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"Shutters Blue, Garden Green, Roses Pink" SOLD

Shutters Blue, Garden Green, Roses Pink
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel
Preparing, packing, schlepping–all part of the necessary requirements for having one.
I’m not gonna lie to you. 
 If I had a personal assistant I would hand those jobs over so quick— I would run the risk of whiplash:))
HOWEVER, lacking an assitant (Ed doesn’t count)…
If I didn’t prep, pack and schlepp I would be forfeiting…
So Much Awesomeness!

(If video does not appear on your page, click here)
For instance, this past week I got to hang out several evenings with Kathleen O’Neil Stevenson, talking about things like….water based oil paints and which ones are the cadillacs, where can I find those neat containers she has her art supplies stashed in….and of course a side trip to the local art store to check out paint colors like they were new shades of nail polish:))  
And then the 18 artists who gathered into Kathleen’s Renaissance Gallery in Carmel were such a talented , fun loving group!  Getting to hear their stories of when and why they started painting, and how much they simply loved the doing of it–just such a gift to listen in!

AND did I mention….they were really talented?!

Artists at work 
 (one of my larger paintings is hanging at the far end –a whopping 30 x 40, you can click here to see it close up:)
Melody created an awesome color chart based on my palette. 
 I threatened to steal it, but had to settle for a photograph.  
Just too many artists with their eye on me…dang it!!

Lots of room to spread out in Kathleen’s inspiring gallery space. 

 Love how she had my paintings hanging out in her shabby chic chairs.  
Again, wanted to steal chairs for my studio, but too many artists watching.
Foiled again!!

More details and paintings to come from the Carmel IN Workshop:))) 
 Stay Tuned!
Carpe Diem!!.…Due to a late cancel, I have an opening in my workshop next week in Lexington, KY, March 8-10.  Contact me by clicking here if you would like to slide in the open spot:))!!
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  • Hunter Douglas - November 8, 2012 - 2:36 am

    Large number of people look for this garden shutters information but they cannot get effective one.

  • Waseem - May 16, 2012 - 2:28 am

    The blue looks so beautiful….I found U and I have extremely a fun time..

    window shutters clayton, caReplyCancel

  • june in ireland - March 3, 2012 - 10:47 am

    Wow! Wow! W-O-W! Looks like you and everyone there had an absolutely fantabulous, brilliant and extremely fun time. I love the photos and the video. I agree – all the artists at the gallery/workshop in Carmel are very, very talented. And I love the gallery itself – what a great space to create, and be inspired further.

    As much as I long to click on that little button that would hold a place for me so I could slide on into that open spot you now have available, unfortunately for me, it’s the same sad story – not enough funds to be able to jump onto that plane and get to you in Kentucky. I’m wishing and hoping and crossing my fingers and clicking my shoes in the hope that somehow, magically, it will happen, but…maybe if we win the lottery. Or maybe when my hubby the author, speaker, musician, artist and now, since Friday, film ‘star’ – we’ll be super-rich in time and I can go to as many of your workshops as my heart and spirit desire.

    If I lived in the US, I’d happily volunteer to be your PA. 🙂

    Till then, though, I’ll keep reading and loving and being inspired and motivated by your words, your paintings, and your brilliant blog that I feel blessed to have found.

    Carpe diem, indeed – I need to get back to my still life that’s waiting for me patiently in my own art studio – a/k/a, our dining room.

    Have a beautiful weekend, and thanks for sharing what was very obviously a wonderful weekend.ReplyCancel

  • Dottie Leatherwood - March 3, 2012 - 9:09 am

    Looks like fun..brought back lots of great memories from doing a workshop with you & LOVE the video! What a great idea!! Hope you missed all of the bad weather!ReplyCancel

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