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Good Morning from Italy!

I already have an original watercolor cartolina (postcard) with your name on it…well, it will have your name on it IF you leave a comment and IF you get your name pulled from the old cappello:))!!

I am so excited to have you along on the trip with me!

Lord knows I need help navigating the road signs from Florence to Panzano!!

You have a whole 4 seconds to pull the correct one out of the hat…think, THINK man–
I’m getting some hand signs from the drivers behind me that well…….like I said, pick a sign, any sign!!!
Whew!!  That was a close one.
I do think it was worth the drive though.
Here’s the view from the back of our “home” in Italy:))
Rows and rows of olive trees and grape vines….all RIPE for the picking!
First thing, breakfast.
 I knew there was a reason I felt such affinity for Italy.
  Did you know what the traditional Italian breakfast is—
Cake is a traditional breakfast food and so are cookies–
and of course cappuccino and caffe’:))

Already I have set about locating a place for us to rent long-term.  You will have to let me know which one you think you could tolerate the best.

This one is situated in Greve and overlooks a little piazza.
I picked it because with the easels on the first level (see them parked just inside the arch) and the flowered balconies and window boxes scattered about,  we wouldn’t have to travel far to paint!
We will have to plan our dining times.  Lots of places close between 1 and 4:))
(I never said this was going to be easy….)
No worries though—for a place this delicious, we can take a nap and show up just in time for dinner!
And maybe have a glass of Chianti wine with it—we are, after all, in the heart of Chianti country.
Told you the grapes were ripe for the pickin’!
And they are hand-picked when the time comes.
Are those not the most beautiful set of blues and purples?!
Okay, so tomorrow I will announce THE winner of my
Cartolina #1,
the first of 10 original watercolor postcards that I will paint, post and give away while here in Italy.

How can you get your name in for the drawing??

Just leave a comment on this blog post (click here), email me (click here) , send it by carrier pigeon.
Or call Eddie.
(Personally, I’d opt for the comment choice.  Eddie can be pretty kneady…..and the pigeon deal could take awhile).
Check back tomorrow to see the winner’s name posted here:))!
I am so happy to be doing this again–and like last time with my postcards from France, the cartolinas will be mailed from the country they are painted in

 Beautiful Italy:)))

 Get you some rest, for tomorrow we head to Cortona!!
P.S.  If you’d like to bring a friend along, just forward them this email.  The more the merrier:)!
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  1. it"s me

    Loving your photos of your travels. Enjoy!

  2. Nothing yet. Still hoping for my lovely card from Italy.

  3. Nothing yet..still hoping for my lovely card from Italy.

  4. Anonymous

    I am totally drawn to the reflections in the wet pavement! Looking forward to the next one. Blessings , Ruth Ann Sturgill

  5. So the downside, we only get to live vicariously through you on your AMAZING trip; the upside, I don’t have to starve myself to make up for the 8 pounds I would gain from the still warm morning pastries, mouthwatering pastas, and gelato I wouldn’t be able to resist!

    Eat, laugh, paint and breath in as much of Italy as you can for all of us dear Dreama!

  6. Anonymous

    Only you would paint with the palette knife if you arrived without brushes. And so beautifully! The salad looked wonderful. Love, Love, Love, Phyllis Elliott

  7. Nothing in my mailbox yet..still hopeful tho.

  8. Love the watercolor post cards! Thanks for all the sharing all the wonderul photographs of beautiful Italy! You’re the BEST!

  9. Dreama,
    I’m loving your photos from Italy but will really be lovin’ the postcard!

  10. Debra

    Hi Dreama! I’m enjoying your photos and feedback and….ok, just a little bit of envy from this end. Happy travels!

  11. Hi Dreama,
    Isn’t Italy the best? Love your photos, paintings and comments on everything. Enjoy your time.

  12. Hi Dreama,
    Isn’t Italy the best?! Love your photos and comments. Enjoy every minute.

  13. Unknown

    Hi Dreama
    I am so envious – have a great time for all of use watching. Regards Robin J Mitchell

  14. Wanda Hunt

    You are blessed to live a life of art and travel.

  15. Kay Isaac

    Hi Dreama! I love it that you let me travel with you! The scenery is just breaktaking! I love all the pictures especially the one of the grapes it is beautiful! Enjoy your stay and be safe!

  16. Now I have to get something sweet to eat and drink so I can taste the adventures as I also savour the colours!

  17. Anonymous

    Always look forward to your entertaining ‘dailies’ !!! Many thanks. YOur photos are wonderful.. hurry and paint them up! Love, Julie Reagan

  18. Hi Dreama! Loving your dreamy paintings and travels! And, cookies and sweets for breakfast? My kinda country 🙂

  19. Hi Dreama, LOVING your dreamy work and travels! Cookies and sweets for breakfast, Italy is my kind of place :))

  20. Anonymous

    It looks like your trip is off to a spectacular start. Love the cookes and cakes with cafe for breakfast! I really enjoy your stories, photos, and paintings.

  21. You do the blog so beautifully because you love doing it! Thanks for the inspiration and chuckles along the way.

  22. me, me, pick me, please. I love Italy. Love the ochre… all it’s variety. I’m sure you’re having a fabulous time and will have scenes to paint for years to come.

  23. Charliebrown529@gmail.com

    I was in Italy last October. These beautiful pictures make me want to return. Thanks for sharing them.

  24. It is beautiful to behold the colors and light in Italy. I love your expressions you share with us. I love your paintings being in our home and life.

  25. Italy looks wonderful! I hope to get there one day! Enjoying the photos on your blog…I just ordered your book, (digital), so I, as an artist, too, can have the answers and help I I need, Thank You !!!! Joan

  26. Dreama, loving the ‘preview’ as you pave the way! Cannot wait. Only 5 more sleeps and then to Italia!

  27. You are my eyes and ears! Can’t wait to see more.

  28. Anonymous

    Debby Garrett Sept.4,2012
    Glad you are back in Italy! I love your European pictures the most ! Looks like a beautiful town to paint ! Have fun ! Enjoy the food too !

  29. My guess is that this is more reliable than relying on Eddie. Hopefully he’s home playing with his friends (AND that your home will still be intact when you return.)

    I can really see so many of these photos being translated into your lovely art. Have a ball!!
    I’m jealous, for sure!

  30. Thanks for taking us along, it’s just stunning!

  31. I can see you turning all these photos into gorgeous paintings! Can’t wait to see them!

  32. Valerie McMullen

    What a fabulous place to be! Send some pasteries as well! Have fun!

  33. Dreama, You need to patent your ‘Dreama filter’ for your camera lens! Everything always looks so inviting and lovely. Can’t wait to see more of your adventure and your creations.

  34. Bella Italia! Sleepy villages, clock towers and ancient red-tiled roofs. Speaking of the tiled roofs………years ago the tile artisans would mold the wet tile mixture around their thighs, lift off, then sun bake until dry. How cool is that? Thx Dreama. You rock!

  35. Bella Italy! Sleepy villages, clock towers and ancient red tiled roofs. Speaking of the tiled roofs…….years ago the tile artisans would mold the wet mixture around their thighs, lift off and then sun bake them until dry. How cool is that? Thx Dreama! You rock. Vickie Guthrie

  36. Tammy N

    Beautiful photos. Can’t wait to see your paintings. Happy Travels!

  37. I don’t know how you do it. Are you sure that their isn’t a clone of you?You not only do beautiful paintings, but your photos are also fantastic. And, your writings are so fun and informative. I will meet you at the Pasadena workshop—looking forward to painting, learning and meeting new friends.

  38. Seeing as this is another one of those witness protection scams… go ahead and count me in. I am sure this is for the filming of a mission impossible movie with TOm Cruise!

  39. Marilyn Piazza Sweyer

    I am enjoying your blog,

  40. It looks to me like you belong here. That first photo is just like one of your paintings. Are you seriously thinking of staying?

  41. Toss my name in the cap, Dreama! Thanks for the beautiful photos in your post. I can’t wait to see what you paint! 😀

  42. Linda

    I’m so delighted to be there with you!!!

  43. Linda

    I’m so delighted to be there with you!!!

  44. Linda

    I’m so delighted to be there with you!!!

  45. “Miagolio, Miagolio”. In case you are wondering, that’s Meow, Meow in Italian ! If I were to win one of your postcards from Italy, Eddie would be saying these words with JOY! I hope you are being inspired in your soul and palette. Ciao, ciao!
    Laine Francis

  46. “MIAGOLIO “, that’s Meow in Italian!!! If I were to win, Eddie would be saying these words over and over ! What a beautiful spot to be Inspired in your soul and palette , ciao, ciao
    Laine Francis

  47. I have fond memories of Italy. Somehow I missed cookies for breakfast. Really must travel with you again! Would like to compare Italian and French wines.

  48. Unknown

    love love love the photos! Can’t wait to see them improved upon by your interputation + paint! -the colors are stunning!

  49. Have fond memories of a trip to Italy. Somehow I missed cookies for breakfast. Really must travel with you again! Would love to compare French and Italian wines.

  50. “MIAGOLIO” Dreama!!!!!!!! In case you’re wondering, that’s Meow in Italian!!! I think If I were able to own a Dreama watercolor from Italy, Eddie would say these words over and over!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time and inspiring your soul and palette. Ciao ciao Laine Francis

  51. Kelley

    Ciao Dreama! Thank you for the wonderful photos. I adore Firenze! I was lucky enough to study abroad there with a focus in art and I found that whole area in Italy truly to be paradise for an artist. I am so glad that you get to visit. Safe travels and happy painting!

  52. Lorraine Kendel

    Enjoy! We all wish we were there.

  53. Paulette Braucher-Watton

    Two comments: Wish I were there and drink one for me – those grapes look absolutely delicious!

  54. Paulette Braucher-Watton

    Two comments: Wish I were there and drink one for me. Those grapes look wonderfully tasty!

  55. Love your way of bringing us right there with you. So much inspiration in your photos too. I can’t wait to see your interpretation on canvas!

  56. I know you know how fortunate you are to be able to experience both France and Italy in ONE summer, and WE know how fortunate we are that you share these amazing pictures that take us all with you!! Graci (not sure it’s spelled correctly)…so…Thanks!!!

  57. I’ll be in Italy next year, so your trip blog and paintings will be great for me. I can’t wait to paint. Have fun and don’t do anything Eddie wouldn’t do!!. Joni Leaf

  58. Thank you so much for taking me with you to Italy. Waiting for that post card though. 🙂 Have fun!

  59. I do so wish I were there again….

  60. How much do I wish I were there again….


  61. Please pick me??? Glad to see the landscape is green and not brown! How’s the weather?

  62. JoAnn Nibert

    You must think you are in heaven. It is absolutily beautiful. Painting there would be such an inspiration. I feel like I am getting a little bit of your trip, each time I see the pictures. Have a great time. Send postcards!

  63. Sandy Ward

    Your beautiful writing embellishes your paintings. You make it real for all of us!

  64. Anonymous

    Entering your drawing! Love the destination pictures….I am living through you vicariously! LOL. And your art is to die for!

  65. Ciao! I will be learning from your experiences in beautiful Tuscany for my future trip to Italy. Will be attending a family reunion next weekend with 140 Italians. Not in Italy, but definitely Italian. Ciao!

  66. pat

    What a beautiful place. Wish I was right there eating sweets with you. The flowers and grapes are gorgeous.

  67. Dreama, your commentary always starts my day with a chuckle. What a trip!!!!! What fantastic pictures!!

  68. Lordy what a drive! & I hear the gas prices are twice what they are here in CT! But it certainly looks like the vistas & pastries MORE than make up for that! Thanks for the wonderful photos! It’s been a long time since I’ve been over there…looking forward to your posts 😀

  69. Dreama – I’m also a fan and look forward to your delightful news. I’m crossing my fingers for one of your beautiful postcards!!

  70. Linda

    enjoy your trip Dreama

  71. Thank you for taking us along again. I look forward to your posts.

  72. Anonymous

    Lots of beautiful paintings waiting to be created.

  73. Have fun …it looks like a glorious place!

  74. I want to go with you in the future. I can go cookies for breakfast.

  75. Sitting at my desk, traveling to Italy with you in spirit and hoping my boss doesn’t look over my shoulder. Hope you use some of these photos for the November class in LEX. Counting the days until Earlene and I can paint with you again. The blues and purples of the grapes are amazing

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.


  76. I am new to you, Dreama, and fairly new to painting. I look forward each day to see your latest painting. Such beauty in Italy! I’m enjoying your trip. Thanks for sharing!

  77. Anonymous

    Your travels keep me up on the beauty of this world we live in. Love seeing it through your artist eyes.
    Love to all,

  78. Sandy Vincent

    Dreama……You are the most generous artist ever……..Thanks for all you do…………..sandy

  79. Sandy Vincent

    Dreama……..you are the most generous artist I know………thanks for all you do…………sandy

  80. wow wish I was there and painted that

  81. wow terrific wish I was there to paint that

  82. Looking forward to seeing your paintings from Cortona, my favorite town on our trip to Italy.

  83. What a wonderful opportunity! I look forward to seeing the work you create from your inspirational setting in Italy!

  84. I love Italy!!! Can’t wait to see your paintings Dreama and thank you for taking us on this journey with you!!!

  85. Thanks so much for taking us along on your trip. I would love to have one of your post cards. I love the pics you sent today. Your post always brings a smile, and usually a giggle or two to my day. Thanks, Linda

  86. Looking forward to your paintings from Cortona, my favorite town on our trip to Italy. Found lovely paintings of Tuscany there by Katerina Ring. Could she still have a gallery there? Enjoy.

  87. Anonymous

    Looks awesome!! In my mind, it’s quite easy to go from Carolina to Cartolina!!!!! Surely my name is (sk)etched onto a postcard already! JJHoffman (Taylors, SC)

  88. karlene

    Looks like you’ve found some wonderful places, Dreama! I might join you!

  89. Gail

    Looks like your Italian adventure is off to a wonderful start! I just wish I was there with you to enjoy every minute of the experience! Ciao!

  90. Anonymous


    Can’t wait to see your paintings of Italy at your workshop in Pasadena.

    Hugs, Sandra

  91. I am green with envy. Wish I could be with you instead of back in school. Love all the pictures.

  92. Anonymous

    Dreama, I think you are as amazing as the places you take us!

  93. Thanks, as always, for sharing your artistic impressions! It makes us fee as if we were there as well!

  94. I am so excited to be on this trip with you, at least via computer. Just found you at the end of your trip to France. Your photos are beautiful and I can’t wait to see what you paint. Your paintings are fabulous and make me smile whenever I look at them. Thanks Dreama.

  95. Anonymous

    Grapes and olives for the picking. Ahhhh. Must be Italy. So glad one of us is enjoying the countryside. Gayle

  96. What inspiration you have out there…I am anxious to be there next year to celebrate my 35th weddind ann. I hope to win one of your beautiful postcards… Have a wonderful trip! Andrée

  97. Suzanne

    Italy provides lots of inspiration for painting. I am looking forward to seeing your paintings from this trip.

  98. Suzanne

    Italy provides lots of inspiration for paintings. I am looking forward to seeing your paintings from this trip.

  99. I am in Florida but living vicariously on your lovely trip. I can even taste the wine!

  100. Debra

    Dreama, I’ve never been to Italy so I’m living vicariously through you! Looking forward to each day of beauty and laughs – thank you (:

  101. I am in Florida but living vicariously on your lovely trip. I can even taste the wine!

  102. Linda Mooney

    I’m so jealous have a maveloso (i think that is how to spell it) time


  103. Debra LaRocque

    Beautiful pictures! My son took students to Italy, Spain, and France in June. He loved Italy. Now I can’t wait to see all of his pictures. I am sure yours capture a whole different view than he got. Keep posting we love it!

  104. Hi Dreama, I don’t expect to get a postcard since you sent me one from France, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your photos during your trip…beautiful! I so want to be there!!!!

  105. Beautiful! Love your backyard AND breakfast!

  106. My wall is in DESPERATE need of a cartolina!! Please send along asap.

  107. I am so so jealous! We visited Florence a few years ago, but in early spring – everyone was drinking hot chocolate. I look forward to seeing the ripeness of the season in this beautiful city from your posts.

  108. Greve! Yes, I was there many,many years ago ( before I started to learn to paint)! And we stayed there in a small little hotel in the plaza! I hope it’s still there. And the best meal was down a little alley on the right side of the hotel corner! And, you must go to the vineyard, something Castello ( castle) and see if Gino is still there! Again, the best wine and olive oil tour accompanied by the best meal. Plan on staying for the day! I’m so jealous and thrilled to see the picture of one of my most favorite little spots on this earth! Enjoy!

  109. LOVE the purple & blue grapes! Wish I was there.

  110. Grazie for sharing this wonderful country with us…..it is beautiful. Can’t wait to paint some of these scenes. Keep them coming, Ciao, Ciao, Jo Ann

  111. Sue

    Grazie! Grazie for sharing!!!! Just amazing!!!! My heart aches!!!!!

  112. Anonymous

    Love your photos, but love your paintings more!

  113. Alba

    Boungiorno Bella, You found the most beautiful place on earth! Enjoy every moment, Alba

  114. Looks like your trip is off to a beautiful start. Thank you for taking us with you.

  115. Tish Murphy

    Enjoy every moment of your trip!
    (Eddie Skyped last evening – asked me to tell you that he is being a perfect kitty while you are away)

  116. Thank you for bringing wonderful Italy into our lives, wherever we are….Enjoy! Ciao Ciao, Jo Ann

  117. Looks like your trip is off to a beautiful start. Thank you for taking us with you.

  118. Looks like your trip is off to a beautiful start. Thank you for taking us with you.

  119. Beulah

    Thanks for sharing!
    The colors of Italy are most inspiring!!!

    c.paints [at] yahoo [dot] com

  120. I don’t think there’s a bad place in all of Italy. I’m headed for the Amalfi coast the beginning of November. Can’t wait!!! Have a great time.

  121. Marilyn Piazza Sweyer

    I am enjoying your blog so much. We plan to travel back to Italy next fall and stay in the area you are visiting. So I hope to learn a lot about art and the region!

  122. Marcia

    Love going along with you via the blog! Enjoy for all of us!

  123. Thank you for taking me along with you on this trip to Italy through text, photos and hopefully a postcard in my mailbox! Enjoy yourself!
    Yours in art,

  124. Katherine Baker

    Buongiorno! Thank you for sharing your photos of beautiful Italy. What fun! Grapes hanging from the vines and flowers blooming everywhere….hmmm….someone needs to paint those. Can’t wait to see what you create! Ciao.

  125. I really wish that I was traveling and painting along with your crew. Maybe next time!

  126. I so wish that I was traveling and painting with your crew!

  127. You’re visiting my dream place. Enjoy it for all of us!

  128. Thanks for taking me with you to Italy. I am loving every minute, especially breakfast!

  129. Dreama, You always take such beautiful photos! I believe you have some magical filter over your camera lens that makes everything look brighter and happier. I can’t wait to see what you create!

  130. Yummy breakfast, green doors and cascading flowers. What a treat!

  131. A year ago today we lost our home to the Texas wildfires. I was signed up to go to one of your workshops Dreama. Now I get to go with you to Italy via the net. How exciting and how yummy, the colors and the cookies.

  132. Shar

    Looks like a painter’s paradise to me! Enjoy:)

  133. Maureen

    Great photos! I love the flowers at the bottom of the green door…..that would make a great painting. I hope each day is filled with lots of painting opportunities for you!

  134. This is so exciting! WE are planning our first trip to Italy next year! I look forward to seeing your painting and being inspired to paint from my own photos!

  135. Lyn

    Thanks for sharing your journey! i have been looking forward to it 😉

  136. I’d love to get that watercolor postal.


  137. Anonymous

    Oh, Dreama

    What a Dream — to be able to paint like and to be with you in Italy. My father comes from the region you are in and my Dream is to go there someday. Have all the fun and wine for me.
    Love, Lucy

  138. Thanks for bringing back so many wonderful memories of our trips to Itally. I’m looking forward to your paintings.

  139. Looking forward to your visual travelogue and running commentary on Italy. Never been, but already feel the itch to go!

  140. Anonymous

    Yay! I’m so excited to see all of your new paintings from this trip! It’s so wonderful of you to share your trips with us in such a glorious way! 😉 Ciao! Monica Avila

  141. I just need to get off this computer and PAINT!!!

  142. Michele

    La vita e bella!

  143. Thanks for sharing your photo’s . You are getting me excited for my trip to Tuscany coming up October 13-20. This is my 5th year teaching a workshop there, but the first one in the fall so anxious to see what it looks like with fall colors. Enjoy your time there and have some gelato for us- try the straciatella ( chocolate chip)

  144. Jane A'Lee Heyerdahl

    Whew, tough to find the comment box! I’m a watercolorist but I LOVE your work. Pieces of paint and brilliant, lovely colors! And of course there’s Eddie…
    You go girl!!!
    Jane A’Lee Heyerdahl

  145. I love Italy! And I especially love that you are eating cookies for breakfast! Bella, bella, bella!

  146. I love Italy! And I love that you are eating sweets for breakfast! Bella, bella, bella!

  147. Tuscany is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. Thank you for taking me along with you:!!! Looking forward to all of the beautiful paintings to come——have a great time!!

  148. Tuscany is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. Thank you for taking me along with you:!!! Looking forward to all of the beautiful paintings to come——have a great time!!

  149. Anonymous

    Hi Dreama – am soo looking forward to holidaying vicariously through you once more! And can’t wait to see the resultant paintings! Get cracking lady! 😉
    Mandy Parrett

  150. Thanks for making me feel like I’m there again. Can’t wait to see your paintings!! Twinkle

  151. Elkama

    Recognize your location – we visited that same picturesque town last October. Great for painting . Enjoy.

  152. June

    Buongiorno to you too, Dreama. Oh, how this takes me right back to my bellisimo, beloved Italia, and how much I yearn to go back there (right now, this moment, if I could).

    Molto grazie for taking us along with you on this trip, Dreama, for sharing such beautiful photos – not to mention the gorgeous pastries on offer. I remember very vividly how we’d have delicious, lovingly and freshly baked pastries for breakfast each morning, with equally gorgeous caffe or espresso. I am revisiting this beautiful and picturesque part of the world through you, and savouring it all.

    Please put my name in the capello. and enjoy the rest of today. It’s hard work, of course, but someone’s got to do it. And we all know you’re well up for the job at hand. Fortify yourself with more delicious food, delicious chianti and the delicious, breathtaking scenery all along your journeys.

    Ciao, amica mia!

  153. You had me at Good Morning…but the beautiful, sweet, Chiante, pizza top it off, I’m bedazzled!

  154. Unknown

    Buona cera cara, sono molto envious, well that ws the extent of my forgotten Italiano, La Bella Italia is on the top of my list to visit before I say arreviderci aquesto mondo. Ciao from Teresa In San Diego.

  155. Wow – what food for artists in those little covered arches and umbrellas everywhere – not to mention pastries for breakfast – lead me to the table!!

  156. It looks amazing! I wish I was there painting with you! The buildings and flowers are so romantic and the early autumn light must be wonderful! How inspiring for you. Enjoy every minute Dreama!

  157. It looks amazing! I wish I was there painting with you! The buildings and flowers are so romantic and the early autumn light must be wonderful! How inspiring for you. Enjoy every minute Dreama!

  158. I love seeing the photos of Italy. And would love receiving a postcard. 🙂

  159. It is socially acceptable to have cookies for breakfast here?! I need to go there!! I love seeing your trips along with you Dreama. 🙂

  160. I love seeing your trip with you! Looks so beautiful. Hope Eddie’s not too lonely without you.

  161. Mia amica, e cosi Bella qui!
    Mi piacereebbe Ina cartolina

  162. Those pictures feed the soul since we can’t be there with you. Can’t wait to see what you decide to paint. I think Eddy prefers the 100% attention rather than the photo’s that seem to be taking some of his adoration.

  163. More inspiration!!! It just is gorgeous! I believe Eddie Bill & Eddie Pierre would approve!!!

  164. So exciting! Beautiful country…I see where your colorful scenes come from…will be looking forward to your journey.

  165. Patsy

    You’ve bought sweet memories to the surface for me. We lived in southern Italy when hubby was in the Air Force. One day we will return. Love the pictures. Waiting for many more.

  166. Patsy

    You have turned on my memory tears with these pictures. We lived in southern Italy when hubby was in the service, many moons ago. One day we will return!

  167. Gorgeous pictures. Lots of great paintings ahead!

  168. Bella! Enjoy your visit! Ciao! Rosanne

  169. NeeNee

    What beautiful photos. The colors in those grapes are beyond gorgeous. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your adventure.

  170. Unknown

    Have a great time in Italy!

  171. Thanks for sharing, Miss Dreama! Love, love the post and the photos of Italy!!

  172. …and a wonderful Buongiorno to you! It’s all sooo beautiful…the grapes, the sweets and the florals!!! Thanks for taking me along. xxoox

  173. Consider me commenting and checking my mailbox

  174. Sara

    Nice to see you safely settled in. Wish I were younger & a painter! What city are you in?

  175. Some of my happiest vacation memories involve Italy…..enjoy!

  176. What a stunning view to look at. No shortage of inspiration here, lucky you! 🙂

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