Future – You are the art.

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I think most of us have a pretty clear understanding on the food choice thing. We are fairly certain a little of  something can contaminate the whole of everything. How about a little fear? A little doubt? A smidge of worry? A pinch of insecurity? Maybe a 1/4 tsp of self-loathing? Just a pinch, added…

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“Free Wheelin’ in Italy”

Hair blowing in the wind. Heart and feet pumping hard. Grin spreading from ear to ear. Free Wheelin’ That’s what I’m talkin’ about. FREE Wheelin’ in Italy:)) You can escape without spending a dime.  Just closing your eyes and letting your mind take you there will do the trick.  Take 5 (or maybe even 10)…

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Really good if no one knows where but you:)) The door’s ajar…as if expecting you. When you step through, it’s like the secret garden. You get to decide what’s in it. Fill it with only the things/people/pets you love and remember It’s a magical place so even those who have taken the A train  before you can…

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“Don’t Think Outside the Box”

  As we grow, our boxes stay with us, but usually don’t grow. Eddie demonstrates the big thing in a little box problem I don’t know about you, but my thinking becomes constrained in this box style of living.  I keep trying to make ideas work inside the box that I have been living (and…

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Two Words”

Thank you (For loving the unlovable in me) Thank you (For seeing me) Thank you (For hearing me) Thank you (For caring) Thank you (For making a difference) Thank you (For calming my fears) Thank you (My strength is renewed) There is so much good, unspoken, in just two words So much good unleashed, in…

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“Love You to the Moon and Back”

“Love You to the Moon and Back” 8 x 8in oil on museum quality panel SOLD Wet sand Frosted sea glass Three day old sandwich and a glass of wine Laughter with new friends All by the light of the moon Dogs kickin’ up their heels Crisp breeze blowin’ Hearts made warm All by the light…

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Tales from the Cat Side

You gotta have dreams.
Big Dreams.
Even Eddie says so.
I got Ed at the pound. When he moved in with me I was living in a house 2 blocks from the beach in California–talk about movin’ up!
Ed had a dream….