21 Jun


“Carte Postale #3”

“Window View, France”
Carte Postale #3
A little bit of paint, a postcard size piece of watercolor paper and what do you know….a girl can have even more fun while in France:)!!
Tomorrow, I am giving away two original watercolor postcards to be mailed from France:))
Two winners:))))–all you gotta do is leave a comment on the newest blog post, have your people call Eddie’s people, email me, or send a singing telegram announcing your desire to have your name in the beret for the drawing:))  Two winners will be selected Friday night at midnight in France (or thereabouts:))

The winner of Carte Postale #3 is

……Candace Brancik!
Yeah Candice!!   Just send me you snail mail address ASAP so I can drop your original watercolor postcard in the mail while I am here in France:)))
Real French countryside is so pretty and full of quaint things
like a cow head dinner bell that makes you smile:))
And abandoned houses that can still take your breath away:))
Even the signs are pretty in France:))  I consider it a “sign” of good things to come:)))
I did look at another house for us today.  It seemed to have an inordinate amount of pots that would have to be watered.  What say you??
I thought perhaps we should just meet at the restaurant below–for a light lunch and discuss our options.
Over something pink and sweet of course:))
Pink seems to show up everywhere…even in the litter!!
If you have a friend that needs a little trip to France right now—then share this with them:))
They won’t even have to get a passport;))
Tomorrow is gonna be TWICE THE FUN:))
Just sayin’!


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  1. Wow:)!! What a treat to be all together in France;)) Have loved reading all 120 of your comments on this post:)) Creative, funny, and inspiring. You’re the best!!


  2. I think the porch with all the pots might just cave-in from all the weight.

  3. Anonymous

    Geez, If a follower is gonna blackmail a kitty, said kitty should know who it is – right? Hugs from a “hot spot” in Texas, Terri Moore

  4. Anonymous

    Your blog is a bright spot in my day, thank you! And, since Eddie is the drawee, tell him there is some cat nip in my pantry, salmon in the freezer – is it working?

  5. Anonymous

    How beautiful!!! My daughter in law introduced me to your work and it is fabulous! Please add my name to the beret. Georgia Avila……thank you!

  6. NeeNee

    I am loving the fresh look on your postcards. Got my fingers crossed that I get chosen to receive one!

  7. Dinah remington

    Hey Dreama….I have forwarded your stuff to a friend who is going to France to paint (she s a water colorist)… I am so impressed that you have conquered both mediums…put my name in beret!

  8. Fridays post is not showing up. Hope my name is in the hat.

  9. Oh, how I wish I were with you there! Throwing my name in the hat here, love your work. I took a solo trip to Paris one spring and came back with photos and ideas galore – I am sure you are collecting inspiration that will serve you for years to come!

  10. Anonymous

    Dreama, your artwork is gorgeous! I would LOVE to win one of your postcards! Thank you from Grandmasue!!

  11. Anonymous

    Just love your paintings and how generous of you to paint for US on YOUR vacation! Please put my name in your beret!! Christina Miller … thank you!

  12. Beautiful, Dreama! Loving the paintings and the beautiful photos! :))

  13. June

    Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful days with us, Dreama. I feel like I’ve been there with you (wishing I actually was, if truth be told). Have some extra chocolates, wine, macarons and walks in and around and with French nature to last you till the next time you visit…hopefully with some of us going along with you for the fun and the beauty that is France.

  14. This one is for Tuchy please. Her Internet is down but she texted that she loves her roses and your postcards too.

  15. I am here!!! You know I am one of your biggest fans. You are a wonderful artist but I love your words and spirit. You are a mentor for many of us and I thank you for taking us to France with you. Merci boo, I forgot the rest. Thank you very much!!!

  16. I can’t remember if I posted yet on this one so I am doing it again! Love the postcards!

  17. Dreama,
    Love the watercolors, and France.
    Trish from Louisville, you know that city in
    Kentucky named after King Louis XVI of France!
    I think you are so sweet to invite us to share in your trip.

  18. Hi Dreama, looks like you’re kicking up you sandals and living it up, hey what is Lynda up to? Please add me to your beret. Thanks for all of the updates!!! Love your watercolors!
    Kathy Bunn

  19. Dreama, Dreama, Dreama, please consider this as my name being added to your green beret. Winning one of your watercolor postcards would be such an absolute delight.

  20. Anonymous

    France is so beautiful, especially when seen through your paintings.Please put my name in the beret for postcard #4.Cheryl Delong

  21. Anonymous

    Yes, yes, yes! Please add my name to your green beret drawing! One of your French postcards would more than make my day! On Facebook, as Antoinette Olsen Hjelte.

  22. Oh how I would love to win an original postcard from France by you. My Eddie Ann and I could share it and he would be so happy too. Please, oh please send us one, Phyllis and Eddie Ann.

  23. Gail

    Still have all my fingers and toes crossed that my name will be pulled from the hat! Your postcard paintings are wonderful and I would be over the moon happy to receive one. Looks like you had another fabulous day in France….thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  24. Thanks for the beautiful experience seen through your eyes. It is a real treat. Put me in the hat please and thank you. Loving this.

  25. Thanks for the lovely paintings & photos! A gorgeous scene at every turn! Drop my name in the hat for those drawings, s’il vous plait!

  26. Thank you for this week in France Dreama! It looks just like what I’ve imagined. I’m going to have to put “paint in France” on my list of goals!

  27. Bonjour Eddie mettre Stuart Kirby dans le béret, s’il vous plaît

  28. Richard Onica

    Great Blog and pictures! I’m seriosly jealous! It looks like potential paintings are around every corner!I would love to “win” a postcard!
    Have a great trip! Paint on!

  29. Why is it that wherever you turn in France is a photo or painting? What are the magical qualities of this place that leaves everyone breathless and delighted? Mmmm, someday!

  30. I’m SOOOOO jealous! This looks like a wonderful trip. Such stunning beauty! And your art is fabulous! Thank you for sharing…

  31. Pati Payne

    Thanks for telling us how to leave a comment. I have tried several times but never did figure it out.

  32. I love the floating roses, what a great idea. Thanks for taking me along on your fun trip.

  33. So beautiful! I am so jealous right now. Where can I book my room?

  34. Love the latest w/c paintings. I want to paint in France too. Some day.

  35. I’m having the Time of My Life in France!

    Thank you Dreama <3

  36. Dreama, you make my drizzley Devon day a whole lot brighter with your delectable Gallic morsels! Bon appetit!

  37. Wonderful little sketches and the photos so make me want to be there. Sounds like you are having a great time.

  38. Kay Isaac

    Dreama…..I absolutely love to travel with you!!! I am addicted to your emails/blog and enjoy your art so very much, beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your stay :)!

  39. Valerie McMullen

    Your trip looks amazing and a wonderful place to be! Your little gem postcards are just as sweet and lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Sharon

    Eddy come on sweetheart. Didn’t you get the case of pate I sent. I thought we had a deal.
    Again Dreama a beautiful post. Those certainly were a lot of pots. I loved the cow bell too.

  41. I would love to visit France one day.

  42. Way too many pots to water! I see your watercolour palette looks a lot like mine -but how is it that the pinks look hardly touched with all those roses?? I like that you switched out some of the colours. I talked to the W&N rep to ask him why the little paints, even though Cotman quality, were so great, and he told me they use a special formulation for those that beats all others out by a mile. Good to know.

  43. okay here’s my comment maybe it’s my lucky day your cards are lovely

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. Wish I was there.

  46. Anonymous

    Love your “view”… Thanks for sharing!
    Angie Casey

  47. I’m beginning to think that maybe Eddie has some connections in the tourism industry as we are all being enticed to pack our bags and head to France! I’m sure we could get a group discount if we all traveled together…hmmm? ; )

    In the meantime it would be lovely to receive one of your beautiful post cards!

    Dreaming of Roses, charming cafes and beautiful countryside. Thanks Dreama!

  48. Susan Hammond

    I love, love, love starting each day this week with your reports from France . . . the photos, the stories, and of course, the watercolors. I will be so sad when “we” have to come home! Hope a Dreama Watercolor Workshop in France is on the horizon. But for now, maybe a postcard to dream on?

  49. Love this painting! Thanks for taking us with you– your photos are lovely. By the way, I’d water all those pots if I could come : )))

  50. Thanks so much for “taking me away” to France this week–I must go someday and see these lovely houses in person. 🙂

  51. Seems to me that you have packed in so much love, beauty and passion into your week as possible. I love that you can soak it all in with a quiet and accepting mind and then lovingly pass it on to us. You are my hero in more ways than as an artist. Thank you for sharing. You have made it into my gratitude journal more than once!
    Warmest regards,
    Helen Gallaway

  52. Carol Head

    What a wonderful and oh so beautiful place…. Ah Dreama…. Just the view from your room is enough to want to hop on a plane. 🙂 Can’t wait till tomorrow to hear and feast my eyes on more French beauty…. Enjoy!! (like I have to tell you too) 🙂

  53. Lovely! I have enjoyed your trip to France so much!:)

  54. Anonymous

    Hoping to be one of the lucky recipients of a fabulous watercolor post card from France! Please put Anne A Johnson in tonight’s beret. Safe travels.

  55. You just pick the place & I promise the flowers will be watered.

  56. Thank you for sharing your France adventure! I would love one of your original watercolor post cards! Such a fun way to extend the joy of your trip with your many admirers! 🙂

  57. So glad you are in the “country” and not the big city! It’s so calming……

  58. Been enjoying my trip to France through your beautiful watercolors and photos. Thank you for sharing your beautiful vacation!

  59. Absolutely gorgeous scenery. You have such an eye for the interesting and colorful! You must be having just the best time!

  60. Anonymous

    LOVE all the photos and postcards you’ve shared! Please put my name in the hat for the last one 🙂
    Wendy Slone

  61. Thank you Dreama for picking my name… woo hoo!!! I will actually be excited to get the mail. And still enjoying all of your wonderful photos of France–it makes me want to go there now even more!!

  62. I love to start my day with a trip to France! I have enjoyed your pictures and writings so much! Please out my name in the beret!!! Thanks so much!Have a wonderful day!
    Thanks so much!
    Carol Miller

  63. Dreama! This is soooooo awesome to follow your trip in France… it is wonderful to vacation vicariously through another artist’s eyes. Thanks for taking the time to create these beautiful and yummy postings.

  64. What a wonderful place!!! Thank you for letting us enjoy it through your blog. I would LOVE to win one of your delicious-looking watercolor postcards. 🙂


  65. Congrats to all the winners. Love all the picks of your trip. I can see many paintings coming from this trip in the future. Everything does look gorgeous. Have fun.

  66. Thank you so much for sharing snippets of your trip!! The lovely photos along with your lively writing are a true gift to all of us at home. Please, please put my name in the beret again!

  67. Another charming post! Wish my back porch looked like that double decker full of flower pots. And I’d love my name to be in the beret again.

  68. I can see many wonderful paintings in your future!

  69. Something tells me you will return again…enjoy you last few moments of magic !

  70. Lyn

    Another day, another chance to be the winner of your fabulous, daily, Carte Postale!

  71. Anonymous

    I’m trying to imagine being so fortunate as to live in such a beautiful place. I wonder if the locals continue to appreciate it. Perhaps there is more beauty around me than I sometimes see. I need your eye.


  72. Myrtle

    Dreama, would you mind giving the name.of the city you’re visiting?
    Nevermind, ill know from the postmark on Carte Postale #4!
    Vive la France!

  73. Jan

    I thought this might be faster than having my people call Eddie’s people, so here I am again.

    Love the photo of the roses and petals, but they’re all wonderful.

  74. Anonymous

    I love that you’ve painted that delightful gate with the flowers – that was my fave photo that you uploaded on your first post…it really draws you in 🙂 If I were you I’d want to keep them all!!
    Mandy Parrett

  75. June

    Oh…do I need a trip to France right now. I need to get away, desperately, and these photos you’ve been sending us each day just have me yearning to pack my bags and join you there, even if only for the few remaining days of your holiday away. Everything looks so beautiful, and even feels beautiful, just from the photos. The colours! The food (especially those macarons – yum!), the flowers – those beautiful, luscious pinks – gorgeous! I love that abandoned house, and I love that restaurant/cafe you’ve picked out for us to stop for lunch.

    I’m hoping my name will be picked out of the beret this time ’round. Enjoy the rest of your French holiday. I’m with you there in thought, in spirit and in my dreams. Ahhhh….France. How I miss France so much right now. Thanks for letting me re-visit it with you this past week.

  76. Sue McFadden

    oooooohhh I am so jealous. Loving your postcards. Enjoy!

  77. Ha! the phrase light French lunch is an oxymoron- count me in on your “regime”. The pink dessert did look kinda fluffy! Please put me on your list to paint/eat/drink/eat/shop/eat in France, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

  78. Anonymous

    My name is Sue Darius, fellow artist, one time workshop student of Dreama’s on Whidbey Island. PutmMy name in the hat please.

  79. I am getting as greedy for these posts as I am for a good piece of chocolate. It just looks like so much fun! Thanks

  80. ann reed

    Sign me up for the France workshop too please if it becomes a reality. Meanwhile, your photos are a great summer respite.

  81. I’m waiting to hear about your upcoming workshop in France!

  82. Lyn

    I wish I could go to France. Or Paris, KY.

  83. I say we take the abandoned cottage!! No one will think to look for us there!

  84. Pink confetti liter, wow! the French think of everything! ♥ your journey tales!

  85. Can’t wait to see the Permanent Rose flowers you create in your oils. I’m sure it is sad to have to leave but you’ll be in Italy in September. Rough life, but someones got to do it. Enjoy!!

  86. Looks like everything Is coming up roses in France,especially in my very favorite village.

  87. I am loving this idea.

  88. My meow peeps Striker and Ily already put in a good word with Eddie for me….come on kitties! Let’s do this!!! >^, ,^<

  89. There seems to be a plethera of pinks, each one more lovely and pink than the last. thanks for bringing me with you.

  90. Laura

    pssst.. ed… listen, i need you to stash a pawful of names in the beret. no no, all the same name, just a bunch of ’em. and can you please try to be inconspicuous? … (sigh) it means “not clearly visible or attracting attention.” 
       … ed?

  91. I love that you take us along on your painting excursions! The photos put us right there. Thanks!

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