20 Feb


Spend What You Have

“I will use that which I have.

Whatever wisdom,creativity, and faith is mine—-I will use it to its fullest extent.

Knowing that when I use what I have been given, my Source, will amplify and increase….with more wisdom, creativity, and faith.

I do not wait for more to begin my journey, to live my life, to use my gifts.

I EXHAUST what I have knowing that this is how it works.”

Give and more shall be given.
Exercise my measure of faith.
Plan as far as I am able and can see—and when I get to the next turn I  will be able to see further.
Start with where I am and what I have.

When we wish for a firmer body, more flexibility and greater energy—we don’t wait for our body to feel that before we begin.  We begin using  what firmness, flexibility and energy that we possess in the present to arrive at the place of more.  Through the doing, the increase we desire is given.

“I start with my measure of faith to believe as much as I can that all things work together for my good.

I start with the peace that I can find and step into that peace—that piece of peace.

I look at whatever hope I have and give thanks for it—I nurture that hope.  I use it to hope for more.

I use what peace I have to gather more.  I use what peace I have to calm my soul and to calm others.

I use up my faith that it might be added to by God.”

Spend what you have—-out of these moments deep souls are rebirthed.

For in the hope of a few lie the hope of many.

In the grain of mustard seed faith, mountains are moved.

Peace embraced grows into peace that surpasses all understanding.

Spend, grow, spend, grow.

Use it all up that you may experience increase.

Sow all your small seeds of faith, hope, and peace so that you will harvest huge crops of these very things.

Spend what you have.

I sometimes write things for myself that I end up sharing with you.  This is one of those things 😉  We worry that we are not enough and so we wait, not using up that which we already possess.  More things can’t flow in until we release what we already have.

Fears of not being creative…enough, not being original…enough, not being unique….enough, not being lovable….enough.
We are simply enough—and the only way to grow in the areas that we desire is to spend what we have already been given.

The universe flows in to fill the vacuum 😉

Go spend all of you today.  All of your amazing love, your creativity, your beauty, your hope, and your peace.
Make room for even more in your life.

It’s time to go on a spending spree!

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Jan SCOTT

    Thank you so much Dreama for your wise words of wisdom. I believe with all my heart that what you say is true. ❤️

  2. denise

    yes that is the truth. we all have enough to give even if we just start with a smile today and smile at everyone we see, we will reap a rich harvest of happy smiles back – I love doing random acts of kindness it makes life so rich oxoxoxo

  3. Vonnie

    I don’t know if I LOVE your paintings or writings more!! This conversation is so appropriate for what is going on across the world at this time. So many are grabbing and hoarding what they can, not realizing that until they can let that go, more (abundance) will not come to them. During this time of quarantining, I chose to believe that there is always “enough” for us all, and in giving what we have to others (and ourselves) only flows to more abundance! Thank you for giving so much to so many souls…..you truly know how to “touch” us!

  4. marilyn

    I loved and can resign ate with all you wrote… Thank You!

  5. Dreama,
    You are rocking writing! This comes so deeply from your soul to mine. And surely to countless others. What gifts you have! Be sure to know YOU are Enough. And more!

  6. Laine Discepoli

    WOW! That was beautifully said – thank you so much for sharing. I’m not generally one for flowing musings but I usually like the way you present thoughts so I kept reading. Super great advice and wise words. Thank you, Dreama! I plan to spend like crazy today!!!

  7. Kathryn t Cross

    My goodness the journey I have been blessed with through your beautiful gifts of inspiration and thoughts. How do I ever thank you?
    These past few years have seen challenges I could never have imagined yet through deep sadness, challenges in nearly every aspect of my life, and tho I have not been able to execute these programs the way I had hoped even planned…. I have found hope where there was so little left, faith when I was so deeply challenged and joy at moments cherished truly because of your caring words and kind thought which have carried me through this journey called “my life”. 😊

    I feel so blessed by your friendship tho we have never met face to face. Yet I know our hearts have touched as Artists and your friendship is as real to me as if we shared a cup of tea in the garden or painted together on one of those fabulous journeys together each day.
    I look so forward to your inspiring emails, please do not ever stop them from coming!
    And I hope and pray you are blessed with the same joy in your life Dreama as you have extended to all of us but especially those like me who do not face life’s challenges alone because in our hearts and on these written pages….
    We have been blessed with your kindness, wisdom and faith.

    Sincere gratefulness and regards,
    Your friend Kathy 🇺🇸⚓️⭐️⚓️🇺🇸

  8. You are a ray of sunshine! Thanks for sharing this inspirational and encouraging meditation to release and plant what we have into God’s fertile ground believing that a harvest of plenty is on its way.

  9. What an inspiration each week to get your conversations, love you sharing them with me, your thoughts are so much like my thoughts, bless you and keep up the beautiful sayings.

  10. Diane Saulnier

    Thank you. Spend what you have. I love that. More art supplies will not make you a better artist.

  11. Lorena de Méndez

    Beautiful words Dreama. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  12. It was wonderful to wake up and read this piece this morning and was just what I needed to hear today . Thanks for sharing .

  13. Thank you for this inspiring message, so full of workable truth. I want to share a quote from a favorite movie about a writer who had been in a slump but finally broke out of it. When her book was finally completed she told her publisher……”Somehow the doing has given me a tremendous appetite for more.”
    I have found this same result to be true that if I get busy doing what I can with what I have…then inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation will follow.

  14. Yvonne Snead

    Dreama, The Lord, was inspired the day he created you! Over the last four years, I have taken many classes, and I always revert to you and your lessons. You bring color and faith to everything you touch! I think of you often. Thanks for sharing all that you have inside of that pretty self you have!
    I will see you soon!

  15. Pam

    Thank you for these wise words. I am guilty of this very thing- waiting for more time, for perfect conditions, etc, etc. I need to re- prioritize and just get busy! 😉 I am a huge fan of your painting style and color palette. Thank you for your generosity and the sharing of your talents.

  16. Charleen Diliddo

    Your thoughts are so beautiful and that is the way it works. Those are the same principles I live by but I keep forgetting to apply them to my life. Thank you so much Dreama for reminding me that it can apply to my painting too.

  17. Charleen Diliddo

    Lovely thoughts from you Dreama, thank you.
    All that you said is true.

  18. penny Tomeno

    Wow! That was powerful. Thank you for this. I needed to hear this so badly. I’ve been very frustrated with my life lately. When I was younger, I used to paint and I didn’t feel like I was good or bad, I just enjoyed it! Now, my children are grown and I would love nothing more than to create again. I’m pretty hard on myself and I cringe at everything I produce, to the point of giving up, but what you wrote here is so encouraging. Thank you again Dreama!

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  20. Jean Scholz

    You inspire me to Live, Love, Create! Thank you for being you.

  21. Nancy Darling

    Wow! What beautiful thoughts and so well written. Bravo!

  22. jobi

    Goodness, that is so lovely, Dreama! I keep re-reading it and find another morsel every time. Such wonderful, heartfelt, encouraging words! Thank you for sharing them with all of us! xo

  23. Ross Lynem

    Thank you. I have a wee tear in my eye. Just what i needed to hear today. God bless you for sharing.

  24. Yvonne Palmer

    That is really beautiful, thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  25. Christine Debrosky

    ‘Tis true. Thank you for this pearl.

  26. Diane Cooper Hoeptner

    Beautiful writing, much appreciated.

  27. Corinne McIntyre

    What a beautiful gift of words you have given us…thank you!

  28. Cheryl Adams-Zanewicz

    You know what ‘devil with the tongue’ you are! Hummm….I think I like ‘Wordsmith’ better! You express what most creative people think but cant verbalize and you are a master at expressing yourself! Your posts are a highlight to my days!And as Sharon G said, “I’m printing this to hang in my studio”.
    It gives me pause to reflect!!! That is always a good thing!
    Hugs Friend!!!

  29. Nancy Piros

    Hello Dear Dreama,
    “Spend what you have” hit me right to my core. I had too wipe away tears so I could finish reading the rest. You have a fantastic way of writing and make every word count. I’m so very proud to have you in my life. I will read and re-read this for a jump start when needed. Thank you so much Hugs Hugs Hugs , Me

  30. Sheila Simpson

    Dreama, may you be showered with blessings! I have been reading some books the past few weeks with a similar message. They and you have been very instrumental in pointing me in the right direction. Many thanks for your inspirational words. Keep them coming.

  31. Bruce Bingham

    Beautiful words, beautiful photos, inspiring as always. Now let’s go shopping and find the life we’ve been waiting to live, right now!

  32. Joyce Waddy Durkin

    Thanks for a wonderful post – just what I’ve been craving!

  33. june

    So very beautifully expressed, Dreama. Right along the lines of ‘follow your bliss’ and ‘be here now,’ but even more inspiring and filled with so much love and so much joy. I needed this today, Dreama – thank you, as your words always do, for gently reminding me.

  34. Judy Baker

    Lovely thoughts! Can’t wait to hear about your secret project.

  35. Diane Levy

    Thank younDreama for those words.

  36. Carol Hopper

    Frightening to mention what I have felt in the past few days; suffice it to say, you gave me what I needed today.

  37. Sarah Sheffield

    Lovely reminder. Thanks Dreama for another post that hits the spot.

  38. Diane Klock

    Love this post, thanks for sharing it !

  39. Thanks Dreamma for the serene inspiration and motivTion. I try to do this but it’s good to have a beautiful motivator. I’m printing this to hang in my studio.

  40. Valee Sewell Penn

    Dreama, you write so beautifully. Thank you for this today. It is just what I needed!

  41. Catherine Wall

    Just lovely’

  42. I’m so glad to read that today! I think everyone must go through those thoughts from time to time…it is good to be reminded to keep following our bliss. Thanks for this today!

  43. Mary Neely

    Was felling tired before I read your thoughts. I feel rejuvenated ready to try again. Love you

  44. Korrine K Rogers


  45. Marita Cheney

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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