9 Jan


“Don’t Think Outside the Box”

We all have boxes.  Boxes can be useful, as demonstrated here by Eddie.


As we grow, our boxes stay with us, but usually don’t grow.
Eddie demonstrates the big thing in a little box problem
I don’t know about you, but my thinking becomes constrained in this box style of living.  I keep trying to make ideas work inside the box that I have been living (and growing) in.  Without even realizing that I am doing it, I try to take new inspirations and cram them into old school thinking—and for reasons as obvious as Eddie’s over sized butt trying to situate itself in that little black box, it doesn’t work too well.
I came across a new idea that I fell in love with and wanted to share with you, pertaining to, of course, THE BOX.
What we need is a complete revolution.  Not just a timid move of “thinking outside the box”–heck, that’s for pussies (sorry Ed)
How about,
you and I,
Now THAT’S an idea we can live and grow with:))))
                          Eddie demonstrates the JOY of a boxless existence….
Please Note:  Boxed thinking is so familiar, we may not realize we are inhibiting our own dreams with this.  What boxes do you have on your shelf?
Mine have included the
1) I am too old and started way to late box
2) People expect me to do this and will be disappointed if I don’t box
3) My religion would never approve of this box
4) My idea is different than everyone else’s, therefore it MUST be wrong box
5) This is too easy and feels way to natural so it must be wrong since it isn’t grueling hard box
Well, garbage day is Wednesday around here.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood don’t be surprised if you see  the lid on my “Herbie” flopping in the breeze due to all the boxes spilling out of it.
A box free life.
Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about:))))))
Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. You brighten my day with your paintings and thoughts. Thank you

  2. Love this Dreama! I’m tossing out the “don’t ask the question because you sound stupid box” and the refrigerator sized “play it safe-afraid to put yourself out there-fear of rejection box”! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Renee

    Hi, I am new to your wonderful blog. I keep running into the statement you posted about, the one about just getting rid of the box. In the past couple of weeks I have encountered that statement three times. I think someone is trying to tell me something. If you will excuse me, I have some boxes to get rid of. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. june in ireland

    Another brilliant post. And one that made my face hurt from smiling so much while looking at those adorable photos of Eddie and his box – our Benny, who looks exactly like your Eddie, does the exact same thing when it comes to boxes.

    I’m with you all the way – The boxes I’m kicking to the curb are:
    – the eternally worrying and fretting about little stuff box
    – the I’m not doing enough around the house box

    and most especially,
    = the ‘if this painting/drawing isn’t perfect the very first time, then I’m an absolutely failure and I’m not good enough and should just just stop trying’ box

    That one’s definitely GOT to go!

    Thanks so much for this grea, inspiring, motivating, encouraging and also quite adorable and giggle-inducing post, Dreama. Love it!

  5. Dreama

    Hey Gals! I love hearing everyone sounding off on their box talk:)!! Box thinking is so doggone sneaky!!!
    Now I feel like I have a support group for “Boxes–Who Needs Them??”

    And of course Eddie, who demonstrated so well how ridiculous one can look inside a box….

  6. I have been mentally tearing up some old boxes too…..sometimes it’s nice to hear others verbalize this “getting rid of the old boxes” to spur us on to some immediate action! Thanks for doing that(and bringing me a smile with Eddie’s dear goofiness!

  7. Oh what a great post!! Yes time to turf some boxes! But remember you can RECYCLE BOXES…put them to a different use! Don’t keep everything in the same box! LOL

    And I have two kitties that fight over “laying” (I don’t know how they can get in it) and sitting in a mandarin orange box that was leftover from Christmas…I have been planning to post that on my blog LOL!

  8. You and Eddie are a powerful team! My new mantra is ‘out out darn boxes’.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing insights, your constant inspiration, and of course, your paintings!

  9. You hit the nail on the head! …. and yes, those feline poses are hysterical!

  10. Fun post with lots of wisdom. Thanks for the smile this morning.

  11. Delilah

    Okay, I am a cat lover and this is the best one yet.

  12. Dreama,
    Needed to read this post Dreama. Have tons of boxes to get rid of…the real ones and the mental ones. And how oh oh does Eddie get in all those poses. He is one remarkable cat.

  13. Great post…..and inspirational! Must be something in our universal collective creative air at the moment (lol)……

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