22 Jun


“Postcards from France No. 4 and No.5”

“Le French Window”
Carte Postale #4
“Courtyard at Le Vieux Couvent”
Carte Postale #5

Twice the fun!!

Winner of the #4 Original Watercolor Post Card is Roseanne Campagna!!
Winner of the #5 Original Watercolor Post Card is Vicki Morgan!!
Congrats all around!!  Please email me your snail mail address ASAP so I can post your carte postales before leaving France:)))
If you are unhappy with the results, see Eddie.  He has been drawing the names out of the beret with his bare claws.  Probably will not be wearing that hat again…..

Real beauty is often in our own backyards.

 Of course, those whose backyards are in France may not have to look as hard;))  With all the lush roses growing in the back of Le Vieux Couvent, one might almost miss the poppies!  Today’s lesson is how to make a dancing lady:))
Push the petals down
Remove a portion of the “hair” on the center portion
Snap a piece of the stem and insert crosswise for the arms
Take one blade of thin grass and wrap for the belt
And finish off her dancing legs by inserting two snips of the stem up into the skirt

Behold the Dancing Lady:)!!

so paper thin and brightly colored!
All this beauty, just outside in the garden at Le Vieux Couvent!
Real beauty can be in a simple table handed down from one generation to the next topped with purple petunias and grounded with…Hey…Who is that under the table????
Someone seems to have a hidden agenda….
And is obviously laboring under the assumption that if he can’t see us, then we can’t see him:)))
Oh well, back to what we were talking about…real beauty in simple things like clay pots and old watering cans (it also can’t hurt if pots are place on  steps of 400 year old building….just sayin’)
Natural, real beauty served up in a thousand different ways.

I know, they look good enough to eat….and I did:))
One of those juicy peaches somehow fell into my yogurt this morning;))
Tomorrow, I am gonna do it again—going to give away  two more original watercolor postcards –gotta get them in the  mail  before I leave Le Vieux Couvent:))!!
So as our time here winds down, let’s consider it a celebration of all things beautiful and real!
Just leave a comment, have your people contact Eddie’s people, shoot up some fireworks–whatever you gotta  do to let me know you want your name tossed in the jaunty beret in hopes of having a wee piece of “France” mailed to you:)))
This has been such a great shared adventure, I have certainly carried you in my heart, trying to capture the things I thought would add some joy to your day.
Please feel free to share this post with your very best friend—anybody who’s a friend of yours is automatically a friend of mine:))))

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Mel Hicks

    Love the kitty under the table! This would be something our cat – “Monet” would do thinking that we couldn’t see her!

  2. What a joy to have shared the time in France with each of you and to see that each one of you saw something different and connected with the beauty:)!!

    Thanks Linda for ordering the book:)) And NeeNee–there is a lot of color in France–there are flowers spilling out everywhere that accounts for a good bit of it:)) And Gabriel My Cat (aka Carla) the food I had there was amazingly fresh, much of it locally grown, which mean tree/vine ripened–which makes a huge difference in the taste:))!

    Big Hugs to You!

  3. Your postcards are so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win one! It looks like a great trip.

  4. ahh- the colors and creativity from these photos is so inspiring!!

  5. Myrtle

    Dancing Lady…
    Give her wings and she’d make a darling fairy too!

  6. You had better be thinking of a peace offering for Eddie. After all, you left him with a babysitting job & then gave him the job of pawing through all those names. Poor fellow.

  7. June

    I love the dancing lady simulacra! And I love those gorgeous peaches. I think I love everything about France…thanks for reminding me of all the reasons why. Have a wonderful last day there, and a lovely journey back home to the other much loved Paris. Thanks for sharing all this with us each day, Dreama. It’s been a beautiful holiday away.

  8. Please put my name in that beret please please please!!!!! Such a wonderful trip! I think my daughter and I have officially decided her sweet 16 will be celebrated in France! When you get a chance, you will have to tell us what part of France you stayed in. 🙂 just beautiful! Monica Avila

  9. Enjoy your final moments in France and safe travels back home!

  10. We have had such fun on your (our) trip to France. thank you for taking us along. I love the colors and subjects of your photos and paintings very much. You spread such joy. Have a great time Dreama, we have!!!

  11. Loved that bicycle post card… both were so pretty. Enter me again!! I have enjoyed each and every post of your wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Jan

    Oh, how I adore poppies! They are my absolute favorite flower, and I love the instructions for making the dancing poppy lady. I’ve never seen that before.

    I’m hoping that Eddie’s claw will snag my name this time.

  13. Laura

    this is so much fun, dreama.
    thank you for sharing your gifts!

  14. Fun stories and postcards! Please toss my name in the beret.

  15. NeeNee

    All the colors in France seem so luscious. Is it really like that, or just the part you are showing us? My kitties said to tell Eddie to snag a card for us!

  16. My poppies are gone but would love to show this to my granddaughter. Tell
    Eddie I’m ready for a postcard from France.

  17. Sharon

    I love these postcards. Eddy get that paw of yours to pick my name. Remember all the goodies I have promised you. I love the photo of the kitty under the table. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.

  18. Lyn

    I’ve always loved poppies! Too hot for them here!

    Lyn Gill in Alabama

  19. Have looked forward to seeing your posts each morning – I want to go there! Thank you for taking us along 🙂

  20. Ok, I have never been anywhere, but are the flowers & fruit really better in France? Or are your photography skills better than the average bear’s?

  21. Gail

    I LOVE the dancing ladies you made out of the beautiful poppy! Wish I had some poppies in my garden! And your postcards are such precious works of art, I sure hope my name is picked this time! Wish your adventure would last all summer, it brings me joy every morning!

  22. I want to take a trip there so bad! Your posts bring me so much happiness every day! I love the dancing lady and that fruit has my mouth watering. Would love a chance to win a postcard please do put my name in the beret:)

  23. You have certainly added joy to my day. I can hardly wait to see your posts every day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful trip to France!

  24. Beautiful paintings and beautiful photos! Thank you for making my morning that much more lovely. My name in the beret, s’il vous plait! 😀

    • Myrtle

      Once again, your artist’s eye finds beauty in things most would overlook. Thank you for reminding us of the things right under our noses… And under the table!

      Psst Eddie… My name begins with a C H E R Y L!

  25. Susan Hammond

    Starting my day with another smile. Will so hate to see “our” journey end. Please toss my name in the beret and accept my thanks for sharing this week.

  26. Sylviana

    Good Morning Dreama,

    I love your paintings. I love your inspirational and funny writings. I love the antics of Eddie.
    You both make sure I start the day with a smile on my face. Thank you and thank you Eddie.
    P.S. Eddie, I have some catnip with your name all over it..:)

  27. Thank you so much for sharing! Have a good, safe trip home. Eddie… please pick my name.:)

  28. look forward to your post and pictures every morning. Thanks

  29. Leslie

    These are wonderful!! I also love the dancing poppy lady! So bright and cheerful. I would love to receive a bit of France in the form of one of your postcards. 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  30. Thank you for taking us along! The photos are beyond beautiful. How are you going to leave?

  31. Beautiful watercolors!
    Thanks for sharing!
    J. Perry

  32. Lyn

    I am hoping that #6 or #7 is my lucky postcard number. I love these little watercolors! Fresh and spontaneous! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Your stay is magical! I’m having so much fun with you- I hate to leave-
    Luckily I have a fab carte postal to remind me every day of our good times together! Yippie!!!

  34. June

    It’s truly been a wonderful week visiting France with you, Dreama. Thanks for taking us all along with you, enjoying all the beauty, all the sights and sounds (and tastes, too!) and all the pleasure and enjoyment and fun you’ve been having in such a beauty-filled country. I’d love for my name to be dropped into that beret, but if not, thanks for sharing it all with us all this week through your words, photos and of course, your watercolours. Bon voyage back home!

  35. Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely………..

  36. Anonymous

    You live where you are that’s the reason why capt the real colors. Thanx a lot

  37. Love the stone walls and flowerpots! Eddie, I know I smell like my dog Twill but honestly, we love cats! Please snag my name out of the beret with your magnificent claw!

  38. consider my name tossed into the jaunty beret, I hope anyway. I don’t know how you’re going to leave there though. One place looks more beautiful than the next.

  39. It is so wonderful to share the experience of your trip- i have enjoted every post! Thank you for letting me” travel” with you- I hope Eddie and Eddie Pierre are planning a Welcome Home Gala for you!!!

  40. Sue

    We’re with you in spirit. What a beautiful, beautiful place. We love France SO much – we’re planning a trip there in 2014 right after we retire…counting the days.

    Thanks so much for your beautiful photos and comments. I’m transported!

  41. Enjoying France through your watercolors!

    Thank you!!

  42. I just love getting your daily paintings. I’m a beginner artist and I love your style. I haven’t found mine yet, but if I could paint anything like you’d I’d be ecstatic. My heart warms when I look at your pictures. Although I have dogs, you “almost” make me want a cat. Thanks for all your work. I’ve ordered your book and had it sent to my mother’s house since I live in the Bahamas. I can’t wait to pick it up in July! Linda Stewart

  43. I’m really getting spoiled to all the beautiful pictures & post you are sending. Thank you so much for sharing. I will certainly miss those when you leave France bit will be looking forward to many beautiful paintings!

  44. Have a safe and fun trip! Love your postcards!

  45. So fun! I have really enjoyed the trip!

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