1 Jul

During the Creative Process

“Morning Glow in the Village”

“A place where buildings are centuries old, screens absent in windows, flowers spilling from eveywhere—old pots, watering cans, window boxes, over stone highwalls, climbing up to shuttered windows, jasmine scent cascading on one side competing with honeysuckle to its left and right, wild poppies, cultivated poppies, flowers, flowers, flowers, everywhere.
The light, soft sound of proper french conversation.  Neighbor delivering roses called the Queen’s rose that are breathtakingly long stemmed and so perfect as to defy being real at all.  A village so small, so stacked upon itself that I can lose myself in a walk and never be lost at all.  Steps, steps and more steps down to the center of the village.”  ~My Journal, June 2012

“Morning Glow in the Village”
8 X 8in oil on museum quality panel


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  1. Now that’s the best and what I hoped for Louise:) —sharing the things we love always makes it even better. Glad to have you along with me n France:)!

  2. Louise Kubista

    Dreama, your paintings are so lush and your writing so descriptive that I can close my eyes and be in France. Thanks for the virtual trip it has been wonderful.

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