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"Harmony" SOLD

12 x 12 on museum quality panel, framed
From the Let There Be Love… Collection
Tonight I set my clock back one hour,  which got me to thinking.
 What is time?  Measured off.  Does it have anything, really, to do with Life? 
 We mark it so carefully.  Be mindful of this .  Careful of that. 
 It seems to me the most beautiful, eloquent of paintings, words, songs, music, magical quiet times, arise out of no time. 
We “lose track”. 
We cannot measure the immeasurable. 
What are the last moments spent with a loved one–is there a measure for that? 
 The time it takes to run you hand down the length of a cat from its head to its tip of a tale…is there a measure for that? 
The brilliance of sun on white foamy beach waves while rising
….our measurements seem foolish, pointless. 
We best measure our life by these moments. 
Not by calendars and clocks, minutes and hours. 
What is a life but immeasurable moments of beauty that take our breath away—back to back. 
And the final breath it takes, carries us to the beyond bliss that is only hinted at
for now.

Gratitude Mission, Day 6: Say thanks for (or put some) fun in the mail
#30Thanks  Day 6:  Who most recently sent you something fun in the mail? 
Getting something in the mail other than “junk” and not a bill….well, that does make for a red letter day!  I have had so many beautiful, hand written notes in the past months– Linda Phillips, Colleen Murphy, Terri Thompson, Sandy Slade, Bill Brison, and the list goes on.  And it means so much.  I keep them in a box in my studio for safe-keeping!  My most recent came from  a cat named Coco and was addressed to Eddie, but it was composed and mailed by my amazing friend, Lynda Gregory.  And it is not the first silly thing I have had from Lynda that makes me laugh.  Thank you Lynda for thinking of me (and Eddie) and bringing some smiles to us..:))  And thanks to Coco.
Coco the Cat with Winnie and Gumbert

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  • GabrielMyCat - November 7, 2010 - 9:29 am

    absolutely gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • bricarwaller - November 7, 2010 - 3:00 am

    Such a beautiful painting! Congratulations on a sale:) You’re so right about taking time to not take things for granted. Nice post!ReplyCancel

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