11 Jan

During the Creative Process

“Viva, Eddie, Snow, and Jamaica”

It has been snowing since Thanksgiving.  Okay, maybe not everyday, but it has, for the most part, been on the ground  since then.

“Snow, snow, and did I say….SNOW???”
“Eddie’s Failed Attempt to Mail Himself to Jamaica”
Cabin fever has officially hit.  Not that I live in a cabin.  Or have a fever for that matter.
 But somehow, home-in-the-suburbs-if-I-don’t-get-some-sunshine-and-warm-weather-soon-I-am-gonna-scream,
doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.  So we’re going with cabin fever.
I have caught Eddie online, twice now, surfing the “all inclusive” resorts in the Caribbean.  Thankfully his searches go something like…”cat resorts, catnip plantation tours, cat-friendly beaches” so I am not too worried on him scoring a place, otherwise I would take back my credit card he has hidden in his room under his bed.
He asked me to post his painting of him with his grass skirt and island hat (Phyllis on top) to help remind him that balmy days are still happening somewhere on the planet.

“Eddie Goes Native (and Takes Phyllis with Him)
8 x 8in on museum quality panel
Viva la sunshine!  Viva la balmy breeze!
Viva——–the paper towel I use in my studio.
Sorry folks–I warned you I had cabin fever…:))

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  1. Caroline Brackley

    Let me know when there is an opportunity to buy an original please

  2. While we dream of warm places this time of year, with scenery like that its worth putting up with the cold. Eddie looks a bit camera shy in his lovely portrait.

  3. Pat Brookes

    You are welcome to come to Whidbey Island! It is 46, sometimes sunny, a little rainy. We are pretending it is Spring.

  4. Delighted to see Eddie and sidekick Phyllis once again. You and Eddie were responsible for some smiles and a couple of laugh-out-louds.
    Wonderful painting, wonderful writing.

  5. Eddie is a very clever cat. Most animals (not mentioning any names here) would chose to eat the box.

    Love the painting, of course!

  6. hehehe- Leslie, too funny!My mother-in-law is in Atlanta & they are iced in like nobody’s business! hmm, next year you two might want to consider offering a winter painting retreat to Key West?? Keep sending sunshine our way ladies!

  7. Good news Dreama … I am going to take you to Atlanta next month for our workshop … so you can escape the winter weather. Oh wait … it’s snowing in Atlanta too. Did I tell you it’s nice and sunny in California? Hmmm …

  8. Dreama

    Hello fellow winterians…(how do you like my new word–just came to me in a flash of inspiration:) Glad to have added some smiles to your day–and I will have to remember to add to my gratitude list
    1. Thankful that Eddie has no thumbs…:)

    And Joy–I do list my palette. It’s on the page MY FAVORITE THINGS,which is on the right sidebar of the landing page on my blog. Got to share the love…and the colors!!

    Stay warm everybody–and thanks for brightening my day with your warm responses to my latest posting!

  9. Eddie is so wonderful and so is your painting. Love the colors.

  10. The only Rx for cabin fever is more painting! It has already been a long winter, and my canvases here in West Virginia are piling up.

  11. Love this one, Dreama! Your colors are so striking. Do you have a list of your palette on your blog somewhere?

  12. Oh, you can make me giggle! Thanks for brightening our days in this deep dark winter! Poor Miss Lucy has taken to running out for her business and running back in. She doesn’t wait for me anymore which is nice so I don’t have to get snow on my paws, too! Gabriel says to Eddie that if he finds that catnip plantation tour, he would like to join him!

  13. Okay, this is officially my favorite post ever. I just love your writing as well as your art. I like to write too. 🙂 And the painting of Eddie and Phyllis is my FAVORITE one of him. Thanks for brightening my day!

  14. Dreama! I LOVE your humor! That Eddie, what a rapscallion he is…imagine the trouble you’d have if Eddie had THUMBS 😉

  15. This is such a fun post! You had me laughing several times! Thank you for the artwork and the wit this morning! I love the colorful painting!

  16. I’m totally with you on this – I think it’s time for a painting retreat in Tahiti, or maybe Key West a bit closer. That is, if we could find an airport that’s operating in all this crazy slop!

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