Future – You are the art.

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Don’t Fence Me In

The flowers talked to me as I painted them.
This was their idea.

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Flow from my soul
Contained no more
Gushing outward
Licking up the dryness
‘Til it rolls back upon itself
Like the ocean
Bountiful and measureless
So IS the Flow that lives in each of us
We replenish each other
Day by day
Measure by measure

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Big vs. Small and Common Scents

I have long been a fan of the BIG PICTURE, the sweeping view, the epiphany!

Perhaps its not one big pivotal moment that forever sets us on the right path but JUST MAYBE it’s a series of tiny clues that fall into place and build the road to the life we are meant to live.

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Flower Hugs and Remembering

Coming from the place of LOVE changes everything we see.
Or perhaps nothing changes
except us.

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Joy Falls Softly in France

The hour when the sun is slipping below the horizon
…is a magical time.
It doesn’t last long— one must revel in those golden moments!

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True Colors – Don’t Be Afraid to Let Yours Show

Don’t be afraid to let them show….your true colors, like those of France, are beautiful—today be sure and show your

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Invisible Gifts and Success

Truly, we are part of each others successes and always need to know that.
We pull from each others strengths.

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The Big and Long of It All

Is it possible to listen to the ocean too long?

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Leaning Into JOY…and Marco Island Workshops II & III

“If we can go through life armed with humor and the realization that we are love, we’ll already be ahead of the game.” ~Anita Moorjani

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When I Dream

Question of the day: Are you a dangerous dreamer??