  58. So much to see. So little time. I don’t think you could ever see it all. Love those w/c postcards!

  59. Anonymous

    I hope my name is in the hat!!! Looks like you’re having a beautiful time 🙂
    Wendy Slone

  60. Angela

    So jealous that you’re in France! And I love these watercolor postcards. I didn’t know you painted in watercolor. 🙂

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