1 Feb


Tales from the Cat Side

You gotta have dreams.
Big Dreams.
Even Eddie says so.

Eddie and Dreama

I got Ed at the pound. When he moved in with me I was living in a house 2 blocks from the beach in California–talk about movin’ up!

Ed had a dream.

He told me he used to lay awake at night at the pound pretending he could hear the tide rolling in and smell all the little shrimps (his eyes always kind of glaze over when he gets to the part about the shrimp…)

Even when it continued, day after day, of someone coming to pick a cat and it was never him, he just kept on visualizing his house by the sea.

And little did he know,  out there, was me, thinking about wanting a cat, particularly a tuxedo cat, to live with me in my little house…. by the sea.

If you think about it, we don’t take real things and make them into dreams.

We take dreams and make them into real things.








Eddie has two words for you…

Dream Big 🙂

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Cheri Waltz

    Eddie is one lucky feline !

  2. Cheri Waltz

    Eddie is one lucky feline! I think he know it!

  3. Charlotte Erwin

    I love this ! And I love Eddie because he looks exactly like my Tattoo, who lived to be 16 yrs.old. He’s been gone 20 years and I’ve had other cats since him , but he will always be my favorite and his pictures are still sitting on my bookshelf .

  4. Ursula Marquardt

    Touching my heart!

  5. Rae O'Shea

    My Eddie cat was abandoned at a lobster shanty in Maine. He purred the whole 11 hr. trip back to NJ. He is a black and white Maine Coon cat with a wicked sense of humor-his big trick is leaping up on the wall to turn out the lights. Usually when I’m reading…

  6. Eddie looks so happy to have you home. He is forgiving you for all the guilt trips he tried to put on you for leaving him. So course he expects you to make up for all the snuggling he would have had. So both of you enjoy the time together this winter!

  7. Goldie Goldsmith-Vigneri


  8. Barb Eiben

    I rescued my Sammy one cold, cold winter along with his brother Benny. We only had Benny for 5 yrs. he sadly passed away. Sammy is 9yrs young and full of energy… It took me over 2 wks. to get them to come to me. I sat outside every day with food and water until they trusted me and then gave them a home. They were very grateful and happy kitty’s. We miss Benny so much….but Sammy has a new sister now…Amber Ann.

  9. Tania Helms Bogenschneider

    Yay, Eddie! Now if only Dreama would stay HOME long enough to snuggle more! I love the photo – he looks so content! Tuxedo cats are the best – I’ve had two myself. I miss them – wish my husband liked cats as much as I do! :-/

  10. Maggie Gilbert Beckjord

    These would make a great series!

  11. Blanche Niznik

    Some pictures need no title or explanation. Beautiful.

  12. Just always enjoy reading about Eddie and seeing the wonderful paintings that you paint of him. There is such a connection there- Had to come read this post- love your quote-turn dreams into reality…so glad you and Eddie wound up together in the house by the sea. Meant to be. Eddie is a well loved lucky special cat!!

  13. Love this entry, Dreama… I’m going to share your quote with my facebook friends about dreams. You’re a wonderful writer and artist 🙂 Eddie is a blessed cat 🙂

  14. I love your happy colorful paintings. Your kitty looks almost identical to mine, whom I painted recenlty (on my blog if you’re interested).
    Great post today!

  15. I love this. You are such a special person. And I second the motion for an illustrated book about Eddie. 🙂 Don’t tell him I said so, but I’m actually more of a dog person, but there’s just something about him that is starting to change my opinion. <3

  16. Dreama

    Eddie was pretty pumped when he read all the comments:) and Roxanne–he did mention that he felt you needed to set your sights higher now that you have seen so many good things come to pass:))! Jerry and Beckie–a book and more Phyllis–two things I need to work on:))Thanks to each of you for taking the time to write. Eddie and I both love you for it!

  17. That is just beautiful, got tears in my eyes! If I didn’t have 3 doggy dogs, a rescue kitty would find its way to my house 1 mile from the beach. And those darned dogs don’t care about shrimp at all. Oh well, there is always Eddie! And he has a wonderful following! I hope Phyllis visits again soon and often. Those are my most favorites! Beckie

  18. Hi Dreama, I just discovered your blog and shared it with Miss Biscuit and she is so smitten with Eddie! Just as I am with your wonderful art. Lovely all the way around.

    Thank you for sharing your world and your wonderful story about how you and Eddie met. I love cat and sea stories.

  19. Dreama, when are you going to write and illustrate a book about Eddie? This could be one of your new goals!

  20. Don’t tell Eddie I said so, but he looks so very glam against your beautiful sweater (he has that look like he knows already).hehe.

    These thoughts are so true- dream BIG- I’ve met a lot of my goals and realize I need to ‘raise the bar’!! (What a surprise!) Now, to determine what these new goals will be!?) ah, the joy of the journey!

  21. Sweet and inspiring–thanks for sharing.


  22. ann tristani

    I was wondering how Eddie came to be…love this story.

  23. FCP

    A very big lesson from such a small source-hugs to both of you!

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