24 Jul

During the Creative Process

“Paris Studio Makeover Part II /A Happy Ending–New Beginning”

All good action films have at least one cliffhanger.
For my studio story, I have two…curtainclimbers


As in a shabby chic chandelier!
Eddie Bill and  Eddie Pierre, which accounts for why the sequel has trailed so far behind the initial offering. (To Read Part I, click here)
Anyways, if you remember where our story last ended, we were just getting to the good part—placing all the stuff that we liked back into the  studio:)

When you are doing this in your own work place, it’s really worth giving thought to what has good neuro-association for you.
You know, what your nervous system feels like when you look at certain things.

For instance, say you had a gift/vase from a family member who always refers to you as the
poor nit-wit artist of the family, —
Might not want said vase in your creative space.
Just sayin’;)

“Sea glass gathered on a memorable day in your life, a priceless work of art by your child/grandchild, 

a B & W photo of you and your sis when you were kids–anything that brings JOY, smiles and peace to your heart–that’s what you want in your space.” 

Some of my feel good things:)

A horse feed bag to hold extra paper towels on my easel.
(This came to me from a mischievous friend, filled with candy:)

My favorite man Vincent is well represented

A cat named Mort who has been in every studio I’ve had for the past 20 years.

Laughter, wisdom,& inspiration–lots of it– between these covers!



Favorite jars, lavender sachets, and a license plate from my California girl days–which Phyllis the Mouse keeps a close eye on for me:)!

Original paintings and inspiring author/friends:))

All things that conspire to put the mind in the right place for creating:)!!

Gettin’ Down to Business

I love reassigning items. Something that was originally intended to be used in a different way brings some delightful surprises into your studio space when given a new job:)

A Home Goods find–hiding in the kitchen section:)

My old jewelry chest, after it’s shabby chic makeover, is the most perfect monitor holder-brush holder-paint storage thing you can imagine. (I have included my recipe for the makeover at the very end of this post)

What used to hold necklaces now holds my stash of favorite brushes and tools:))

So from my mirrored table turned palette

To a chair to nest in for reading a good art book or writing my next blog post…

Some one time gold frames, now made-over for my prints…

Eddie and I agree on one thing.

We Love Our Shabby Chic Studio:))


P.S. The lighting I use for painting is track lighting mounted to the sloped ceiling–I face it away from my easel and let it “bounce” the light back into my work area.  I use a blend of cool and warm lights:))
P.S.S. My easel, jewelry chest and frames were finished with the ingredients below.  On my frames, I mixed a bit of blue acrylic paint in with the Swiss Coffee color.



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  1. What a happy place to enter to paint. You have inspired me to paint a few pieces of furniture. Miss you!!!

  2. I love that you make every moment fun and exciting and share it with the world. I did get me some white spray paint…..now to get me some courage! Oops, there it is!

    Hugs right back atcha!

    • Thanks so much Dorothy! I was doubting myself as to why I had made such a big mess back in February when I first started it, but I am so pleased with the end result:)))

  3. My heart sinks as I look at the perfection and beauty of your studio, Dreama. Love that wood floor!~
    Oh my…you would die if you saw the messy place I call my studio. You give great hints and they are practical too.
    I swear I would paint prettier paintings if I was surrounded by your lovely items.
    Wishing you many happy hours of painting in there.

  4. Okay I need to say thanks for inspiring me to re-arrange my studio! I moved every piece of furniture and cabinet! Now it’s much better. Come to Northern California for a workshop. . .Please!

  5. Anonymous

    Dear Dreama,Ur studio looks amazing. Turning Jewelry chest into a cabinet space for paints and brushes is simply great.Overall,kudos to you for creating and sharing ur new fabulous studio space .

  6. June

    Oh! I forgot to mention Mort! I love Mort! That just made me smile for the rest of the day.

  7. June

    Absolutely wonderful. What a truly magical, happy space to dream, to have fun, to create and express and to be forever inspired by each time you come into this dream space.

    I love everything about it – the brightness and airiness, the little personal mementoes and touches that inspire you, the beautiful wood flooring, the gorgeous French doors opening into this magical place, the colours (from your framed prints on the walls, to the books and trinkets on the shelves, to transformed jewelry boxes and mirrored tables (I am head over heels in love with both!). and of course, the fresh flowers. Heaven!

    And as a bonus, you’ve also got both Eds and Phyllis to keep you company. Can life get any better?

    It’s absolutely tres magnifique! Thank you so much for giving us the grand tour – I’ll be referring to it many more times as inspiration and motivation to re-do (as in completely and totally) my – ahem – craft studio (aka, our once-upon-a-time dining room).

  8. WOW- Dreama- this is so inspiring! I have been waiting for the part II of the story & am so excited! I’m gonna get a move on with the rest of the de-clutter mission & get this back to being a place I love to come work in again!!

  9. What a great space and post! Eddie looks right at home and I’m sure he is tired from all the hard work 😉
    Your paintings are wonderful and inspiring, keep up the good work.

  10. Beautiful and practical all in one . . only thing is ,I would have to protect the floor. I’m always dropping and splattering! Thanks for the look into your creative place.

  11. Ooh la la. . . . your new studio space is so tre chic, Dreama! What a fabulous idea for storing paints in the old jewelry chest. I LOVE it!!!

    • Thanks Linda. One of those eye-deals that just kind a took on a life of it’s own:)) Glad you a approve! Merci:)!

  12. Hi Dreama, enjoy your new space, You did a beautiful job- A beautiful space in which to create beauty.
    I especially love that antique looking cabinet that holds your paint Much more beautiful than the plastic case I have from the Home Depot. Great ideas.

    • Pat–you are so welcome. Old miscellaneous pieces of furniture hold all kinds of possibilities:)) I almost trashed the jewelry box because the leg section had come off. So glad I didn’t!

  13. Beautifully done! Thank you for sharing so many of your creative ideas!

    • Kathleen-thanks so much. It was like the never ending post and probably still more I could have covered–there’s a lot that goes into a studio space! Glad you enjoyed the peek into the process:)

  14. Myrtle

    It is so inviting! The glass top table palette is awesome! Thanks for sharing you thoughts on creating a creative space 🙂

    • Myrtle you are so welcome. And the table was one of those things that found me! It’s a great size for mixing color–even has a drawer under it to hold my paint savers and scraper handy!

  15. Such an creative-inspiring space ! Thanks or taking the time to share your world & ideas. It’s Beautiful !

    • Cinthia–you are so welcome. I think it helps to see other’s work space so you can be inspired to do what works for you–that’s why I took the time to photograph as I went along–glad you like the end product:)!

  16. a beautiful place, makes me drool!
    Kathy Bunn

    • Thanks Kathy! So it was you who left the drool tracks?? Here I was blaming Eddie;))

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