23 Jun


“Postcards from France- No.6 and No.7”

“Courtyard Corner, France”
Carte Postale No. 6
“Cabrerets, France”
Carte Postale # 7
What an amazing week this has been.
Your letters, comments and pure joy in the beauty that is France has been part of the inspiring journey:)))

I am blessed to have you in my life!!

No sorrow today on leaving the Le Vieux Couvent—-it is comforting to know that this beauty that has been here for centuries will continue to flourish in my absence:))
The flowers will continue to put on their best show for those who follow in our footsteps:))
I did feel certain that Cocoa either didn’t want me to leave OR wanted to come to the Paris for a visit—he spent an inordinate amount of time hanging out with my suitcase….possibly plotting with Eddie on an exchange program:)
No matter how long things have been hanging around, new beauty is born again each day.  This was the parting shot of the bell tower that chimed every hour while overlooking the village.  I love that bell–it had a way of bringing me to the present moment each time it chimed:))
The road back home begins here…:)
All in all, a very sacred week…thanks for sharing it with me!
Spending the night in Toulouse to catch my flight out in the morning, I decided to celebrate and finish up on a high note….espresso and chocolate:)))
I may not sleep for a couple of days, but hey….a girl eats what a girl’s gotta eat;)))
I will enjoy going through all the funny emails, those singing telegrams, and more when I arrive home.  I have hundreds of letters in my inbox–so please know that I have/or will read each and every one of them:))
I will post some oil paintings this week that were done while in France and try to cover all the things that have come up from you in the form of questions on my visit to France.
I will rest, catch up with Eddie, Phyllis, and Pierre and think of you and the good times we had this week:)))!!
I honestly wish I had postcards to send to each of you…doing them this week reminded me of all that is important…

Loving people, shared experiences and celebrating the beauty that is this thing called Life.

Wonderfully squeezable hugs from France!!!
P.S.  The winner for Carte Postale No. 6 is Pat Alto.
The winner for Carte Postale No. 7 is  Joanne Kilduff.
Congrats to both of you!!  And so much thanks to each of you who took the time to comment and drop me an email–it added to the excitement of the week:)))
Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Thanks so much to each of you! I love hearing what you enjoyed about the trip to France:))!


  2. June

    Thank you so very much, Dreama, for taking us along with you this week, and for sharing all that you saw and all that you experienced in France. Beautiful photos, beautiful thoughts and words, beautiful paintings in a beautiful part of the world, from a truly beautiful person. Bon voyage on your return trip home.

  3. June

    Thank you so very much, Dreama, for bringing us along with you this week to France, and for sharing all you saw there, and all the beauty you experienced there. Beautiful photos, beautiful paintings, beautiful words about a beautiful part of the world, from a truly beautiful person – you. Bon voyage on your return trip home.

  4. Linda

    How beautiful…A week full of fun, a life full of memories! =}

  5. Myrtle

    Expresso and Chocolate… Perfect! You should teach photography! Your shots are compelling.

  6. Enjoyed seeing France through your eyes and will watch for your new oil paintings!

  7. Sharon

    Dreama your wonderful trip has been such a joy for me. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I so love your work.
    Now about Eddy. Please don’t tell him that I think he is adorable and charming even if he didn’t paw my name from the hat. I wouldn’t want him to get a bigger ego. LOL
    Safe trip home.

  8. It has been wonderful. Thanks for sharing your trip so that we could be virtually with you. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  9. I have so enjoyed your watercolor postcards! They are lovely. I wish you would do a workshop on them, it would be right up my alley. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    • Sue–thanks for the suggestion! It’s just another one of those ways that allows for so much JOY in just being present in the moment:))


  10. It’s been a wonderful trip, Dreama! Thank you! Safe travels back to your other favorite Paris : )

  11. I’ve enjoyed your France trip. Thanks for sharing.

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