17 Sep


“Free Wheelin’ in Italy”

There’s wheeling and then there’s free wheeling’.
FREE  really allows for the whole unencumbered thing.
Free from whatever is stressing you at the moment.
Free from expectations you have placed on yourself.
Free to have a doggone good time, just like you did when you were a kid.
Hair blowing in the wind.
Heart and feet pumping hard.
Grin spreading from ear to ear.
Free Wheelin’
That’s what I’m talkin’ about.
FREE Wheelin’ in Italy:)) You can escape without spending a dime.  Just closing your eyes and letting your mind take you there will do the trick.  Take 5 (or maybe even 10) and allow yourself the luxury of riding through the streets of Italy, taking in the sites and sounds.
Best part?  You won’t even have to comb any tangles out of your hair when you’re finished;))

Need help getting started?  Here’s a “tour” of Venice to immerse yourself in:))

If video doesn’t appear, just click here:))

Wishing you a day filled with extreme pleasure in the JOY of simple things:))

 “Free Wheelin’ in Italy”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel
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  1. Hola!!un saludo desde Chile, esperamos un regalo tuyo para que seas nuestra inspiración. Estoy en un grupo de pintura y admiro tu obra.

  2. lindo!! en Chile esperamos un regalo tuyo para que sea nuestra fuente de inspiración!!!

  3. Sandra

    …sigh…. this is just so perfect. It makes me smile just looking at it :0)

    • Sandra–that makes me happy:)) Thinking of you smiling and sighing;)) Thanks so much!

  4. June

    Beautiful painting of a beautiful moment in a beautfiul place. I love this, Dreama, and am hoping it’ll be included in your upcoming 2013 calendar. I need to get myself into a free wheelin’ place today, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. As for the video of my beloved Venezia, I watched and remembered how in love with this magical place I was the instant we arrived, and how in love with Venice (and Murano and Burano) I still am and forever will be. Maybe one day I will return there – to where my great, great, great grandparents were from originally, before they emigrated to Greece.

    Welcome home, Dreama, and thanks for sharing this painting, as well as your 10 day journey in Italy with us.

    • Thanks so much dear June–it’s always good to travel and always good to return–I am in California at the moment, getting ready for my workshop tomorrow and also getting to spend some precious moments with my daughter:))) So happy you enjoyed the cruise through Venice–and thanks for the suggestion for the inclusion into the calendar:))

  5. Ahhh, fantastico! I recognized so many scenes in this wonderful video, having been to Venice this past year. You certainly captured the spirit of Venice in “Free Wheelin”. Another beautiful painting! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, Dreama!

    • Thanks Linda–Italy is sooo beautiful and inspiring–Glad you enjoyed the video ride:)

  6. Thanks for the reminder to give myself freedom today!

    • You are so welcome–we all need that reminder, believe me:)!

  7. Thank you Dreama for sharing this wonderful video! I loved it…

    • You are welcome Randy–it’s the next best thing to being there:))

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