15 Sep


“Love You to the Moon and Back”

“Love You to the Moon and Back”
8 x 8in oil on museum quality panel

Wet sand

Frosted sea glass
Three day old sandwich and a glass of wine
Laughter with new friends
All by the light of the moon
Dogs kickin’ up their heels
Crisp breeze blowin’
Hearts made warm
All by the light of the moon
So many treasures in this life we are given.
Shared laughter,
Gifts from the heart,
Memories made
All by the light of the moon.
A special thanks to Cathy, Laurie, and Pat for laughter, sea glass and yes,  three day old sandwiches that tasted amazing in the company of friends:)))
P.S.  This excursion was a surprise from the girls pictured above after the completion of my Westford, Mass. Workshop.
  For those of you, who like me, may never even have heard of sea glass until this very moment—it is  glass that is  found on beaches that has been tumbled and smoothed by the waves, water and sand, creating smooth, frosted shards of glass in amazing delicate hues of color.
My newly found sea glass sets in my window to catch the first rays of sunlight in the morning.
It reminds me of
 good friends,
 and the beauty in things that have been worn smooth by the passage of time
(kind a like me ‘n’ you:))
Love you to the Moon and Back!

P.S.S.  Here’s a blog on sea glass that I thought you might like to have a peek at:))  Click here.

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  2. One of my favorite things to do in all seasons, especially when my daughters come home to visit- go hunt for sea glass at the beach! We keep jars & bowls of it to remember all our fun outings! This beautiful painting makes me think of some of those colors, too!

  3. june in ireland who loves to paint

    Beautiful painting, Dreama, as always – and especially it being another journey to Lavender Land. I love the title you gave to this painting, as well.

    How I so very much wish I could participate and actually be there for your upcoming workshop in Pasadena. Maybe one day you’ll come to Ireland or the UK to do some workshops? One can hope and dream, right?

    Thanks for sharing this, Dreama.

  4. I so wanted to take this workshop, but it was full by the time I found it. Hopefully you will be back in New England soon, as a workshop with you is on my list of special things to do someday.

  5. Love the painting and the post. I fondly remember an eight year old boy in Maine showing me where to find sea
    glass two years ago. Very exciting.

  6. I love sea glass …. one of my favorite things! And I love this painting and all of your new lavendar paintings. I cant wait to see where you go next year to see which new color you discover… Cherrycreek? Sagehill? Blue Ridge Mountains? Bowling Green? Green Bay? Orange County? Redmond? White Plains? Silver Springs? Tee hee.

  7. Linda

    Traveling to your workshop next week in Pasadena…Soooo excited! Already packed and ready to paint. =} See you soon…

  8. Dreama, this is such a beautiful painting and glad your workshop was so successful. I remember the days when I used to travel and teach needlework and what fun adventures I had on the side. Will miss you and Leslie next week at your workshop. I surely did have a good time with the two of you last year and also again in Jan. in Atlanta.

  9. Dreama…a fabulous piece today! and thanks for sharing…a delight to hear your voice and your adventures.

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